Deep to the bone of upbringing, is to do these three things
Deep to the bone of upbringing, is to do these three things
May we all be educated people for the rest of our lives.


Don't make trouble for others

Lin Yutang once said: what one can do, try not to bother others. To some extent, this is a kind of keeping the precepts.

in my opinion, it is also the most basic upbringing of communication between people.

before watching the variety show "wonderful work said", mentor Zhang Quanling told such a story.

once, a classmate of his went to visit his relatives in Shanghai.

get up the next morning and brush your teeth. It would have been normal to brush his teeth for two or three minutes, but in just a few minutes, he suffered the contempt of countless neighbors.

some people will wonder, isn't he just brushing his teeth?

then Zhang Quanling explained that this should take into account the living environment at that time. At that time in Shanghai, everyone lived in Shikumen. Seven or eight families, nearly thirty people, live in a Shikumen.

they can only use this faucet to brush their teeth, wash their teeth, wash vegetables and wash clothes every morning.

so everyone consciously formed the habit of picking up water in containers.

and if a person keeps holding the faucet, he is causing trouble to others. Especially during the morning rush hour, some people are busy going to school, some people are busy going to work, some people want to wash their faces, some people want to wash vegetables.

you think you only take up two minutes, but you don't realize that you are wasting twenty or thirty people's time.

some problems are in ignorance, which can be solved through proper communication. But the most terrible thing is that a person does not know how to take others to heart, no matter what others do is taken for granted. For example:

litter everywhere, just because I don't want to take two more steps;

in order to save trouble, he sent a voice bomb to the other party....

but I don't think about whether these behaviors will cause trouble to others.

and truly educated people know who they are and know better how to restrain their behavior.

they always have a thread in their hearts, and when they do one thing, they will consider not only whether they are comfortable, but also whether others are comfortable.


do not expose other people's embarrassment

an educated person knows how to see through without piercing.

the sea of life. Along the way, we met all kinds of people. Among them, many rely on their own situation is better than others, know more than others, they are sharp and aggressive.

but when people experience more things, they begin to mature before they slowly understand--

Nobody is easy to live in this age.

everyone has their own hidden, ignorant, and even humiliating side. And in public, know that "do not expose", do not embarrass people, is a person's greatest tenderness.

Kanya, a master of Japanese Geji, once played a hiking commoner.

when he was about to enter the stadium, a sharp-eyed student came forward and said, "Master, your shoelace is untied." After returning his thanks, he squatted down and fastened his shoelaces.

but after the student walked away, he squatted down again and untied the shoelace.

it is obvious that Kanya wants to show the hardship and tiredness of a long journey through the details of shoelaces.

and someone happened to pass by that day, saw this scene, and asked him behind the curtain, "Why don't you teach that student on the spot?"

Kanya replied with a smile: the kindness of others must be accepted frankly, and there are plenty of opportunities to teach acting skills.

sometimes, you can have a little sand in your eyes.

if a misunderstanding arises, you might as well make a mistake. If you have to distinguish between right and wrong, black and white right and wrong, it will not only cause the other party to be unhappy, but also give people the impression of domineering and unfriendly.

not revealing is a compassionate mind, is not showing the wisdom, is to make yourself comfortable, but also to make others comfortable.

in the cool and thin world, people who know not to expose others are like living in a blue sea and blue sky. It must be the happiest thing to walk with such a person.


do not cross the boundaries of communication

to get along with others, regardless of closeness, you need to keep a good balance.

if you don't know where you are, rashly intrude into other people's lives, make exaggerated jokes, make excessive demands, and do inappropriate things. It will only make people disgusted and avoid it.

writer Chen Danqing talked about his own personal experience.

once, he was peeing in the university toilet when suddenly a handsome young man came over.

the other party stopped behind him and shouted, "are you Mr. Chen?" I'm from Jiangxi. You cut in line in Jiangxi. I want to take a picture with you. "

Chen Danqing was embarrassed at that time because he was peeing.

what is even more unexpected is that after getting out of the toilet, the young man took out his camera early, then clamped him one by one, and could not help but talk and take pictures.

Chen Danqing said that at that time, he felt like a hostage and was very uncomfortable.

in life, how many people are doing "selfishness" in the name of enthusiasm, love, and kindness. It is true that this relationship is true, but the lack of boundary awareness will only turn the mind into a burden and dislike.

knowing the importance and discretion is not only a sign of a person's maturity, but also a person's upbringing.

onceLin Zhiling participated in a variety show, and Cai Kangyong was also there.

in the usual part of the program, the host group dug Lin Chi's privacy while playing tai chi. When Lin Zhiling was unable to resist, Cai Kangyong said half-jokingly, "is this within your reach?"

at what point can we go?

during the laugh, she helped Lin Chi-ling draw the insurmountable line clearly.

in fact, there is an insurmountable last line in the communication between people. Once this line is broken, all troubles and contradictions will arise.

but to control the distance and keep it off-line is not to be indifferent and alienated, but to give each other enough space.

in this way, both sides can get along more comfortably and comfortably.

I feel more and more that the most expensive thing in life is education.

A well-bred person does not have to be so luxuriantly dressed or attractive in appearance to show the highest charm.

words and deeds are full of warmth and beauty.

Our black cocktail dresses are designed to wow even the random onlooker. Our collections offer all lengths and styles.

and such people are not only more likely to gain the respect of others, but also more likely to gain a higher level of life.

May we all be educated people for the rest of our lives.

do not be domineering, do not interfere and offend; there is a yardstick in words and deeds and kindness in heart.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.