Clean, is a person's best fengshui
Clean, is a person's best fengshui
Living cleanly is not only a kind of cultivation, but also a kind of nobility.

born a human being, appearance is always a link that can not be ignored.

not everyone can be beautiful, although the appearance is born, but our first impression can be clean and bright.

it is always good luck for a person to keep his appearance clean;

A person's innocence is enough to be respected.

the outside is clean, which is a kind of upward vitality

for a time, I encountered emotional setbacks, coinciding with a serious illness in my body.

I simply gave myself a long holiday, when I was in the lowest mood. I locked myself in the rented house all day.

after my mother learned about my situation, she drove to the city where I worked overnight.

she told me a long time later, and the moment she opened the door, she was surprised by the scene in the house:

there are takeout boxes everywhere;

leftover mineral water bottles;

and the dishevelled me.

I was surprised by my mother's arrival. She didn't comfort me when she saw me for the first time. She just whispered to me that she still couldn't take care of herself.

she began to open the curtains, let the sun shine in, clean up the garbage, clean the room, and tidy up the things.

soon, the whole room began to reveal what it was supposed to be.

after tidying up the house, my mother went to the nearby vegetable market to buy fresh ingredients, all of which I like to eat.

after a meal in the kitchen, after a while, the smell of familiar food floated into the nose.

after dinner, my mother asked me to take a bath, put on makeup, change clothes and go out, so we went to a small park nearby to bask in the sun all afternoon.

We talked a lot that afternoon, and I can't remember exactly what we said.

only remember my mother's last words:

maybe it's because of the sun, maybe it's because I ate a meal cooked by my mother, or maybe it's because I cleaned myself up well. after that day, my body slowly began to improve.

after this incident, I understand a truth:

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the worst time, the lower the trough of life, the more you have to clean yourself up.

if you are sloppy, life will think you surrender;

the more decent and clean you are, there will be nothing life can do about you.

to keep yourself clean and tidy is not only a person's readiness to face difficulties, but also a person's upward motivation to face troughs.

cleanliness is a kind of innocence in dealing with people

recently, I was chasing a hit TV play, "the Household Mother."

in the play, Shen Cuixi, the mother of Ren Cuixi, a big weaver in Suzhou, is smart, capable, virtuous and virtuous, and can control the family business of the whole family, but he can't get the heart of her husband Ren Xuetang.

Ren Xuetang has always loved his childhood sweetheart, Zeng Baoqin, an official girl who grew up together.

because of his mother's opposition, Ren Xuetang had to marry Shen Cuixi, and Zeng Baoqin always lived in the outer room.

once, Ren Xuetang had to go out to run errands, but he couldn't come back for ten days and a half months. For a moment, he was worried about Zeng Baoqin.

he asked the attendant, what do you think of the big granny?

the book inkstone replied: grandma has always been clean and decent and can be trusted.

Ren Xuetang was relieved and asked Shen Cuixi to take care of Zeng Baoqin before leaving. Although reluctantly, Shen Cuixi agreed to her husband's entrustment.

later, Ren Xuetang suffered an accident and her whereabouts were unknown. Shen Cuixi, as she promised, not only protected the Ren family, but also ensured the safety of Zeng Baoqin.

it is precisely because people are open and aboveboard that Shen Cuixi is highly relied on by the family, old and young.

cleanliness and innocence is an important quality in dealing with people, which can make a person stop when dealing with demons.

stick to your nature and your heart.

when you are alive, you will always encounter all kinds of temptations. In the face of temptations, sticking to the bottom line and heart is the foundation of doing things.

you can have your own desires, but you can't be greedy, let alone do injurious things in order to satisfy your own selfish desires.

to live cleanly and do things innocently is not only to be a man's conscience, but also to live calmly and have a clear conscience.

Clean, it is a kind of Qingming Festival that penetrates the world

someone commented on Mu Xin and said, "A lifetime of anachronism, a lifetime of cleanliness and sobriety."

for a while, Mu Xin lived in a dirty, smelly, damp room and ate moldy steamed buns and pickles. He used to be a rich young man, but he looked calm in the face of all this.

these days, when it was difficult for others every minute, he found a piece of white paper, drew black and white keys on it, and played a piece of piano music silently on the paper.

he also wrote notes on blank paper, writing 1200 words a day. He wrote for 18 months, a full 650000 words.

other people's faces are full of sorrow, but their hearts are always calm.

others are dressed in rags, but their hearts are always decent and clean.

at any time, the wooden heart looks the same:

the waist is incomparably straight, the trousers are pressed and straight, the brow is outstretched, the face is smiling, and the look is firm.

some people say that a person's appearance reveals the appearance of a person's soul.

eyes are the windows of one's soul. If the eyes are clear, then the soul must not be clean.Dye.

keeping your heart clean is not a talent, but a choice, persistence after experiencing the world.

We often say that a person is inexperienced, so he is pure and naive, but this is not a person's nature.

A person's nature is revealed only when he has experienced the highest point of life and the trough of life.

Don't be conceited at the top, don't give up at the bottom.

I have heard a sentence:

"it's really clean if you don't call it clean without going through the world, but you know it well but you never go along with it."

living clean is not only the reserve of a person to cherish himself and feathers, but also the wisdom to see through the world and see through life.

the world is disturbing and strange one after another, in which everyone can not avoid being infected and affected, and replace their inner desires with their own conduct.

by the time we look back on this life, many people are far from what they were at first.

there is a sentence in those things of the Ming Dynasty:

"in this filthy world, people who can spend their lives cleanly are admirable."

born as a human being, no matter what situation you are in, no matter what you do and what you do not do, always keep your heart kind and pure, and keep your heart spotless.

living cleanly is not only a kind of cultivation, but also a kind of nobility.

, may you live innocently in this turbid world.