Don't think highly of yourself and don't underestimate others.
Don't think highly of yourself and don't underestimate others.
Being humble is the biggest card of being a man.

the Analects of Confucius says: "the gentleman is peaceful but not conceited, and the villain is arrogant but not Thai."

A gentleman has pride, but not pride. Have a strong heart, at the same time, be courteous and kind to others;

the villain has arrogance, but no arrogance. He will only show off everywhere and win with pride.

when people walk in the world, the most important thing is to have a humble heart.

only if you don't think highly of yourself, don't underestimate others, watch the wind and rain, and meditate on your own life, can the road of life become wider and wider.


be a man, don't take yourself too seriously

those who know others are wise, those who know themselves are wise, and people are valued in knowing themselves.

but in life, people who overestimate themselves can be found everywhere.

they think that the success of others is just a good opportunity or appreciated by Bole, but they should know that whether it is luck or appreciation, it takes strength in the final analysis.

there is a short story:

the eagle flew straight down from Gaoyan and took a lamb.

the crow on the side saw this and thought: the eagle is so lucky to get a fat and tender lamb easily. Can't I learn from him?

so the crow, like an eagle, pounced on the back of a ram and tried to catch the sheep into the sky.

who would have thought that no matter how much it flapped its wings, it could not fly. The claws were still entangled in wool and could not be pulled out.

the shepherd took the opportunity to catch the crow, cut off its wings and gave it to his son.

the son asked, "Dad, what kind of bird is this?"

the shepherd smiled and said, "he is a crow who thinks he is an eagle."

if you have self-knowledge, you can do things according to your ability.

if you don't consider your own conditions, think too highly of yourself and do things beyond your ability, you can only end up with a miserable fate.

the poet Lu Li wrote in the Clay: "if you always regard yourself as a pearl, you will always have the pain of being buried. Treat yourself as dirt and let people trample you into a path."

be born a human being, don't take yourself too seriously. Many times, you think that others are paying attention to your every move, but people don't notice you. You are not as important as you think.

Performing artist Ying Ruocheng once told an interesting story that happened to him.

he grew up in a big family, and every time he ate, dozens of people sat in a big restaurant and ate together.

once, he had a whim and decided to play a joke on everyone. Before eating, he hid in an unnoticed cupboard in the restaurant and wanted to jump out when everyone couldn't find it.

but to his embarrassment, everyone sat down to dinner happily, paying no attention to his absence. When everyone left, he wilted out and ate some leftovers and soup.

from then on, he told himself: never take yourself too seriously, or you will be disappointed.

everyone is too busy in his own world to care about the joys and sorrows of others.

in your own world, you may be the real protagonist, but in other people's world, you are only a supporting role.

Heaven and earth are vast, and people are as straight as dust. Take yourself too seriously, longing for the world to revolve around you, this is self-deceiving grandstanding.

No matter what situation you are in, always be humble and low-key, accept your ordinary and small, humiliated and humiliated, so that you will not be easily lost and overinflated.


be a man, don't take others seriously

like this sentence very much:

"it is very simple for a person to think highly of himself; it is very difficult for a person to regard himself very lightly and lowly."

Life always has its ups and downs, and only after we lose the glitz can we realize how important it is to treat ourselves and the world with a humble attitude.

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Mei Lanfang, a master of Peking Opera, can be called a master of traditional opera. he not only has deep attainments in the art of Beijing Opera, but also often has a sense of humility and is never proud of his fame.

once, when he performed the Beijing Opera "killing pity" on the stage, the audience applauded one after another.

the only old man in plain clothes shouted, "it's not good."

people advised him to ignore it, but Mei Lanfang hired a car to visit the old man's home and respectfully asked him for advice:

"the person who says I am bad is my teacher. My husband said that I am not good, there must be some advice, please give me some advice, the students are determined to mend. "

after Mei Lanfang asked earnestly, the old man said, "Yan Xijiao's steps up and down the stairs, according to the regulations of the Pear Garden, should be seven and eight, but why does the doctor go up and down?"

after hearing this, Mei Lanfang suddenly realized and knelt down to thank the old man.

since then, Mei Lanfang has invited the old man to watch and comment on every performance and regarded him as a "teacher". His acting skills are also on the basis of the original, and have a new breakthrough.

Confucius said, "if three people walk, there must be my teacher." Choose those who are good and follow them, and change those who are not good. "

everyone has something to be proud of, but we can't elevate ourselves indefinitely and fall into a state of blind arrogance, let alone belittle, reject, or despise anyone.

unbridled disdain will only show your narrowness and ugliness and speed up your elimination.

can't you see that the sky lowers its posture, regardless of its beauty and ugliness, and holds every cloud in order to be vast and boundless?;

only when the mountain lowers its posture, no matter how big or small, and holds every rock, can it be magnificent.

the sea lowers its posture, no matter how turbid it is, it can hold every spray before it can be vast.

the same is true of being a man. Only by lowering his momentum can he finally become a talent.

just like what is said in the four trainings: "only humility is blessed."

low-key people can always put themselves in the right position, insipid, calm, peaceful, and finally reach inner richness and clarity.


to be a man, you should reflect on yourself and always think about yourself

Soviet writer Gorky said: "reflection is a clear mirror, it can see the dirt of the soul."

only by doing self-examination can one not be deceived and see the real world and who he really is.

the poet Ai Qing once visited Qi Baishi, an 88-year-old master of traditional Chinese painting, and brought a painting by Qi Baishi a long time ago and asked him to identify the authenticity.

Qi Baishi took out a magnifying glass and looked at it carefully. it was indeed a work of his youth, and he immediately offered to exchange the two paintings he had just finished.

Ai Qing quickly put away the paintings, hugged them in her arms and said, "even if you take 20, I won't change them."

Qi Baishi frowned all the time when he saw that there was no hope of changing paintings.

one night the son got up and saw that the light in the study was on. When he walked in, he saw his father sitting at his desk, painting red one stroke at a time.

the son was very confused, but Qi Baishi said:

"now I have a high reputation, and many people say that I draw well and think that I can wipe a stroke casually.

and I was a little elated by these compliments, and virtually relaxed my demands on myself. Today, after reading the works of my youth, I found that I have really gone backwards too much. "

from that day on, Qi Baishi began to start with the most basic red painting, practicing painting painstakingly and never slacking off.

there is a saying in the Dharma Sutra: if a person is self-reflective, flawless and wise, and has both wisdom and precepts, he will be praised by Homo sapiens.

if a person can reflect on himself all the time, he will correct his shortcomings many times and will be praised by wise men.

even Qi Baishi, who was already famous in his later years, was not carried away by praise and did not forget to reflect on himself.

he understands that humility is based on strength, arrogance is based on incompetence, and humility is the biggest card of life.

reflect on yourself and often think about yourself. Only when you know that you don't think highly of yourself and don't underestimate others, will you abandon your cynicism, soothe the impetuousness of life, and open your mind suddenly.

to be a man, remember to ask more about yourself, less tit for tat, more introspection, less picky and critical.

being able to be yourself is a great thing in itself.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

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