Adult love, it should be like this.
Adult love, it should be like this.
All external factors are excuses that can defeat feelings except not love.

ID: kuwoxiaobei

I often hear people say that no relationship can escape the "seven-year itch" and "ten-year pain".

but is it true?

there is a love affair between brothers and sisters in the entertainment circle, and from the moment they were announced by officials, rumors have been rife in the outside world.

many people are not optimistic about their relationship, convinced that they will divorce soon, and the rumors about their marriage change are even more constant.

in the face of all kinds of voices on the Internet and all kinds of malicious speculation from the outside world, we of ordinary people may be angry, but they have never given a positive response or explanation.

unwittingly, this unpopular marriage has gone through ten years one after another, from being "bad-mouthed" to having a second child.

over the past decade, rumors about their marriage have spread, but they have not been as expected by netizens, and not even the slightest trace that they will break up has ever happened.

not only that, but in the time Concert, he even expressed his love for her: "what purpose can I have? my purpose is to love her

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it was none other than Zhang Jie who said this.

Ten years of rumors, he only used this sentence as a response and summary of his relationship with Xie Na. There was no deliberate excuse or resentment, but only a simple interpretation of Xie Na's love.

I have to admit that for two people who are really firmly in love, malicious speculation from the outside world will certainly be destroyed with the passage of time, and the so-called seven-year itch and ten-year pain will no longer exist.

in fact, I think that all external factors are excuses for defeating feelings except for not loving.

of course, some people will say that love alone cannot last long. After all, love will shift.

but I think love must be the prerequisite for maintaining a long-term marriage, and the second is to keep warming up each other's feelings so that love will not disappear and will not transfer.

many of us, in the face of the trough of our partner, although they say they understand, they are always unable to give encouragement and support, especially when women are strong and men are weak, they are more likely to get angry.

so when you quarrel, all kinds of sarcastic words are exposed.

but Xie Na is different. when Zhang Jie's career and life have been hit hard, she has to work hard to accompany Zhang Jie, encourage and support him while braving public opinion from the outside world.

anyone who has seen Xie Na's Weibo knows that as long as she has anything to do with Zhang Jie, she will immediately forward and publicize it, although it is rumored that Zhang Jie approached her on purpose, and she is not shy about it.

maybe in the eyes of some people, this is probably the best way to get married: others say that I will support you as always, and you just be yourself.

so we can see that with the company, encouragement and support of Xie Na, Zhang Jie adjusted his mentality and came out of the darkest period of his life. He was no longer afraid of public opinion and rumors, but devoted himself to his career.

in return, Zhang Jie transformed from a boy into a mature and stable partner, and worked hard to give Xie Na all sense of security.

he understands Xie Na's feminine tenderness, and in fact, he is also a little girl who longs to be loved and needs sense of security very much, so he always accompanies Xie Na as much as possible after work.

during Xie Na's pregnancy, she even gave up her job and cooked for herself, just to make her eat more palatable and more comfortable.

after the baby is born, he is also studying hard to be a good father....

so do you understand? In fact, any relationship to go on for a long time, is often inseparable from two people sympathize with each other to pay, I understand your hard work, you know mine is not easy, we share adversity and share.

I still remember that the writer Liao Yimei once said: "

in one's life, meeting love and sex are not rare, what is rare is to meet and understand.


I think so.

if Zhang Jie and Xie Na cannot understand and support each other and rely solely on their affection to please each other when they encounter the pressure of public opinion, they may have come to the end of their relationship like other star CP.

and the reason why their marriage is getting happier and happier is probably not only from falling in love, but also from mutual understanding and support.

is that no matter how things change, no matter how vicious public opinion is, they are not afraid.

and this strength comes from the mutual support between them, which makes them still sweet and admired even if they have been married for ten years.

is the mutual understanding that led to their ten-year marriage and successfully destroyed the gossip.

this is probably what the so-called husband and wife are of one mind.

so in the battle of marriage in life, I believe that no matter how big the storm is, it can't defeat you, can it?