A person's most powerful patron is not money, not marriage, not children, but.
A person's most powerful patron is not money, not marriage, not children, but.
All the surprises and good luck in this world are the accumulation of your character and kindness.

Sima Guang once wrote in Zizhi Tongjian: "the talent is the capital of virtue, and the virtue is the handsome of talent."

means that ability is the assistant of character, and character is the commander-in-chief of ability.

A person with good character is kind, honest, trustworthy, reliable and has outstanding natural abilities.

people with poor character are greedy and hypocritical, haggle over pennies, and when everyone sees them, there is no place for talent.

rely on mountains will fall, rely on water will flow, good character is the best pass of a person's life.


A good character is a person's best blessing

as the old saying goes: the grace of dripping water is rewarded by Yongquan.

it is said that you should learn to be grateful for other people's help and know how to repay your gratitude.

in fact, it is also a warning that you should be kind to others. If you are kind to others, you will be accepted by others.

there is a true story that took place one day 100 years ago.

in a village in England, a poor farmer was working when suddenly he heard a cry for help. The farmer put down his tools and ran to the river to see that a child had fallen into the water.

so the farmer rescued the child from the water without saying a word.

it was later learned that the child was an aristocratic son. In order to repay the farmer for saving his life, the old aristocrat came to visit with heavy gifts.

did not expect to be rejected by the farmer one by one, the farmer said:

"the child fell into the water. I took it for granted that I saved him. I didn't ask for anything in return, so please go back!"

the old nobleman was moved by the farmer's kindness and nobility, so he decided to subsidize the farmer's son to go to school and receive higher education.

years later, the farmer's son graduated from St. Mary's Medical College in London, was decorated by the British royal family, invented penicillin and won the Nobel Prize in medicine.

time went around. The child had been saved by the farmer and the child had grown up, but unexpectedly, the child was seriously ill and was in critical condition.

and it so happened that penicillin invented by the farmer's son was very effective for the disease, and it wasn't long before the aristocratic child recovered.

this child is Churchill.

and the farmer's son is Alexander Fleming, the inventor of penicillin.

Life is wonderful, as if there is reincarnation in the dark, and your kindness is passed on to others and to you in the dark.

Shakespeare once said, "A good heart is gold."

if you plant good causes, you will reap good results. God will bless you, and beauty and happiness will come to you.

when we are getting old, looking back on the past, every bit of your life is the projector of your life, and every clip is telling your ending.

so, stop saying that good people are not rewarded, because good people will eventually be rewarded.

A rose is given, but the fragrance remains in the hand. To be kind to others is to be kind to yourself, and to help others is to help yourself.

your character is the reward of your whole life.


people with bad character are not worthy of deep acquaintance

heard a very strange story.

A worked in third-and fourth-tier cities, and the unit was assigned a small house. Life was passable, but it was tight. Later, when life improved, A changed to a big house, and the small house was idle all the time, ready to rent out.

it happened that a friend came to work from the country and said, "Why don't you rent the house to me and I'll pay your rent."

A understands that everything is very difficult when a friend is new here, so he lets his friend stay first, and when he is well-off, there is no hurry to pay the rent.

my friend was very grateful to An and stayed down smoothly, but two years later, my friend never paid the rent. A thought that the rent was not expensive anyway, so he didn't care too much.

one day, A valued a shop and the price was very suitable, so A wanted to buy a shop and do some business.

but there is not enough money to buy the shop, so we need to sell the one that has been idle and rented to friends.

so A told his friend his plan and asked his friend to find a place to live as soon as possible.

unexpectedly, my friend was furious: "isn't it obvious that you want me to leave? I'll just pay you the rent. Where do you want me to find a house now?" It is immoral of you to do so! "

An is embarrassed by a friend, so he should rent one nearby and promise to pay his rent for a month.

my friend saw that A was determined to sell the house, so he said, "Why don't you just sell me?"

