Every day, give yourself a reason to be happy!
Every day, give yourself a reason to be happy!
If life is too difficult, then I wish you happiness.

people have to go through a lot of pain or setbacks in this life, and they will inevitably encounter unhappy things.

but no matter what kind of tears I went through last night, the city will still be busy when I wake up in the morning.

time is wonderful, it forgives the unforgivable, the past can not pass.

even if life has a thousand reasons to cry, you have to find a reason to make yourself laugh.


about health

once read a report.

the host interviewed a centenarian and asked, "what is your secret recipe for longevity?"

the old man smiled: "I don't have any secret recipe for longevity. It's good to be happy every day."

in fact, health and happiness complement each other.

only when you are healthy can you be happy, and keep a good mood, be happy every day, and your body will be naturally healthy.

I have a good friend who is a positive energy person who is very happy every day. Sometimes when you are depressed and lose morale, she will try her best to cheer you up.

she is like an energy engine, gushing out a steady stream of energy no matter what happens.

you said: "Today, I missed the bus, was late for work, and was fined."

she would say, "what's the big deal? let's go. I'll buy you something good tonight, and the money deducted will be treated as eating back."

you said, "I forgot to bring my umbrella when I went out today. It's raining so hard that I'm going to get drenched."

she would say, "what a coincidence. I can take a hot bath when I get home."

once, I asked her why you have so much energy every day and why you are so happy every day.

she said: "in fact, I used to be a very sad person. I was very worried about trifles, just like other people owed me money. I didn't like anything."

but for a period of time, I was not feeling well. When I went to the hospital to check, I knew that I had a tumor and needed surgery.

when I was in my twenties, I was hit on the head by life before I had a good understanding of life.

I am filled with pain, despair, confusion, restlessness, helplessness, and all kinds of negative emotions.

there was no hope in life, and it was only then that I realized how important I had lost.

after I got better, I thought, God must want to remind me how lucky I am to be healthy in this vast expanse of sentient beings! You should cherish it.

therefore, I will face life more positively, because after all, I have the greatest wealth in the world, health! "

Emerson once said, "Health is the first wealth of life."

the greatest wealth in life is health. Without a healthy body, everything is superfluous. Why not have a healthy body?

sometimes when you have too many people, you tend to forget what you have, and only when it is lost will you realize how important it is.

Health is not the only reason for you to be happy, but it must be your biggest motivation.

everything makes sense only when you are in good health.

cherish every day now, enjoy health, that is, enjoy happiness.


about tolerance

I have heard a story.

there is a farmer who is sad every day.

so he asked the eminent monk, "Why am I unhappy every day?"

the eminent monk said, "tell me, what are the things that make you unhappy?"

the farmer listed the things that annoyed him one by one.

"some time ago, my neighbor's chicken ate the food in my garden. I was so angry that I went to ask them for compensation. I quarreled for a long time and wasted a lot of effort before I asked for the compensation."

"on another occasion, I went up the mountain to cut firewood. When I came back, I met a coachman. The road was very narrow at that time. I carried firewood on my back. Two people could not get through at all. The coachman said that his carriage was fast. Of course I didn't want to go first. I quarreled. In a panic, I got rid of all the firewood."

and, and.

the farmer is like a chatterbox that can not be shut up, constantly telling the reasons why he is unhappy, the more he thinks about it, the more angry he is, saying bluntly that he has not been lucky in his time and that he has met someone who is not happy.

after hearing this, the eminent monk smiled and said, "I'll teach you a way. You do what I say and make sure you won't be sad any more."

after hearing this, the farmer hurriedly asked for advice.

Gao Zeng said, "when you go back, steal food from your neighbor's chicken and pick some good food for your neighbor. Next time you meet that rickshaw driver when you go to chop wood, you might as well take the initiative to let him go first."

although the farmer felt that he was at a loss, he did it in the way of an eminent monk.

three days later, the farmer came to visit the eminent monk again. He was not as pale and depressed as before, and he was beaming with a smile.

the farmer said happily, "when I went back, I did what you said and sent some dishes to the neighbors. They were very surprised and thanked them. The next day, they also sent me the best fruit in their courtyard, which was very delicious!"

when I went to cut firewood, I met the coachman again and offered to let him go first. Unexpectedly, the coachman said, there is still some space in my car, and you are so tired that you are carrying so much firewood. I'll give you a lift. "

the eminent monk said, "do you know nowHow can Tao be happy? "

the farmer hurriedly said, "Thank you for the advice of the eminent monk. In the past, I did not know how to tolerate and care too much, which made me so sad."

when we get along with others, we always dislike others and find fault with others for fear of losing money.

I don't know, when you don't like others, does it mean that others don't like you either?

as the old saying goes, take a step back.

to be tolerant with others is to be tolerant with yourself.

only those who are tolerant and magnificent can really understand the secret of happiness.


about being happy

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is there to be happy about in life?"

the most liked reply was: "there is nothing to be unhappy about."

you may have complained that things are changeable and it is too hard to be happy.

but in fact, it is very simple to be happy. Every little thing in life can be your reason to be happy.

get up in the morning and have a hot breakfast;

read the books you like when you are leisurely;

when shopping, buy what you like;

enjoy the hot weather from winter to spring;

Look no further than short red prom dresses and highlight feminine curves. Do not hesitate, just click the button and enjoy the wonderful shopping experience!

at home on weekends, lying in bed watching a good movie;

around the corner, meet someone who appeals to you;


Lin Qingxuan said, "Let happiness become a habit."

Don't expect unexpected surprises, but you should pay attention to the happiness in your daily life.

Happiness is not only a habit, but also a choice, as long as you dare to choose to be happy, then no matter when, no matter how difficult things are, happiness will always be with you.

have read a survey report.

A person who is in a car accident and loses his legs and can only live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life will never be able to be happy.

Research shows that the person concerned will be very sad and unacceptable at first, but after 6 months, they will still be as happy as they were before the accident.

in fact, happiness has never been lost from your life, but sad people have no choice.

Life will inevitably encounter all kinds of ups and downs, but think about it carefully, happy is also a day, unhappy is also a day, why not be happy?

Li Xia once said, "the world is not worth it."

I think this sentence is very interesting, the world is not worth it, what is not worth it?

"cheer up, it's not worth it."

it was not until I saw this sentence that I realized that the world is not worth the real meaning: the world is not worth your sadness.

Yes, when you live a lifetime, you just want to be happy.

cheer up, don't worry too much about gains and losses, later you will find that life lies not in gains and losses, but in experience.

cheer up, don't care too much about money and desires, when you get old, you will find that the most important label for you is "health".

be happy, there is nothing to worry about, because there is food to eat, clothes to wear, a way to go, a place to live, and a beloved to accompany.

Life is not long, when you cross the mountains and the sea, through the sea of people, you will find that life is not bitter, but sweet.

make it a habit to be happy, and live happily!

if life is too difficult, then I wish you happiness.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.