Congratulations! After 17 years of divorce, 63-year-old Li Zongsheng was exposed to remarry, and his wife secretly took a picture of his head in public: sorry, I won't wait.
Congratulations! After 17 years of divorce, 63-year-old Li Zongsheng was exposed to remarry, and his wife secretly took a picture of his head in public: sorry, I won't wait.
He predicted his own fate in his own song.

1982, Taipei.

Li Zongsheng was carrying heavy gas cans, black on his feet, scratching at the edge of the auditorium.

looking inside, there was a lot of noise, and everyone was cheering and shouting like crazy.

on the stage is singer Zheng Yi, singing "the end".

"every night, every breakup, there is no end to tears."

this is his song.

"I'm going to cry. Is this true? Is that what I do? "

wrote a hit album, "Light Rain just in time".

sales are frighteningly high.

"issuing card tapes is like printing money, casually hundreds of thousands or millions of cards."

the singer who sang this album is Zheng Yi, a fledgling and instant hit.

for the first time, he found that a song he wrote had so easily changed a person's fate.

later, he wrote many songs, which changed the fate of many singers.

has changed his fate.

Zhang Aijia said, "everyone has a song about Li Zongsheng."

it is true.

he writes about love, life, past, remorse.

seldom use gorgeous words, but in plain and straightforward language, they point directly at the hearts of the people. Everyone can find their own shadow in it.

and his sensitive background comes from his youth.

the dust of youth falls to the ground with a shake.

he is a very poor student, with a pimple on his face, a big man, and looks a little silly.

stick education was carried out there, and he could not recite the square of axib, so he slapped him in the face.

"you are destined to be a worthless person." The father said in disappointment.

Father, of course, is not optimistic:

"you can sing if you like, but you'd better come home and send gas after graduation."

he is anxious to take the art technical secondary school and majored in theoretical composition.

I took two subjects, but I got back two duck eggs.

Li Zongsheng was badly hit: "I almost left the examination room crying."

these days, embarrassed, self-abased, four walls, there is no way out.

years later, he became famous, recalled this gray past and wrote two songs.

one is "three things of Ah Zong". The other song is called "the one who Race against himself".

the former reminds yourself that even if you become famous, don't forget where you come from.

I am the son of a gas boss

before I prove my ability to make money independently

my father asked me to help deliver gas at home

I have to take advantage of the slow afternoon

tie the phone sign to the telephone pole in the new community

I have to carry the gas

through the stinky night market

Crave for fabulous the little bride gowns company and accent a curvy body and assets? is the best place to shop for a dress.

-- "three things about Ah Zong"

the latter inspires himself in difficulties, and "all the people who were stupid and looked down upon by everyone when they were young."

although when you leave school,

all people think that you will not be successful

but you don't complain about it and give up on yourself


people sometimes need a little blow,

you and I have been held back more than once

at that time, we all had a truckload of problems around us

do not know that the meaning of success is to surpass yourself

-"people who race against themselves"

he was right. A few years after sending gas, he had a turnaround.

is a girl-Zheng Yi.

Zheng Yi recommends her boyfriend to the record company.

when you fall in love with me, the two make albums together.

you already know the result. They achieved each other and became popular at once.

Li Zongsheng was shocked when he looked at his girlfriend outside the auditorium.

it was from this moment that he officially entered his world and began to perform the magic that belonged to Li Zongsheng.

"every time I make a song by a female singer, I think of her as the original stone of a diamond. I hope to release the brightest side of her through my polishing."

and Chen Shuhua is one of the most flawless.

before I met Li Zongsheng, she was an 18-tier singer.

there is no recognition, no one cares.

the first time he saw her, he cut her stiff long hair and made a tailor-made song "when I wake up".

"you say you love someone you shouldn't love, your heart is full of scars, you say you made mistakes you shouldn't have made, and your heart is full of remorse."

the image of an urban woman jumps up.

injured, but capable.

another dusty diamond is Xin Xiaoqi.

before Li Zongsheng wiped the dust off, she released three albums, which fell into thin air.

she was so discouraged that she wanted to give up for a time.

once, Li Zongsheng heard Xin Xiaoqi's voice on the radio and remembered this clear female singer.

two years later, he finally wrote a song for her.

when he gave her the song, he said he was sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

"but I don't think this song will be popular."

who would have thought that after its release, the song set a record for selling 20,000 copies a day.

"if our love is wrong, may you and I not suffer in vain."

in MV, Xin Xiaoqi was moved to tears and cried with makeup.

that heartbreak, accompanied by the words he wrote, shocked the soul.

"what a painful realization that you were all I had."

she never talked to Li Zongsheng about her emotional trauma, but she always felt that he had seen through her state of mind.

"it's my song." Xin Xiaoqi said.

in 1991, a ramen restaurant.

Li Zongsheng was eating hot ramen, dripping with sweat.

Jin Zhijuan sat opposite, intermittently telling her story.

she fell in love with a dance teacher in Beijing at first sight. in order to find him, she traveled from Taiwan to Hong Kong and then flew from Hong Kong to Beijing.

Jin Zhijuan

Li Zongsheng asked her while sucking ramen.

"what's Beijing like?"

"I don't know. Because every time I go, I only go to my boyfriend. "

Li Zongsheng was moved by this sentence.

"this is what it feels like to be devoted. Ignore other existence at all, just want to see him wholeheartedly. "

"for you, I spent half a year's savings to see you across the sea. For this reunion, I even practiced my breath when I met."

15 minutes, a song "across the ocean to see you" fell in one swoop.

gradually, Li Zongsheng became addicted to the feeling of turning stone into gold.

"you say this singer is no good?" Then I'll do it.

Zhao Chuan was hit hard because of his ugliness. Li Zongsheng tailored "I am a little bird" for him.

"I am a little bird. I want to fly, but I can't fly high anyway."

speak out the feelings of how many small potatoes.

Yang Zongwei, who once wandered in Beijing's 798 Art District, wrote the bleak "because of singleness" for him.

"occasionally, when I feel sick, I approach the south window to see if the world gives me sunshine or fog. Being alone does not mean deliberately indulging in loneliness."

so many popular songs are written by Li Zongsheng.

but as we all know, Xiao Li failed to pass the high school entrance examination.

it is still a mystery where his literary literacy comes from.

A few simple Chinese characters are mediocre when viewed separately. Put together, like magic, flow into the bottom of my heart.

to write about the struggles of ordinary people is "mortal songs".

"since it is not an immortal, it is inevitable to have miscellaneous thoughts, put morality on both sides and put sharp words in the middle."

write about the desire for success from the bottom of my heart and you are "true heroes".

"seize every minute of our lives and devote ourselves to the dreams in our hearts."

to write "obsessed" is my own "wishful thinking" of the stewardess.

"No matter how beautiful the spring breeze is, it can't compare with your smile, and people who haven't seen you won't understand."

write that the life choice of ordinary people is "you are like a child".

work is easy, but making money is difficult

it is easy to fall in love, but difficult to start a family

it is easy to fall in love, but difficult to get along

it is easy to decide, but it is difficult to wait

if you have to find out why.

I think in addition to talent, it is his super empathy ability.

Li Zongsheng was originally a passionate person.