After his wife died, the old woman in her seventies crossed the road and cried behind the truth.
After his wife died, the old woman in her seventies crossed the road and cried behind the truth.
Everyone will be someone's light.

some time ago, I saw a hot search and felt a lot of emotion.

during the morning rush hour in Yichang, Hubei, traffic policeman Liu Zhengbin was on duty on the road as usual.

suddenly found a white-haired old lady pushing an old sewing machine through the traffic.

Liu Zhengbin hurriedly took the weight in the hands of the old man and asked, "where are you going?"

unexpectedly, as soon as the old man saw him, he suddenly began to cry:

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone here."

Grandpa has just left (died) a few days ago, and there is still a granddaughter of leukemia in the house.

if I had the ability, I would definitely find a car. I can't help it, boy, I really can't make it out. "

Liu Zhengbin only knew when asked that the old man was more than 70 years old and had just lost his wife.

she just wanted to push out and repair the sewing machine and mend the quilt her wife used to cover, but she accidentally violated the traffic rules.

looking at the choking old man, Liu Zhengbin comforted: "it will be all right."

but the old man cried and asked:

"when will it get better?"

Liu Zhengbin suddenly became silent.

after sending the old man to a safe intersection, Liu Zhengbin has been thinking about the old man.

while on duty, he waited for the old man to come back from repair.

Liu Zhengbin went to the old man and offered to send the old man home.

but the old man, afraid of delaying his work, insisted on not letting him send him, and kept saying thank you:

"I thank you, darling, I thank you."

after reading the story of the old man, many netizens cried.

the sentence "when will life get better" from the old man's mouth has hit countless people.

for a long time, we always feel that people should enjoy their twilight years when they are old.

but the reality is that some old people suffer the hardest blow at the most powerless age.

Life does not show mercy to them because of their age.

even if they are physically weak, they still have to run around to survive.

what is even more sad is that the experience of this old man is only a microcosm of many people in need.

in those corners where we can't see, how many people like her are facing the problems given by life.

in the documentary you fifteen years later, three orphan families were followed up for 15 years.

among them, the plight of the two brothers Mo Guanghui and Mo Guanghui makes people sad.

after losing their parents, the two brothers can only depend on their grandfather in his 70s.

but one can imagine the difficulties of raising two children by a 70-year-old man who is unable to move.

Are you ready to buy a magnificent hot pink short homecoming dress that will make you stand out in any crowd? Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

Unfortunately, Grandpa accidentally fell to the ground when he went to the mountain to get firewood and lay at home for more than two months.

the loss of the source of income is undoubtedly even worse for them.

my brother Mo Guangze dropped out after finishing primary school.

it's not that he didn't want to go to school. He said that his greatest wish at that time was to go to middle school.

but reality didn't give him so many choices. Grandpa told him that the family was really out of money.

once, his younger brother sold his primary school books as waste paper for snacks, and he couldn't help beating his younger brother.

but when the host asked him about his wish for his younger brother, he chose to bless his younger brother:

"I hope he can keep reading until he gets a doctor."

later, with the help of the local authorities, my brother luster returned to the classroom.

high school entrance examination, he was admitted to the local high school by his own efforts, but when he got the admission letter, he gave up again.

in the face of the host's confusion, he only said:

"I want to share a little for my family."

because he could not bear to let his grandfather continue to work for them, he chose to let go of his dreams and carry on his life.

in fact, we all know that going to school is very important, and we all know that only with knowledge can we change our destiny.

but don't they know?

it's just that for these orphans, the first question in front of us is:

what should I do if Grandpa is gone?

how can they survive without a source of income?

if only one person is destined to receive education, then who should give up voluntarily?

I have to say that the lack of material and economic difficulties are still stumbling blocks for them to get out of the mountains.

they can always choose between reading and living.

it can be seen that these vulnerable groups have their own misfortunes.

there are white-haired old people, their figures are bent, but they still work hard to earn money for life like young people, and dare not stop for a moment.

there are students on campus with sports dreams, but the lack of funds and equipment have become insurmountable mountains on their way to their dreams.

for young-faced children, there is no laughter in their childhood, but only the annoyance of eating the last meal without the next meal, and the very common thing of going to school is an extravagant hope for them.

and these hardships, this difficulty, are never caused by themselves, on the contrary, heMany of them are very hardworking and strong.

so, what can we do for them?

in order to solve their difficulties, Henan Charity Federation launched

"Los Angeles charity collection"

Public welfare activities.

event will be used to help various vulnerable groups in Luoyang.

for the elderly with living difficulties, the project will set up social work service stations.

provide assistance and care, carry out food delivery, cleaning, housekeeping, medical and other services, to lend a loving helping hand to these elderly people, and solve their worries in life.

for students who are unable to go to school due to financial problems, the program provides as much security as possible for these children in the form of financial aid, daily necessities, school supplies, holiday visits, psychological counseling, and so on.

so that they can finish their studies and thrive.

has always believed that the best thing in the world is that love is in the cycle and goodness is passed on.

even a seemingly trivial act of kindness can illuminate those who struggle in the doldrums;

even a little bit of warmth will bring infinite warmth to the world.

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after the donation is completed, you will also receive an electronic donation certificate.

Shakespeare said, "everyone will be someone's light."

any thought is very important to those who need help.

every love will be a beam of light that leads them out of the darkness.

would you like to be the one who gives them a hand?

you can give your love!