After the divorce of a middle-aged couple, who is more miserable for the rest of their lives?
After the divorce of a middle-aged couple, who is more miserable for the rest of their lives?
In this world, there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome, and there are no people who are inseparable.

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"choose a city to grow old, and meet a man with a white head."

in the eyes of the world, the ideal love is the same.

however, in reality, the passion of youth is hardly worth the triviality of life. There are too many deep feelings, it is always difficult to escape the burial of marriage dust.

so, after the age of "listening to love", too many middle-aged couples forget their original intentions and break up as they walk, and then forget each other and are well with each other.

so, after the divorce of a middle-aged couple, who will be more miserable for the rest of their lives?

those who are not economically independent are more miserable

Yi Shu once said:

"it is impossible to rely on others in life and hope to be respected by others."

Marriage as a safe haven, fully attached to the other half, not only will not get each other's respect, when faced with changes, life will also fall into hardship.

do you remember Luo Zijun who was attached to her husband in the first half of my Life?

once upon a time, Chen Junsheng said, "I support you," and let her fall into the comfort of love.

after marriage, she gave up her job as her husband wanted, and became a "well-off" Mrs. Chen, enjoying the protection of her marriage.

however, eight years later, Chen Junsheng said, "Let's get a divorce," which completely shattered her dream of happiness and made her fall from the heaven of marriage.

you can imagine what a difficult life Luo Zijun, who has no work experience, no financial resources and no independent ability, will face alone.... huh?

it can be seen that the most important thing for independence in marriage is economic independence.

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after all, marriage is not only romantic, but also full of water.

whether you admit it or not, nine times out of ten, unsatisfactory marriages and difficulties will arise at any time.

at this time, the only thing that can accommodate your joys and sorrows and help you tide over the difficulties is the money in your pocket.

in this way, you will not be afraid of anyone's departure or any wind and rain in your life.

the one who is at fault in the marriage suffers more

"you don't know how to cherish it when you have it, and you don't regret it until it's too late."

many people in life have this "habit".

just like the Changchun reader who left me a message backstage.

he has been married for eight years, has two children and earns one million a year, which can be described as a happy family and a successful career.

during a party, he fell in love with a Sichuan girl. After a frequent date for a year, he was discovered by his wife. So his wife, with two children, decisively divorced him.

A happy home will be destroyed.

now he spends every day like a year, silent in remorse, looking forward to his ex-wife's forgiveness.

however, there are many kinds of love in this world, only betrayed love can not be repeated; there are many kinds of people in this world, but those who have been hurt go farther and farther.

therefore, both men and women in marriage, once they make mistakes, they are bound to pay the price.

when a middle-aged couple divorces, the one who is at fault will fall into endless repentance for the rest of his life and endure the suffering brought about by separation.

it's just that I knew today, why should I have known in the first place?

most of the time, we are always eager to envy others, but ignore their own possession, do not know their own marriage, but also be envied by others.

as the saying goes, happiness lies elsewhere.

in fact, the truth of marriage is that no matter who you marry, you will feel that "it is better elsewhere" and will become more and more insipid.

you can only rely on yourself to be happy for the rest of your life

writer Yan Geling said:

"you can be a princess by your parents, you can be a queen by a man, and you can be a queen only by yourself."

do not depend on other people's life, rely on their own efforts to get, to be the queen of their own life.

this is reminiscent of Su Mingyu, who killed decisively in "everything is fine."

Su Mingyu was born in a family that favors sons over daughters. as early as childhood, Su Mingyu was often snubbed and neglected by her parents.

after she was admitted to college, she took a part-time job on weekends and holidays and set up cram classes with her classmates. At the moment, she, who has not yet entered the society, is already familiar with how to make money.

after graduating from university, she relied on her own efforts to start as a salesman and become a group executive step by step, becoming the envy of others.

Su Mingyu's success proves a truth: women can only rely on themselves if they want to be happy for the rest of their lives.

the same is true of men, so is women; so is life, and so is marriage.

when people reach middle age, in the face of the changes in marriage, complaining and complaining are of no help. Only by relying on themselves to survive this difficult period, can life get a new sublimation.

as MiyazakiHayao said:

"Don't rely on someone easily, it will become your habit. When parting comes, what you lose is not someone, but the pillar of your spirit." No matter when and where, you must learn to be independentWalk, it will make you walk more calmly. "

rely on the mountains will fall, rely on everyone can run! If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you can only rely on yourself.

some people say that a good marriage is "fatal" and a bad marriage is "fatal"!

A good marriage requires not only mutual affection and sympathy, but also mutual tolerance and sharing weal and woe.

but at the same time, when you are not cherished and the other person leaves resolutely, you should also learn to turn around in time.

at this time, you can be sad, but you can't indulge in it, let alone despair.

in this world, there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome, and there are no people who are inseparable.

as long as you remain independent and stick to your original intention, you will eventually usher in a bright willow.

, good night.