Chemistry Christmas Calendar: a different periodic table every day
Chemistry Christmas Calendar: a different periodic table every day
Can the periodic table remain the same for more than 20 days?

as soon as December enters, it is the season of the Christmas calendar again. This year, chemical information blogger Compound Interest also started the day shift of the Christmas calendar. But this year's theme is quite different. In conjunction with the year of the periodic table, this year's chemical Christmas calendar is a periodic table with a different theme every day.

(the grid of the Christmas calendar is also made to look like the periodic table of elements)

to be honest, the diagram of the periodic table of elements is not suitable for viewing on a mobile phone, so here is just a little introduction to see what it looks like. I hope that if you are interested, you will try to see the original picture on the author's website. The URL →

is updated every day. Below are several published

element discoveries

this diagram is very informative, indicating the time period and country in which the element was discovered.

useless names

this figure shows some rejected element names that are not actually in use. Where

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elements come from

different colors indicate different origins of elements. for example, the lightest elements (hydrogen, helium, lithium) were born at the beginning of the Big Bang, while the nuclear synthesis of stars produces heavier elements.

search popularity list

this is interesting, showing the number of results that can be found when different element names are searched on google. The ones marked red are the elements with the most results (more than 1 billion results can be found).

I don't know what other ideas he will have next. Let's continue to follow the author's updates.