Color the big touch. Would you like to try it?
Color the big touch. Would you like to try it?
It's time to test patience.

recently, it has been found that there are also some interesting educational materials on the website of protein Database (Protein Data Bank), including two coloring books and a series of paper models of biomolecules, whose PDF drawings can be downloaded for free and can be printed out if you are interested.

URL: compared with Cell's cell coloring book,

's coloring book is obviously more challenging. Although there are some relatively simple patterns, they also contain some extremely patient patterns, such as the following polio virus. You can't see the details without zooming in.

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and in the crystallographic coloring book on the right, there is a line manuscript provided by David Goodsell for everyone to color. Introduced earlier, this Big Touch is a structural biologist and scientific painter who is good at depicting delicate and complex biomolecules in cells. The coloring book includes the following picture of red blood cells:

although it may be difficult for us to match colors as beautiful as Big Touch, at least we have a chance to try to color Big Touch's work _ (: painting "∠) _

by the way, the author's own good color looks like this:

by the way, David Goodsell recently opened Twitter! If you like, you can follow him, →