Astronauts are going to bake cookies in space?
Astronauts are going to bake cookies in space?
You can bake it, but you can't eat it yet.

Today I saw an interesting news: it is said that a company is going to test baking cookies on the International Space Station, but it is not given to astronauts after baking.

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the company that wants to bake cookies in space is called Zero G Kitchen, founded by Ian Fichtenbaum and Jordana Fichtenbaum. The company's ultimate goal is to provide a fully functional kitchen for long space travel.

now space food is basically all kinds of dehydrated and dried products in bags, which is enough to survive, but if humans want to go to Mars or go further, then eating monotonous food for a long time can be a problem. To get the astronauts to work happily, Zero G Kitchen believes that some fresh food made on the spot is also needed in the capsule.

so they first designed the cylindrical "space oven" in the picture below, and plan to send it to the International Space Station to test it in 2019.

of course, in addition to the oven, the cookie baking tray must also be specially made. The cookies to be baked are sealed in a special silicone bag and secured with an aluminum metal frame. The bag is transparent for easy observation, with small air vents on it, and can also prevent biscuit crumbs from floating around. It is difficult to mix all kinds of baking ingredients from scratch in space, they should send the mixed dough directly.

however, the "space cookies" tested in the first step will not be tasted by astronauts on the spot. On the one hand, this is because the samples need to be sent back to Earth for analysis and improvement, on the other hand, it should be uncertain how many crumbs will be produced by biscuits, for fear of affecting other equipment.

how far is man from cooking in space? It seems quite far away at the moment.


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