Congratulations! They finally remarried!
Congratulations! They finally remarried!
But to choose a lover who sleeps in the same bed with each other, responsibility and responsibility are always the most important.

the other day, I saw a tearful piece of news.

A divorced couple in Shangqiu, Henan Province recently chose to remarry.

compound reasons are very worrying:

the wife is suffering from uremia and the husband wants to go back to her to take care of her.

the husband said:

my wife's kidney disease has reached five stages, and the situation is not optimistic.

at present, the best way is organ transplant.

hearing this, the cost of treatment is by no means a small sum.

the husband said:

I am an ordinary office worker, my wife is from the countryside, and they don't have much savings.

now part of the treatment expenses are borrowed, and later he will sell the house to his wife for medical treatment.

in the face of the interview, the husband's words were very simple and touching.

he said:

the two got divorced angrily because of a little family trivia.

when he heard the news that his ex-wife was ill, he was startled and quickly contacted her to remarry.

when she first talked about remarriage, the wife didn't agree.

she knows the seriousness of the disease and doesn't want to drag him down.

but the husband insisted:

I don't want no one to take care of her when she is most helpless.

the wife in the camera is crying all the time. She says:

with him by my side, I especially have sense of security.

as a veteran, the husband said one last word:

I will walk with her all my life.

the video is very short, but many netizens broke the defense after watching it.

there is an old saying in China since ancient times:

husband and wife are the same forest birds, but they fly separately in the face of disaster.

but there are some people in reality.

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obviously you can get rid of the burden and live easily by yourself.

but in the end, because of "love", because of "responsibility".

willing to use the rest of my healthy life to help my lover walk together.

the wedding vows of the newlyweds are all beautiful:

whether in health or sickness, poor or rich, I am willing to be by your side and never give up.

this sentence is easy and sweet to say in a romantic scene.

but it is only when I encounter illness or disaster one day that I find out how heavy the oath is.

everything is fine when the marriage goes well and they are in good health.

when one party gets sick, the test comes.

can your feelings support each other's inseparable companionship and bear unknown heavy burdens?

this is not only a love test, but also a test of human nature.

A man in Daishan County, Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province made a completely different choice because his lover was also ill.

the husband is 30 years old and married to his wife for seven years.

apply to the court for divorce on the grounds that personality discord leads to emotional breakdown.

by this time, the couple had been separated for two years.

some people may look at this and think:

since you don't agree with each other, you should get divorced. Anyway, you've been separated for so long.

but things are far from as simple as they thought.

the couple married in 2014 and have been in a good relationship for several years after their marriage.

but in 2017, my wife was suddenly diagnosed with cervical cancer.

not only can not work, but also need a long time of treatment and recuperation, of course, the cost is not small.

because of the money spent on seeing a doctor, the husband is very reluctant.

the wife was diagnosed with an illness in May, and the husband left in July, and the two lived a life of separation.

later, the husband sued in court, asking for divorce from his wife.

but the court is in the process of mediation.

it is hoped that the husband will be able to subsidize and compensate his wife's treatment expenses after the divorce.

but the husband flatly refused.

then came the two-year separation. After two years of separation, the husband again sued for divorce.

the husband's claim is simple:

divorce, but do not bear any medical expenses, nor give any material compensation.

finally, the court held that:

couples have the obligation to help each other.

during the marriage, the wife is seriously ill, but the husband refuses to bear any responsibility.

this does not conform to the relevant provisions of the Marriage Law.

as a result, the divorce petition was dismissed.

the husband's choice is selfish and chilling.

We cannot ask everyone to treat their sick partner like a saint for the rest of their lives.

but as a couple who have promised to spend the rest of their lives, they should still have a basic conscience.

even if you don't want to carry a burden for the rest of your life, husband and wife have a fight.

how can the boundaries be drawn so clearly at this time?

not even willing to give a little help?

even if you are an ordinary friend, it is not so.

who is entrusted for life may really have to suffer a disaster to be clear.

it is not difficult to be affectionate and sweet when it is plain sailing.

the difficulty is to reach out and hold out a hand when the other person is at a low ebb.

although it is said that "every man is not for himself""heaven and earth will be destroyed".

but if you only see your own interests and live sooner or later, you will lose your humanity.

but fortunately, there are still some stories that make people believe that marriage is often warm.

Yangjiang, Guangdong.

after ten years of marriage, Ms. Fu's husband suffered from muscle weakness and was paralyzed in bed.

after that, Ms. Fu stayed at the bedside for ten years until her husband died.

she said:

it was so hard at that time that I had to take care of him while working.

but I haven't wavered.

I thought it was my wish to take good care of this family.

I want to keep going.

Changshu, Jiangsu.

an old man named Han Fengming has taken care of his sick wife in bed for more than 30 years.

more than 30 years ago, my wife was diagnosed with congenital hydrocephalus and was bedridden.

after years of treatment, Han Fengming gave up building a new house and owed a large loan.

used to work 16 hours a day to pay off debts.

now his wife is still alive, but she doesn't know him anymore.

the children have grown up and life is a lot easier.

he often pushes his wife out to bask in the sun and blow in the wind.

take care of her like a child.

he said:

my wife has never enjoyed any happiness in her life.

all I can do now is to be by her side and take care of the old child.

Taizhou, Jiangsu.

20 years ago, Mr. Huang's wife suffered from ankylosing spondylitis and later became unable to take care of herself.

since then, Mr. Huang has assumed the responsibility of doing all the housework and supporting the family.

over the years, Mr. Huang has not slept a whole night's sleep and has to help his wife turn over every few hours.

when someone called him to dinner, he never went, so he stayed at home to look after his wife.

his wife could not eat by herself, so Mr. Huang took on the task of feeding the meal.

it usually takes more than an hour to feed a meal.

neighbor rating:

after all these years, this man is not easy.

in the impetuous material age, people increasingly believe that the money in hand is real, but do not believe in feelings.

but looking back, there are still a lot of people who are so "stupid".

I have worked so hard for so many years for a promise.

they may be more traditional, but they are not stupid.

there is no shortage of Chen Shimei in any era.

but at any time, there are other people who may sacrifice themselves for the rest of their lives.

it is not difficult to "help each other". The difficulty is that the examination questions in the face of life are still firm and dare to undertake.

when it comes to the criteria for choosing a mate, everyone has his own idea.

some people value appearance;

some people advocate material things;

some people admire talent.

makes sense, but these choices should have a premise:

that is to choose a person who loves you and is willing to help you.

in fairy tales, there is a premise that a prince and princess can live happily together forever:

that's the end of the story. I didn't go on writing.

but in reality, marriage often means only a beginning.

when a couple enters a marriage, they have to face more tests than when they fall in love.


my career is not going well;

the temptation outside appears;


at this time.

whether there is a pair of hands to give you a hand, whether the other person can give you sense of security to make you trust.

all this tests the relationship between husband and wife.

the divorce rate remains high nowadays.


because people are more open-minded, the bigger reason may be:

We found that each other was not the one we could count on.

when you are ill in bed, the person next to you is not even willing to bring you a bowl of warm rice.

when you can't get a full night's sleep, the person next to you is fast asleep and doesn't even want to change a diaper for your child.

when you hit rock bottom in your career and lose your income, the person around you still wants to go AA with you;


ordinary people may not be able to catch up with a disaster that falls apart.

but a trivial but worrisome little thing, an unreliable lover.

is enough to make you lose all confidence in your marriage.

in many kinds of relationships, there are more people who share wealth than those who share adversity.

but to choose a lover who sleeps in the same bed with each other, responsibility and responsibility are always the most important.




Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host,

Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.