A thought that the house was for sale anyway, and now it was in a hurry, so he agreed.

A friend offered to buy this house for 200000 yuan, but the house could be sold for about 500000 according to the market price at that time. A felt incredible about the price offered by his friend.

unexpectedly, you were scolded by your friends again: "you just kill them all. You even want to earn your friends' money. You will certainly suffer retribution."

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not only that, but friends also go around saying that An is wrong, declaring that they have never seen A so inhumane, and have made friends in vain.

A was speechless, and the two families were at loggerheads, never seeing each other again.

seeing here, I can't help feeling that character is the first element of getting along with others.

when you get along with people with good character, you will feel likeBathe in the spring breeze; get along with people with poor character, you will only feel on pins and needles, and you will end up thankless in the end.

Sanmao once said: "between friends, ask each other for trifles, favor with the water, it should be fulfilled." Asking too much and taking an inch is the quickest way to lose a friend intentionally. "

always remember that it is your duty for others to help you, and it is your duty not to help you. Always see your position clearly. Don't take an inch and don't forgive others.

No one has to be kind to you. The premise for being kind to you is that you are also kind to others.

A true friend is when you are Fidelity, not fawning on you; when you are proud, let you see the reality clearly and not be complacent and arrogant; when you are down and sad, always accompany you and help you through one crisis after another.

it is enough to have a bosom friend in life. People with poor character are not worthy of deep acquaintance at all.


character is always the first!

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the secret of one's success?

someone replied that character is a passport to success and determines the key to success or failure.

people with good character and honesty in their bones will make you stand out in the vast crowd.

one day, a young man, preparing to go to the company for an interview, went downstairs to the company, suddenly an old man dressed in plain clothes rushed over, grabbed him and said:

"Oh, young man, I can find you. Thank you for helping me find my wallet last time. I brought a present and came to thank you!"

the young man wondered, but said bluntly, "you've got the wrong person. I haven't seen you, let alone picked up your wallet. This is my first visit to this place."

the old man said, "is it really not you?" Why do I look so like it? "

the young man was busy saying no, "you'd better look for it again."

the old man left regretfully.

A few days later, the young man received the appointment notice. When he was working, he saw the old man again, so he went over and asked, "have you found someone to repay?"

the old man was stupefied, then said no and left quickly.

the young man told his colleagues about it and worried about the old man. The colleague laughed:

"he doesn't have the wrong person. He is the chairman of our company. We don't know how many times we have heard the story of losing his wallet. Every time an interviewer comes, he will lose his wallet. He said, ah, you must check your character before entering the job."

the young man suddenly realized.

the world is unpredictable, the appearance of beauty and ugliness is not important, only to protect their own character, can go farther and fly higher.

as the old saying goes, be a man before you do anything. In fact, a good character is a good man.

time gives us all a mask, so that we slowly learn to camouflage, and how to see a person's character under the mask?

in fact, it is very simple to judge whether a person's character is good or bad. Every small detail of life can see a person's character.

when eating out, people with good character will say thank you when they see the food handed over by the waiter, while people with poor character will shout loudly, hurry up, don't serve the food yet, and whether they want to do business or not.

when waiting in line, people with good character will take the initiative to be modest when they see anxious passers-by, and they will run to the back of the queue, while people with poor character will ignore the feelings of others and take it for granted that they will be at the front of the line.

when getting along with others, people with good character will respect your opinions and communicate everything in advance; people with poor character will ignore the boundaries of friends, confidently instruct others to go shopping with you, accompany you to the movies, and take it for granted that they accept the friendliness of others, but never want to give.

these seemingly trivial things are the test of life for you, reflecting the truest appearance of a person.

therefore, it is not difficult to find out whether a character is good or bad, and the details can be seen in character.

Please remember that no matter how difficult it is, you should never harm others. No matter how hard you are, you should be true to your word, be an upright man, and do things in a down-to-earth manner.

all the surprises and good luck in this world are the accumulation of your character and kindness.