All one's life is owed to his parents! (good text in depth)
All one's life is owed to his parents! (good text in depth)
Being kind to your parents is the greatest and most difficult practice in the world.

"settling down" has been very popular recently, especially the plot of Lao Yan and his wife buying a house for their son.

Twenty years ago, Lao Yan and his wife came to the bustling Shanghai from their hometown in the countryside with snakeskin bags on their back. From morning to night, relying on steamed buns one by one, they saved 3.2 million yuan.

my son wants to buy a house with his girlfriend and get married with this money because his income is not high after graduation.

husband and wife together, the purpose of their hard work is to make a home for their children in Shanghai. without hesitation, they took out the money they had saved for most of their lives and bought a house for their son.

although the two old men looked bewildered, they excitedly agreed to the thought that their daughters-in-law were pregnant.

after the delivery of the new house, the old Yan couple packed their bags and prepared to move into the new home. Even the future was planned, but their mother-in-law moved in first.

daughter-in-law was even more unhappy when he saw Lao Yan and his wife coming to the door. His son just watched silently and didn't say a word.

the house missed all night's rain, and the steamed stuffed bun shop was seized because of problems such as the expiration of the health certificate. There was no place to live, and the source of income was cut off. The husband and wife were so angry that they could not help wiping away tears.

they all say "raising children to prevent old age", but now it seems that this is the biggest scam for children.

Sima Qian said, "parents are the foundation of human beings."

parents give us life, which is the source and foundation for us to stand in the world.

in the attitude towards our parents, often hide our most authentic character, but also affect our lives.


parents go, life is only the way home

many people know that Fei Yuqing has nothing more than his unique charming voice, but they don't know that what is more charming is his filial piety.

after 46 years in the singing world, faced with the bad news that his parents had passed away one after another, he finally understood the meaning of life and decided to withdraw from the entertainment industry.

he wrote in his own letter,

"in order to reach a higher level, I kept moving forward quickly, but forgot to enjoy the scenery along the way. When both parents died, they suddenly lost their place in life.

without their attention and sharing, the gorgeous stage makes me feel more lonely. Applause can not make up for my loss, going to any place of the performance will make me feel sad. "

A few figures make people cry, even if they get fame and achievement, they can't bring their parents a cup of tea after all.

in a letter, there is no nostalgia for prosperity, but only gratitude to parents:

"since I entered the singing world at the age of 17, I was able to walk smoothly all the way because of your support and love," and said, "how happy and lucky I am."

this corresponds to the saying, "when parents are here, there is still a place in life; when parents go, life is only on the way back."

when I was young, because of the strong backing behind me, I was able to move forward bravely regardless of the obstacles and the length of the road. As soon as my parents left, they found that they had to face death.

when I was young, I only knew that "the kind mother had a needle and thread in her hand to make new clothes for the children who traveled far away." now Fang feels that "who can say that filial piety like grass can repay the kindness of a mother like Chunhui."

there is a saying that the presence of parents is like red sand fruit, sweet and delicious; without parents, it is like a hard green pear, bitter and tasteless.

No matter how big the world is, home is no matter how far away there are parents.


filial piety comes first, and do good deeds in time

there is an old Chinese saying that "filial piety comes first", meaning that "filial piety" is the first of all goodness, and filial piety is the foundation of people.

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therefore, people can not forget their roots, do things can not be ungrateful!

there are many things we don't understand when we are young, but when we begin to understand, we no longer look back.

there are some things in this world that can be made up for, but some things that have been missed can never be made up for.

once saw such a story on a variety show:

the female guest said that once her mother called her and said that her father was standing on the balcony one morning in a daze, saying that he missed his daughter.

at that time, she was not moved by this remark, but felt that her father was so old and so hypocritical.

later, when I came home, I saw my father wiping the leaves of those flowers and said, "Dad doesn't have a mother!"

she was shocked when she heard this. In her mind, her father had always been a bear on his back, and he looked tall, but she never thought about what it would be like without his mother.

it was not until many years later, when my mother left, that she realized: "later, all my sorrows were about her."

Zhou Guoping said that no matter how old a person is when he loses his parents, he becomes an orphan.

to say that time is ruthless, time is the culprit.

at that time, the great body, which could hold up a piece of sky, now has to bend its back.

the palms that once had a clear palm print on your ass seem to have been lifted for half a century.

when I was a child, I felt that my parents were nagging in my ears and had cocoons in my ears. Now it is an extravagant hope to hear my mother call a baby name.

We are growing up day by day, but our parents are getting older and older.

some people say, "nothing in the world can wait more than filial piety to your parents."

as a child, don't worry about the future.In the mouth, because most of the parting side is the last one.

Don't let "the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, and the son wants to support but not wait" to become the biggest regret in life.

accompany you as much as you can in time.


loving your parents is the most difficult practice in life

I have read a meaningful short story:

there is a young man who learns Taoism. He has always failed to practice the Dharma, and his heart is not wilting all day long.

when he heard that there was a famous monk in the mountain, he finally found the old Taoist priest and asked him for advice.

the old Taoist told him, "if you meet people who wear shoes upside down and make offerings, you will be able to achieve it!"

the young man left happily after hearing this.

he searched hard, but there was no clue. when he came home discouraged, his mother greeted him as soon as she saw the return of the traveller, regardless of the pros and cons of her shoes.

the young man suddenly realized.

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "Father gives birth to me, mother bows me." If you want to repay your kindness, Haotian turns a blind eye to it! "

what you are pursuing may be around all the time, but you just haven't found it for a long time.

in this life, the most grateful person is not the person who lent you money, nor the person behind you, but the parents who gave you life and brought you up.

Life is like a two-way arrow, the child rushes from the starting point to the end, but the parents are slowly moving towards the origin.

they will become more and more dependent on us, just as we rely on our parents when we were young.

so take the time to give your parents a phone call or a video.

when your child doesn't bother you, he may be grown up and far away from you; when his parents don't bother you, he may be dead.

it is better to accept some troubles gladly than to cry bitterly after.

as Jia Pingwa said in "missing Mother":

when our mother bid farewell to us and the world, the pain was piercing.

when I was young, I would dislike the trouble of my parents' nagging, but in a few decades or even years, I may never hear it again.

those who know gratitude win the hearts of the people; those who win the hearts of the people are respected; those who are respected by others must have taste.

being kind to your parents seems simple, but in fact, it is the greatest and most difficult practice in the world.