"be a man, don't be too ugly."
"be a man, don't be too ugly."
Your attitude towards others is your end.

for 3 years, has the deposit you paid for a shared bike been refunded?

recently, some netizens have found that they can refund the deposit, but they need to "pull friends to help refund the deposit".

if a good friend charges 10 yuan, the regular user can refund the deposit of 2.5 yuan.

obviously it is the consumer's money, which should be refunded unconditionally, but unexpectedly it has become a new marketing means.

this incomprehensible behavior, even the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission directly reprimanded: "cut the ceiling of leeks."

people are not saints, they can make mistakes and take detours, but they can't make mistakes again and again.

people who only think about harming the interests of others to feed themselves are really "too ugly to eat".

to be a man, you still have to keep the bottom line.

you should know that money is valuable, but the price of character is higher.

gluttony without a bottom line will not end well in the end.

people who are ugly in "eating appearance" are busy with nothing.

Aesop said:

"some people want more because of greed, but lose everything they have now."

A person who eats unsightly always wants too much. In the end, he is always busy with more than he can chew.

in the TV series "settling down", the deepest impression is that Grandma Jiang sold her house in order to see her wife.

Granny Jiang and her two nephews share a three-story house, each divided into one floor.

if she wants to sell her house, she needs two nephews to sign it together.

and the nieces who have coveted the old house for a long time, of course, are not willing to sign easily, but also put forward all kinds of strange conditions.

the eldest nephew said:

"We live on the third floor and take the stairs the most, so the area of the stairs should be ours; if we put you in the sun, we should give you 5% more money."

the little nephew said, "I am on the first floor, and the area of the yard and pavilion should be counted as mine."

in this way, the sale of the house was delayed again and again, delaying the progress of the sale.

later, my wife's condition deteriorated and she died.

Grandma Jiang also saw clearly the greedy faces of her nephews.

after dealing with her wife's affairs, she went to the notary office for notarization and donated that part of her real estate to the state, and her nephews' calculation failed.

A man must always be upright and upright all his life.

when there is a little food and a little benefit in front of you, you grab it crazily and don't care about your own image at all.

lost the bottom line, but also lost the foundation of life.

at the beginning of this year, a "ramen" in Linyi, Shandong Province suddenly became popular all over the network.

A bowl of ramen costs only 3 yuan, and the price has not increased for 15 years, so that ordinary people can afford to eat ramen.

overnight, hundreds of people gathered in front of Ramen's stall.

everyone is shooting at Brother Ramen with mobile phones and cameras for fear of missing the traffic feast.

in order to win traffic attention, they really perform all kinds of confusing behaviors and keep lowering their bottom line.

the most outrageous thing is to broadcast live under the banner of Largo: "you reward gifts, and I transfer all the money to Brother Ramen."

money is not the root of all evil, but the wrong people.

writer Feng Jicai said:

"only by keeping the bottom line can one achieve a successful self and a successful life."

the bottom line is not only the foundation of everyone's life, but also the core of life.

it is not easy to make money, but you have to rely on your own ability to make money in order to spend it steadily.

people who "eat each other" unsightly will not walk for a long time

Shakespeare said: "losing honesty is tantamount to the enemy destroying himself."

A man cannot gain a foothold without faith.

in particular, the loss outweighs the gain in the pursuit of immediate interests and the loss of long-term development opportunities.

I have read such a story.

in order to make more money, the owner of a rice shop made the weight lighter.

in this way, he can give less when selling rice and save a lot of money in one day.

but people soon found that if they bought the same jin of rice, other rice shops would obviously give more rice.

over time, regular customers have gone to other places to buy rice, and the boss's originally prosperous business has plummeted.

this is typical of picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelons. After all, the pattern is too small and the vision is too shallow.

Hu Xueyan said:

"there are two sides to everything in the world. If you take advantage on one side, you will lose on the other."

in life, what is more important than money is character.

