2020 college entrance examination confirmed to be postponed for one month: if the family achieves these three points, the children will be more promising!
2020 college entrance examination confirmed to be postponed for one month: if the family achieves these three points, the children will be more promising!
Every child will have a bright future and a bright future!

2020 is an extraordinary year. The third year of high school in 2020 is an extraordinary class of graduates.

just now, it was officially announced that the 2020 college entrance examination has been postponed, which will be held from July 7 to 8, a full month!

some parents cheered, taking advantage of this month, they had to grasp and press hard to help their children get good grades.

some parents are worried that even if they have an extra month, their children will not be able to learn, and they always like to play with their mobile phones.

many parents say that they have pinned all their hopes on their children and teachers.

do not realize that the future of children is even more inseparable from the influence of parents' words and deeds.

people who like to grow flowers and plants know that plants grow in different environments, such as pomegranate seeds:

when planted in a flowerpot, it can only grow to more than half a meter high at most;

if you plant it in a jar, it will grow to more than one meter tall.

the ancients said that "tangerines born in Huainan are oranges." in fact, the same is true of raising children.

similarly, in a family, the general pattern of the father and the good mood of the mother are the best soil for children to grow up.

Father is the sail of the family, steering the direction of family development and progress, while mother is the moderator of the family atmosphere, regulating the mood of the family and replenishing energy for progress.

the larger the pattern of the father, the farther the child goes; the more stable the mother's mood, the higher the child flies.

if families do this, their children will be more promising, not only in the college entrance examination, but also in life.


Father's pattern

expose a child's future

I have a friend who is a teacher who complained to us about a parent the other day.

it turns out that when the father saw that his child could earn a few thousand yuan a month in live games, he came up with the idea of letting his child drop out of school.

he spoke eloquently on the phone, revealing pride in his words:

"what's the use of going to school? after graduation, you have to go out to earn money. My children have already begun to earn money. Even if they finish school, they may not be doing well now, it is better not to go to school."

my friend, as the child's head teacher, repeatedly discouraged him from smiling bitterly.

not to mention whether dropping out of school is in line with the regulations, this father's knowledge is evident.

seeing only a few thousand yuan without considering the child's life and only paying attention to the immediate interests and ruining the child's future, such a blind pattern of not seeing Mount Tai is nothing more than stifling the child's future.

on the contrary, what is shocking is another father on the Internet.

because there is no Internet at home, the father takes his children to the home of the village branch secretary to study.

under the dim light are two small figures, do not disturb each other, the two sides accompany each other.

the child was lying on his stomach reading on his desk, while his father crouched in the corner to accompany him silently.

what is the best education for a father? it is not to give his children much wealth or to make them stand out, but to make them a person with high vision and good conduct.

as a guiding light for the family to move forward, the father's foresight can ensure that the family is moving towards a prosperous place.

just like going to school, everyone knows that reading does not necessarily make you prosperous, but the knowledge you have learned will melt into the blood and grow into hard bones, leading you to the wider universe.

what is the pattern, the case is the cognitive degree of things, and the bureau is the result of things within the scope of cognition.

in other words, pattern is life.

for fathers with large patterns, most of their children are elegant and upright, with correct values, far-sighted, open-minded, and transparent, while fathers who are not big enough have limited achievements in life!

this is like a person's field of vision. People with 1.0 eyes certainly can't see as far and clearly as 1.5.

so, where the father's pattern is, the child's future is there!


Mom's mood

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determines the temperature of the family

there is a famous experiment on "mother's mood and child's health"-- "still face experiment".

the experimenter first asked a mother to smile and interact with the child, and the child would respond to the mother very happily;

then let the mother change into an expressionless face.

when the child realized something was wrong, he began to find ways to attract the mother's attention, but the mother remained indifferent and the child finally collapsed and cried.

experiments have shown that during the period when the mother is unresponsive to her child, his heart beats faster and his stress hormones increase, and if it continues, cells in key parts of his brain may die.

in life, many parents always take the wrong view that "their children are young and don't know anything" and vent their feelings on them unscrupulously, beating and scolding them easily.

do not realize that parents are a mirror for their children to perceive the world.

if parents are calm and not impatient, then the child is naturally full of sense of security.

parents always lose their temper and often get angry, so their children will not be confident or even become perverse and violent.

among parents, of course, it is the mother who has a greater influence on the growth of their children.

Hong Lan, PhD in Taiwan Psychology, once said:

from the perspective of human evolution, the emotional energy of women far exceeds that of men, the mother is the soul of the family, the mother is happy and the whole family is happy, and the mother is anxious about the whole family.

in a family, if the mother always complains resentment and is always angry with the family, then the atmosphere at home must be full of depression and a negative state for a long time. In such an environment, how can children grow up happily and healthily?

Hu Shi praised his mother many times in my Mother:

"my mother is magnanimous and good-natured, treats people the kindest and gentlest, and never says a word that hurts people's feelings."

in the face of debt collectors, the eldest brother ran away from home, and Hu Shi's mother still entertained him kindly, and cobbled together to pay off the debt.

Sister-in-law is not sensible, and the second sister-in-law is small-minded, but Hu Shi's mother never quarreled with her.

after a long time, they have also learned this kind of kindness, and they have never openly scolded and fought each other, which can be regarded as harmony.

No wonder Hu Shi often laments that his measure of being kind to others and forgiving others all comes from his mother.

it is true that a good-natured mother is like a sailing ship with an anchor, no matter how strong the wind and rain can ensure the smooth progress of the family.

if the mother is gentle, the child will certainly be gentle and courteous and friendly with others.

if the mother is tolerant, the child must be magnanimous and magnanimous after being tempered;

if the mother is tough, the child can learn to be calm and calm in the face of setbacks.

therefore, in order to have a harmonious and prosperous family atmosphere, we must first have a mother in a good mood.


the best education is

parents love each other and family harmony

Emerson said: "the family is the father's land, the mother's world, the children's paradise."

I take it for granted that the mother is the root of a family, providing a steady stream of vitality, and the father is the stem of a family, at the helm of the bright clear sky.

only when parents love each other and are stable, can children sprout and dry, grow branches and leaves, and then thrive without fear of wind and rain.

only by letting the child see the beautiful family, can the child really shine and grow up happily.

Heaven is dry, earth is Kun; father is heaven, mother is earth.

the hard-working people make continuous self-improvement, and Kun is virtuous and virtuous, and the family can be successful and beautiful only if they embrace each other.

the father has a direction, the mother has a good temper, the child can become a talent, and the family can become more and more prosperous.

even if the world is unpredictable, we can still use the correct pattern and peace of mind to spread a bright star in the bottom of our children's hearts, so that our children can face the next college entrance examination with the most fearless and bravest attitude, as well as all kinds of challenges in life.

through this hurdle, I believe that every child will have a bright future and a bright future!