Five good habits of enriching yourself
Five good habits of enriching yourself
May you meet with a better self soon.

Life takes years. What on earth is the purpose of living?

writer Lin Qingxuan once gave an excellent answer:

Life is just like this, the pursuit of becoming a better, more spiritual and spiritual self.

in the final analysis, there are too many actors on stage and curtain call in the scene of life, and only themselves are the constant protagonists.

those who can strengthen their hearts and be themselves, no matter how the world changes, are the real masters.

to be a better self, you only need to do these things well.

keep your mouth shut

A thought-provoking dialogue was recorded in Mozi, a philosophical work:

someone asked, "what's the advantage of talking endlessly?"

Mozi made an ingenious analogy:

"Frogs and flies bark every day, making their mouths dry, but no one pays attention to it."

"on the other hand, the rooster in the yard only barks at dawn, and people will get up as soon as they hear it. No one can ignore it. "

A person's ability to speak is the most basic ability when he is alive, but what level he can speak depends on his ability.

as the old saying goes, "the depth of water does not speak, the man does not speak."

there have been such people around us.

when they encounter a little thing, they chatter endlessly, hoping that everyone around them knows what has happened to them.

that's what it is to be a man. It's better to use your head than to talk more.

there is no need to complain to everyone. Life is full of joys and sorrows.

gossiping does not matter whether it is right or wrong, the dispute of words is the most annoying;

Communication does not reveal people's shortcomings, and the weight of words can be convincing.

the really smart people all know that you have to watch your mouth before you can be a good person.

take care of your health

once saw such a picture on the Internet:

all our lives, we always ask for too much, for more savings, for better cars and houses.

on the surface, everyone seems to be the same, wearing the same height, about the same weight, busy day and night.

after having an illness, it is completely different.

No one gets preferential treatment in the face of illness.

whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are young or old, not to mention whether you have a car or a house at home.

is it worth exchanging your life for money?

you know, if you don't have time to rest, you must have time to get sick.

Life does not have to pursue too many external things, take good care of the body, take good care of the mood, is the biggest rich.

there is a passage that touched me a lot:

"occasionally put your hand on your chest and feel the sound of heartbeat. Today, 7 tons of blood have covered a distance of 100000 kilometers."

even if the organs in the body work so hard, is there any reason for us to hurt ourselves?

it's right to live hard, but not at the expense of yourself.

after all, if you work hard, you may not win anything in the end, but you will lose your health.

the best state of life is no disease, no pain, no trouble.

practice emotion

Bacon once said, "No matter how angry you are, don't do anything irreparable."

this makes sense. Emotion is like a person's demon. Either you control it or it controls you.

you are the one who pays for all the bad moods in the end.

but as long as you calm down a little bit, and when the mood is over, it won't be a big deal.

that year, Huang Bo starred in a movie for the first time, playing the role of a thief.

before shooting, the deputy director just glanced at him contemptuously, then turned to the people around him and said, "what is this?" Who found it? "

being looked down upon by others, Huang Bo certainly had a belly of anger in his heart.

but he held back.

Huang Bo not only earnestly cooperated with the director in shooting tricks, but also volunteered that he could perform in two or three different forms.

, the director smiled. It was obvious that he was completely conquered.

imagine what would happen if Huang Bo lost control at that time.

he may yell curses or even fight with each other, resulting in losing his job and getting angry.

you know, emotions don't solve problems, they only intensify conflicts.

the high point of being a man is to do things rationally and be sober.

keep self-discipline

lying down is very comfortable, sleeping at night is very comfortable, eating and drinking is very enjoyable.

Why does that person still have self-discipline?

because of self-discipline, you are actually saving yourself.

when you start self-discipline, you will be excited in the early stage, and you will feel pain slowly, but in the end, you must enjoy it.

I like a movie very much, called "Love for a hundred dollars".

the heroine is over 30 and her life is extremely decadent.

her daily life is a single repetition: either eating junk food at home or playing games from morning till night.

No job, no love, no dream, only fat.

justEven she said in disgust, "I am only worth 100 yuan."

one day, she passed by a boxing gym. The people inside were well-built and sweaty, which rekindled her fighting spirit.

she began to eat healthily, changing her former appearance, skipping rope and running around the building every day.

are you tired? That's for sure.

but fortunately, gratifying changes have taken place in her body.

the fat clothes of the past could no longer be worn, so she changed into more slimmer clothes.

her figure has changed, and she doesn't know how much more energetic she looks than before.

"the Road few people take" says:

"the so-called self-discipline is an important principle to solve the pain of life with a positive and active attitude."

some people always talk about self-discipline, but they only have three minutes of enthusiasm for doing things.

some people persevere, never forget their demands on themselves, and stick to their work to the end.

and this is the fundamental reason why self-discipliners are more successful.

cultivate hobbies

recently, a man named Peng Chuanming became popular, and netizens joked that he was the only man worthy of Li Ziqi.

and he replied quietly: "I'm just a farmer."

Peng Chuanming says sincerely that he is a man living in a small mountain village in Fujian.

but his hobby is not to be underestimated.

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he likes to study pen, ink and paper inkstone.

it took three years to make antique ink, ranging from adding oil to making tobacco ash, drying toner, and then beating ink tens of thousands of times.

he also studied the ancient high-end cosmetics: flower dew rouge.

first, after bubbling the peach gum. Then filter, and then make the rose petals into flower juice, cochineal grinding into a fine powder. Repeatedly add water and filter, reconcile it over and over again.

in Peng Chuanming's video, there are no profitable advertisements and no grandiose plot.

all we can see is a free man who is dressed in coarse linen and brews tea and wine.

he focuses only on his love and on his present life.

people, you must not be empty inside. You can be a person who loves to admire flowers, or you can be a person who loves reading.

only the abundance of the soul can fill the dullness of the years.

I quite agree with one sentence:

the one who listens to you most and most easily in the world is not others, but himself.

being alive is a process of constantly recognizing reality and seeing oneself.

and only by enriching yourself is the beginning of a successful life.

, may you meet with a better self soon.