We can fight for our legitimate rights and interests for our own interests, but we must not bully others or bully the weak.

not long ago, Master Zhang, who operated a snack bar in Luoyang for 33 years, was sued by others.

the reason is unexpectedly because of the infringement of their own snack "Tongguan Meat Jia Mo", asking for compensation of 30,000 yuan.

and in Luoyang, there are more than 60 people who have the same experience, and the plaintiffs are all from Tongguan County, Shaanxi Province-- Tongguan Meat Jia Mo Association.

so are these small shops really infringing?

in fact, the Mejia Bun Association only successfully registered its trademark in 2016, and before that, many small shops had already used this sign and did not infringe upon it.

finally, the Mejia bun Association responded that the only thing to do is to protect your rights and hope you can join the association.To facilitate the better promotion of meat Jia bun, so that the development of the industry is better.

but you still have to pay a large fee to join the club.

want to develop, but set your own threshold.

this kind of "touching porcelain" to safeguard rights, not only did not expand their own strength, but lost their credibility and narrowed the road.

if one wants to go long-term, one must not take opportunistic shortcuts.

instead of plotting against others, it is better to be tolerant and magnanimous and give way to others.

put away your own abacus and enlarge the pattern, so that the road of life will be wider and wider.

with a good "eating appearance", there is a happy ending

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

"the world is blessed, but human feelings begin to grow."

just as you only need to be full for seven percent of your meal, you should not be too strong in dealing with the world. Only by keeping a delicious appearance can you have a good blessing.

in the third season of the Reader, there is an admirable story of an old man.

he has been a policeman for 66 years, has experienced many battles, and has repeatedly made extraordinary achievements, and he can rely on a shell casing to break through the fog of the case.

he is Cui Daozhi, China's chief trace inspection expert known as "Chinese Sherlock Holmes".

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60-year-old self-taught computer image processing technology, two consecutive years of experiments, invented the patent technology of extracting warhead rifling marks with special aluminum foil film, and completed the research of trace image processing.

after retiring, he saved the whole family's monthly food expenses.

it takes five years to sort out the trace images of different types of guns and make them into a book, with an accuracy of 85%, which is in the leading level in the world.

in the program, Dong Qing said, "that should give you a patent."

he replied:

"there is a patent certificate, but the purpose of my research is not to let my colleagues all over the country let them use it.

if my patent is monopolized, how can I promote it?

I don't want this patent. Whoever wants to use it in the public security system, I will provide drawings for everyone to use at no cost. "

if the results of these studies monopolize patents, it is not a small amount of wealth in the eyes of others, but the elderly have never counted this amount of money in their hearts.

people who have a heart of the world always have a big pattern, and they never shake their minds in the face of money.

people who eat elegantly always have a calm attitude, which is awe-inspiring.

in the novel Border Town, there is also such a selfless old man.

he stays at the ferry all the year round, crossing all the people who need to cross the river, but he never charges money.

some people are so upset that they will grab a handful of money and throw it on the board, and the old man will pick it up one by one and put it back in that person's hand.

ask for a clear conscience and firmly refuse to take the money you should not take. This is called the bottom line of conscience.

although the old boatman was poor all his life, he was very happy and made friends with all the people in the town.

in front of interests, the mind that should not be moved is the one who has a good "eating appearance".

there are rules for eating, and there is a bottom line for making money.

to be a man, you should keep your feet on the ground and never lose your original innocence and kindness.

the poet Ai Qing said:

"the combination of selfishness and greed will hatch many poisonous snakes that harm others."

people should learn to resist some temptations and not be greedy for "eating".

there are many delicacies in the world, but don't be greedy.

you have to tuck in a few more mouthfuls when you are full, and you are the last one to support yourself.

A person can give alms to others when he has enough to eat, and he will get a good reward.

to be kind to others, everyone will pass you; to be evil to others, everyone will hate you.

your attitude towards others is your end.

what is more valuable than money in this world is people's conscience and bottom line.

, may we all live a magnanimous life in the face of interests.