Borrow money once, and you'll understand.
Borrow money once, and you'll understand.
Money is the touchstone of feelings.

it is said that talking about money hurts feelings.

in an intimate relationship, if you encounter money, you must be estranged.

but in my opinion, money is the touchstone of feelings.

A person's attitude towards borrowing and repaying money can reveal his character and let you see whether he is worth interacting with.


borrow money to see the hearts of the people

one of the callers impressed me very much.

she has a friend who is very close, but this friend always borrows money and doesn't pay it back.

every time he mentions paying back money, he can always find all kinds of strange reasons to prevaricate:

either you have just bought a fund, or your mobile phone has been stolen and the money is in it. He even didn't reply to his message for several days, and when asked again, he said he was ill and was in hospital.

in fact, it doesn't have much money, which makes the girl extremely tangled:

after all, everything else is good. Is it worth ripping off your face just for a few hundred yuan?

this is also a difficult problem encountered by many of us. It is always difficult to make a decision when we meet a friend who borrows money and does not repay it.

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but think about it:

if he is reluctant to pay back a few hundred yuan, how can you trust this relationship?

what you spill this time may only be a few hundred yuan, but by the next time, it may be far more.

money, feelings, relationships. Everything on you will be slowly taken away by him until you are ruined.

Big coat brother Zhu Zhiwen had such an experience:

since he became famous, relatives and friends have flocked to him to borrow money.

others are straightforward and borrow, so they borrow. Eight years later, he lent more than 1 million yuan, but almost did not get a penny back.

he went to ask for the bill with a pile of IOUs. As a result, he didn't get the money and was angry because those people called him stingy.

borrow money, lend money, but see the hearts of the people.

for those who borrow money and don't pay it back, your kindness is taken for granted, and your kindness should be.

No matter how much you do for him, he turns a blind eye to it, and when you ask him for help, you may not get corresponding feedback.

I quite agree with the comment made by he Jiong on the program:

"you can't pay for your friendship this way."

you know, a friend is not an ATM.

everyone's money is earned through hard work, and those who borrow money but don't pay it back are playing the cards of affection and seeking their own interests.

in the face of such people, I advise you to stay away as soon as possible.


return the money to see the character

I have seen a very strange joke:

some people say that a friend borrowed 10,000 yuan from him, but only paid back 9999 yuan.

he was surprised when his friend said:

"in theory, with interest, I should give you more than 8 yuan, but I deducted 10 yuan from my service fee when I withdrew 10,000 yuan, but I think 9999 is more auspicious. I even posted it upside down with interest!"

can't help but make people laugh.

talking about money, you can see a person most clearly.

this is especially true when paying back money.

most of the time, he has the nerve not to give it, and you are too embarrassed to want it.

over time, the money borrowed becomes a muddle-headed account, mixed with interests and feelings.

only those who are really good in character understand that the best way to get money is if you borrow it and pay it back. This is to borrow and repay, and it is not difficult to borrow again.

there used to be a hot news on the Internet about a girl named Hailin.

15, something happened to her family and she needed 300000 yuan temporarily.

for Hailin, this is undoubtedly a huge sum of money, but the matter is so urgent that she has only one way to go-- to raise money.

at that time, Hailin wrote an article and borrowed money from moments:

"I need 300000, I am looking for 300 friends, each lend me 1000 yuan, refuse to accept more, less also refuse to accept. I will clearly note and remember that I owe 300 people, $1000 each. "

it seems impossible, but overnight, Hailin really raised 300000 yuan.

Hailin swore that she could pay back five people a month, and in five years, she would be able to settle all her debts.

by the time she paid back the money, even many friends had forgotten about it.

but Hailin did not save any luck, but paid off all the money one by one.

I would like to ask: had it not been for the trust of Hailin's character, how could she have borrowed so much money? And Hailin's behavior of paying back money just confirms his own character.

No one can guarantee that he will not borrow money from others at a time when he is always too powerful to do so in his life.

it's just that people with poor character will occupy other people's money and feel at ease.

people with good character will use their greatest strength to pay off this human debt.

because they know that it is the duty to borrow money and to pay it back.

if you meet such a person, congratulations, you are not mistaken.


borrow money once, and you will understand

The relationship between people is often so inextricably linked that it is difficult to figure it out.

but once you borrow money, I believe you will understand: who should borrow, who should not borrow.

if you are estranged, you will not borrow it.

there is an interesting saying on Zhihu:

"if a person who doesn't know you very well asks you to borrow money, don't borrow it. Because he can no longer borrow it from acquaintances. "

it makes sense to think it over.

if there is such a person who is usually too lazy to contact you and automatically comes to the door when he needs money, then I advise you to be careful when borrowing money.

because you can't guarantee whether he will pay back the money. It is very possible that the loss outweighs the gain by blocking it with one button.

Don't borrow it if it's not urgent.

I have heard the story of my colleagues: a friend who grew up with her suddenly asked her to borrow money. She thought it was something urgent, so she withdrew her savings and lent it to her friend.

and when she goes to ask for money, her friends always say wait, wait, wait.

you live frugally in order to borrow money, but she is chic because of your money, which is definitely not worth it.

if you exceed your ability, you will not borrow it.

some people attach great importance to face, and once they taste the sweetness of being flattered, they are busy taking out their pockets.

but sometimes you have to admit that some of the money lent out is swollen and fat.

I would like to ask: your own life is not done yet, why do you have to bear the lives of others?

if someone asks you to borrow money, but it is more than you can afford, then you are advised not to borrow the money.

like a passage circulated on the Internet very much:

"the key to getting along with good friends is frankness and comfort. I don't want him to come to me to borrow money, and I don't want me to be careful when I ask him to repay the money. "

the communication between friends, if mixed with money, is bound to become complicated.

so, please think twice before borrowing money.