A truly attractive woman is not greedy or chaotic.
A truly attractive woman is not greedy or chaotic.
The woman who doesn't get angry is the wisest.

to stand upright is to walk, to walk forward, and to advance high.

A truly wise woman, no matter how impetuous the outside world is, will not stop moving forward.

No matter how noisy the outside world is, it will give you a corner to think about in your heart.

the nobility of women has never been superior, unstoppable, let alone jewellery and swagger.

nobility is a quality that has nothing to do with power, wealth or even birth. It is only about the soul and is closely related to it.

A truly noble woman is elegant in soul, noble in character, not greedy in three and not chaotic in two.

three non-greed

Don't be greedy for pleasure

Dale Carnegie said in the weakness of Human Nature that human nature is covetous and enjoyable.

it is true that staying in bed is more comfortable than getting up early, playing with your cell phone is more enjoyable than reading, and for whatever reason, the difficulty of progress is greater than depravity.

but even if we all know this, we still can't control our behavior.

people like to make themselves feel comfortable, and they always comfort themselves by muddling along.

however, time passed in this fluke.

lust for pleasure will only make you "decadent" in self-hypnosis.

A woman's true maturity begins with being "cruel" to herself:

eating less will not starve to death, but it will slowly correct your eating habits;

mindless variety will not make you "out" once less, but it will make your fragment time useful.

when you play with your phone for a few minutes less at night, you will actually get up a few minutes earlier. This day still belongs to you, but the difference between getting up early and not getting up early is really not too big.

the older women are, the more they widen the gap between them, and the more they work in these details.

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A woman who is not greedy for pleasure will become more attractive over time, and you will be as good as you are self-disciplined.

not greedy for love

people are not vegetation, who can be ruthless, but too addicted to love, it will lose the scale.

loving too hard is a disaster.

Zhang ailing said:

"to love a person is to fall low in the dust and blossom out of the dust in front of him."

you can humble yourself to the dust because you love someone, but the truth is, if you are really low to the dust, you will only be despised.

there is nothing wrong with loving someone, but when you try your best to love someone unreservedly, it is the beginning of loss.

A truly noble woman is not in absolute love, but in understanding that everything has a yardstick, especially when she loves someone.

six or seven points lover, the rest is your self-esteem, this kind of love can last long.

not greedy for money

longing for a better life is the goal of most people's life, and it is an honor to work hard for a better life.

money itself is innocent, after all, our good life needs it as a guarantee.

but if your greed for money exceeds respect for emotion, beyond the bottom line of morality, or even in awe of marriage, it is greed.

the more greedy people are, the more they care about the immediate gains and losses, and the more they are not in awe of the bottom line of the rules.

especially women, too many people tell you that as long as you marry a good husband, you can rest easy all your life, but you don't realize that the shelf life of modern people is too short.

instead of locking your eyes on those mobile wallets, try to be on your own.

I believe that a woman who is online and not lazy can get a good life with her own hands.

I also believe that a truly noble woman, her love for money must be below herself, and they will never be slaves to money for the sake of temporary desire.

two are not messy

Don't talk nonsense

it takes us two years to learn to speak, but a lifetime to learn to shut up.

people get along with others, finally can not escape the word "comfortable", comfortable relationship, the longest, the happiest.

there is a kind of woman, although golden, but the words are really distasteful, it seems that others will always be their supporting role, talk nonsense, do not care if it will hurt others.

there is also a kind of woman, a mouth is always hostile, always feel that others owe them.

personal life is not easy, no one's life is easier than others, be a woman with flowers in your heart, don't talk nonsense, don't disturb other people's happiness.

needless to say, it is a woman's greatest tenderness, leaving three points of decency to others and accumulating a little bit of virtue to herself.

Don't get angry

Life would not be plain sailing if it were not for a heart as wide as the sea.

to live, the most important thing is the state of mind, to understand that women have many kinds of diseases, all because of emotional defeat, depressed entangled in the heart, reflected in the body.

there are all kinds of yesterday, such as death yesterday; things of today, such as life today.

No matter how big it was yesterday, it is a small thing today, and no matter how difficult it is this year, it will become a story next year.

A person is the ugliest and stupidest when he is angry. When he is angry, he is punishing himself for other people's mistakes.

the woman who doesn't get angry is the wisest.