Disappeared for three years, 48-year-old Li Bingbing collapsed late at night and wrote: "I am tortured every night."
Disappeared for three years, 48-year-old Li Bingbing collapsed late at night and wrote: "I am tortured every night."
It's expensive for the rest of your life. Don't bet your health on tomorrow.

recently, Li Bingbing, who has not been seen for a long time, posted a long article on Weibo, which caused netizens to sigh.

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in the long article, Li Bingbing said bluntly that she always used the program to vent her feelings when filming the "Adventures in the World" program.

she said: "she, who hardly cries in her life, has cried all her tears in recent years."

in the program, she is a pet ferryman, helping the owner to make a final and dignified farewell to her pet.

such a special identity also made her experience all kinds of parting in life and imagine all kinds of moments of life and death.

as a result, she thought that she had not been in good health in recent years.

she revealed: "it is always inexplicably easy to be tired, sore eyes, weak, fragile, sensitive, afraid of the cold and the wind."

but what bothers her most is sleep. Even when the word "sleep" is mentioned, she feels frightened.

she tried many ways to fall asleep:

listen to books, listen to sleep music, count sheep, and even listen to Guo Degang's crosstalk.

over and over again, but the effect is minimal.

A friend introduced a doctor who specializes in sleep and prescribed heavy medication for her.

she went to sleep expectantly, only to stare till dawn.

in the face of today's physical condition, even Li Bingbing cannot find a cure.

as we all know, Li Bingbing is recognized as the "desperate San Niang" in the circle.

how hard did she ever fight?

if she can only make three films a year, she would like to work outside for 360 days and stay awake for 40 hours in order to make one movie.

at the end of 2015, when I was filming in Australia, I had a fever of more than 39 degrees a day, but it took me 21 days to return home for treatment.

with her strength, she now has to accept the fact that "I can't afford to abuse myself, and my body will really be scrapped."

but how many people are still overdrawing their bodies?

if you overdraw yourself, the body will really scrap

recently, 36 Krypton's Houlang Research Institute launched a survey of young people staying up late.

1857 friends from all over the country shared their real "plans" to stay up late.

in the question of when to go to bed is to stay up late, 80.1% of young people think that "going to bed later than 0 o'clock" is regarded as staying up late.

and in the question of whether you often stay up late, more than 70% of people say they often stay up late.

judging from the data, staying up late has become the norm of life for young people.

many people are well aware of the dangers of staying up late, but deceive themselves into thinking that what I stay up late is not night, but freedom, but happiness.

do not realize that your present "freedom and happiness" is constantly threatening your life, and the "sleep debt" you owe will have to be repaid sooner or later.

remember that famous fashion blogger

@ Yarlung Zangbo women

? He died of cardiac arrest on a plane from Beijing to Shanghai at the beginning of this year.

just 27 years old, it is sad that the flower of life withered before it could fully bloom.

as a fashion blogger, staying up late is a common occurrence for her.

in the past year, she has published 73 articles, 161 street shots and 13 videos on personal platforms and magazines.

in order to complete the high workload, I have to move around in different cities every day, shooting and meeting clients.

in the evening, I can only stay up late to write manuscripts, sort out various skin care ideas, do homework, and even shoot and evaluate with makeup.

she thought she might try harder, work harder, have a rest when she is rich, and relax when she is not busy.

so even though her body issued a warning, she still put up with it.

as everyone knows, the body can't stand waiting, and the bottom line of making money cannot be at the expense of health.

towards the end of the year, she wrote, "2020 passes quickly, and we haven't had time to show our strength."

it's a pity that she never gets the chance again.

now there are too many people who regard health as rubbish, talk about keeping in good health, but find themselves one reason after another to overdraw:

some people make it a habit to stay up late and are reluctant to put down their cell phones.

some people are so busy at work that they have no time to rest and always work overtime desperately, putting off their holidays until tomorrow after tomorrow.

some people are overloaded and tired and want to pause, but they are reluctant to give up this and that.

always think that he is still young and have the capital to "carry it to death".

do not realize that all the time of "overdraft" will be returned with interest in the future.

according to the report of the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases:

"every year, about 540000 people die suddenly because of cardiac diseases in China."

is equivalent to one sudden death every minute.!

these tragic tragedies and amazing data tell us that being young has never been an overdraft of the body.

