All relationships fade like this.
All relationships fade like this.
Those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back.

I wonder if you have ever felt this way?

getting older and less friends.

too many old bosom friends have become thin names in the Wechat list with the merciless passage of time.

most of the time, you can't think of him, but you never forget him.

even if we don't want to, we have to admit that the relationship between people is always drifting away.


used to say everything, but then there was nothing to say

also raised his glass to drink and chatted all night.

I don't know when to start, the endless words have been said, and the inseparable people have left.

each other is unwilling to take a step forward, once said everything, but now there is nothing to say.

in a talk show "Thirteen invitations", Wu Mengda talked about his friendship with Zhou Xingchi.

as a golden partner in the film industry, Wu and Meng used to be focused on Meng. Some people even said that as long as they saw Zhou Xingchi's movie, they would definitely see Wu Mengda.

but no one knows, from which day, everything has changed.

they no longer cooperate or mention each other's names, and the myth of their former friendship has been replaced by countless negative reports.

17 years of strangers in a flash.

Wu Mengda is frank:

"I sometimes wonder why we seem to be a little out of touch with each other now."

in fact, there has been no contradiction. In the early years, when Wu Mengda was ill and hospitalized, he also received pleasantries from Zhou Xingchi. Zhou Xingchi also invited Wu Mengda to participate in the Mermaid, but he missed it by chance.

maybe time goes by like running water, and some things, some feelings, can never be found again.

Wu Mengda found an explanation for himself. He said:

"it seems that people don't know how to break through this opening. Whether he came to me first, or whether I went to him first, that's the case. "

if there is only one step between people, but you do not turn around, he does not look back, one step can also be a natural cutting.

I also have such friends:

grew up together, and now I have gone to different places. I thought we would be bosom friends for life.

however, we were busy with each other's work, and without the opportunity to meet each other, we did not take that step.

then one day, I learned from someone else that something had happened to his family. I opened Wechat to comfort him, only to find that our chat stopped a year ago, and I didn't even know where to start.

it was only then that I realized that some people have already drifted away, and some distances have long been deeply rooted.

many of the relationships between people come to an end in silence.

one does not ask, one does not tell, once the best friend, also by such a step, separated into a stranger.

when I say goodbye, there are only polite pleasantries, which are no longer as lively as they used to be.


once treated each other sincerely, but then there was no more relationship

We are always eager to meet people who really know us.

even if you don't say anything, the other person can understand what's on your mind.

but the joys and sorrows of the world are not the same, and the facts you think may be the opposite in the eyes of the other person.

refuse to explain each other, once sincerely treat each other, can only have nothing to do with each other.

whenever I hear Eason Chan's "Best Bad friend", his eyes are so shallow that he can't hold back his tears.

"ask me if I have, and indeed I haven't. The excuse I have been avoiding is not a big feud. Why can't an old bosom friend become an old friend in the end?"

few people know that this song was written by songwriter Wyman to his once-close friend Yang Qianfu.

the two knew each other as early as Yang Qianfu's debut. He wrote songs for her, and she laughed with him. As long as it was Yang Qianwei's movie, Wyman would attend it without pay.

but there are always differences and misunderstandings among best friends.

after Yang Qianwei became famous, the company rarely used Wyman songs as the album title. Wyman is unhappy about this:

"in fact, I have always suspected that Miss Yang never liked the lyrics I wrote for her, and those thanks were intuitively polite."

Yang Chien-Kai, who has a rough nerve, feels that he doesn't need to explain anything, so he doesn't have to explain much.

as a result, the barbs in the hearts of the two people grew deeper and deeper with the growth of time, and finally reached an irreparable point. Sometimes the same stage to participate in activities, but also show embarrassment, there is no communication.

until later, Wyman wrote all this in "Best Bad Friends", and Yang Qianli overheard the song while driving. She burst into tears and was afraid of a collision, so she pulled over and cried.

later, the two met with a smile to obliterate the feud, but the best and most frank years could not be found.

most of the time we are like this. We always think that as long as we are good friends, we should know everything about ourselves.

however, no one is a worm in anyone's stomach, and it is impossible to guarantee that he knows what you know.

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you wishfully think that silence is golden, but silence can only consume feelings meaninglessly.

one does not explain, one does not ask questions, and the two hearts that once sincerely treated each other were slowly pushed away.

when it is too late to repent, you will never be able to save it.


used to be intimate, but then it drifted away

people always meet a few sympathetic friends in their whole life.

but unfortunately, the years are getting older and the circles are different.

he plunges into his lights and wine, and you fall into your tranquil spring breeze.

the so-called Tao is different from each other, no matter how intimate it was, it can only be drifted away.

think of Zhang ailing and Yan Ying, who used to be famous good friends.

the two are college classmates with similar literary interests and aesthetic tastes.

Zhang ailing is quiet and quiet, Yan Ying is warm and bold, one is like summer, the other is like autumn, when she gets along with each other, she has the propriety and sincerity to dig her heart out.

Zhang ailing's two marriages were both witnesses made by Yan Ying. She even said bluntly:

"in this world, Yan Ying is irreplaceable, maybe no one can replace it."

however, the innocent years are fleeting. Zhang ailing goes to a foreign land, and her life becomes gray and dark, while Yan Ying still lives a life full of lights and wine, and the three values of the two people make a difference.

every time Yan Ying writes to Zhang ailing, she can't help boasting about herself or talking about the past events of decades ago, regardless of the feelings of her friends.

as a result, the two became increasingly estranged until they finally broke off their friendship.

Yes, feelings based on the past are very fragile. If one day, perceptions and ideas are different, the relationship will naturally come to an end.

I remember that Zhihu had a question: "which moment made you want to give up your good friend?"

the following is answered:

"when the growth rate of two people is no longer the same frequency, their values conflict. Mistakes can be forgiven, but neither of them is in the same world anymore. "

you know, no one can stay in the same circle until they grow old.

you may have been close to each other in the past, but after many years, your thoughts will change and people will change. If your values are very different from each other, no matter how good the relationship is, it may come to an end.

when the values are different, no matter how good the friends are, they will only go their separate ways.


watched an impressive video called "how many common contacts do you have on your phone?" ".

among the people interviewed, each has hundreds of contacts in his or her address book.

but, when the host asks, "apart from your family, how many friends can tell the truth?" Everyone present fell silent without exception.

some people say two or three, others say no.

even when someone called, they were directly and mercilessly hung up by the other party.

it can be seen that in this age of highly developed information, we can know a lot of people, but very few can really accompany ourselves to the end.

most people are just numbers in the address book.

as said in the Sculpture Warriors:

"look at those white clouds, gathering and breaking up, breaking up and gathering again and again, and life is also like this."

this is the case in life, gathering and dispersing is constant.

it is not easy to meet a bosom friend in a vast sea of people.

if you can meet, cherish it and don't miss him.