Liang Shiqiu said:

"good health is the real capital of being a man and doing things. Without a healthy body to write the number "1" for you, no matter how many "zeros" follow it, it will become meaningless. "

Don't always feel that life has a long time to come, and there are still many days to rest.

forget that the cost of overdraft health may be that there will be no more days to come.

take good care of your body and be responsible for yourself. don't wait until the red light is on before it's too late.

the second half of life is about health

Kaifu Lee said this in his anti-cancer documentary Life to death:

"I am at the best time of my life. I still have a halo that has been polished by Apple, Microsoft and Google. Investors trust me. I have more than 50 million followers on Weibo."

everything is almost perfect!

however, if I lose my halo, I will suddenly lose all my patients when I am just breathing. "

the money earned by wasting the body in the first half of life will be spent on the body for the rest of his life.

on the track of life, it's never about who runs fast, but who has more endurance and runs farther.

is it still recorded at the Beijing International Fashion Show, a white-haired, shirtless, muscular uncle Wang Deshun?

this catwalk made my uncle become popular quickly.

although he is nearly 80 years old, his body lines kill many young people in seconds, attracting the attention of the whole network.

not long ago, the "most handsome man in China" became popular again.

it turns out that the 85-year-old Wang Deshun is bold enough to fly a plane!

after three months of devil-like training, I successfully put on my flight suit and soared freely in the sky for 40 minutes.

even CCTV can't help naming and reporting to Wang Deshun: if you have the courage to try, maybe you can succeed!

some netizens can't help lamenting Wang Deshun's physical quality: "your uncle is still your uncle, living the 85-year-old as if he were 18."

judging from Wang Deshun's recent situation, although he is 85 years old, he is strong and strong, and the muscle lines are clearly visible.

it turned out that in order to keep himself in good health, Wang Deshun clocked in the gym seven times a week, which is his habit and has been going on for many years.

Wang Deshun told us in practice that fate has given us bodies and should be treated well.

when another octogenarian is suffering from illness in the hospital, he is working out with sweat;

when another octogenarian lay in his rocking chair waiting for the end of time, he was walking a fashion show and flying a plane.

the important thing in the marathon of life is not how fast the starting point is, but whether you can finish the whole race and win at the end.

there is a question on Zhihu: "when did you suddenly realize that health is important?"

the following answer is very heart-stirring:

"because when staying up late and losing a lot of hair;

when Baidu searches for symptoms of its own body;

every time I dare not look at the physical examination report, I feel that nothing is important, and only health is the best time. "

feel the same way.

the decency of life is never decorated by gems, but by health.

when you have health, you can't feel its strong sense of existence, but when you lose your health, you will understand that your body is free from disease.

from now on, for your health, please pay attention to the following:

1. Work and rest regularly, prohibit staying up late, create a good sleeping environment before going to bed, and stay away from electronic products, especially mobile phones, as far as possible, because this is the main culprit for most people to stay up late.

2, do not sit for a long time, develop exercise habits, exercise consumption, the probability of staying up late at night will be greatly reduced, which can help you sleep better;

3. Regular physical examination, because the body's health will change with time, age, living habits and work stress, so it is still necessary to have a regular health check-up every year, which is conducive to self-physical assessment, early detection of problems and early improvement.

Schopenhauer once said: "the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things."

the length of life lies in the thickness of health, and the thickness of health lies in your attitude towards life.

it's expensive for the rest of your life. Don't bet your health on tomorrow.

A healthy body is a person's greatest competitiveness.