For the rest of my life, be a lazy person.
For the rest of my life, be a lazy person.
Only when the state of mind is calm, can life be full of willows and flowers.

Yan Jiao

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in this life, one should not only add, but also know how to subtract.

We have been emphasizing "diligence" all the time.

in the face of everything in life, only by making progress can we have more and better "rewards".

but when you get used to the wind and dust and carry a heavy load, you should also learn to be lazy and lighten the burden for your life.

sometimes "laziness" is not a negative slack, but a "comfortable" attitude towards life.


trivial, too lazy to "care"

Zhou Guoping said: we should have unconcerned wisdom in life.

there are all kinds of strange and strange things in life, and there are always things we don't expect and can't control. Work hard on what you can control.

and those trivial and unimportant people and things, don't get angry. Just relax and let nature take its course.

once heard such a story--

Su Dongpo, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, once went out to play with his good friend Foyin and walked into a restaurant to have a rest.

I didn't expect that the guy in the store turned out to be a "chameleon" and was good at "watching people eat".

in the face of well-dressed guests, they are all respectfully and smiling. But for the dusty Su Dongpo and Foyin, there is a 108000-li difference in attitude.

when the meal was about the same, Foyin politely asked the clerk to pay.

after going out, Su Dongpo said angrily: this guy is really annoying.

Buddha Yin said with Tao: he is a snob.

then Dongpo asked inexplicably: then why are you still so respectful to him?

Foyin replied sarcastically: why should I let him change my behavior?

there are some people who are not worth your energy and breath.

some things, worrying too much will only make the mood worse.

instead of haggling, it's better to put your sleeves and turn around. You know, the attitude of a wise man is to dare to ignore it.


right and wrong, don't bother to "discuss"

to be a man, you must have a "sense of boundary".

do not casually expose other people's shortcomings; do not disclose other people's privacy casually; and do not casually tell others what to do about their lives, which is a kind of self-cultivation.

in life, we always meet some people--

they like to comment on life, as if everything on earth can only be run according to his idea. If you don't like it, you will have to say a few words.

will even use it as an after-dinner conversation.

my friend Xiao Xuan complained to me that she met such a "warm-hearted" eldest sister at work, who was a little older than her.

because of their work, the two added friends and occasionally interacted in the moments.

then one day, a colleague who had a good relationship with Xiao Xuan was in the bathroom and heard the eldest sister poking behind her back about Xiao Xuan:

"look at the photos sent by her moments." My sister-in-law is still young and knows how to eat, drink and be merry all day long. "

"if she wears so little in winter, she will suffer when she gets old."

when Xiao Xuan heard this, she was so angry that she quickly blocked her.

think of yourself as warm-hearted, nosy and annoying on the one hand. More importantly, always standing on the moral high ground, pointing fingers at other people's lives, although unconscious, is full of malice.

everyone has their own life, and no one is qualified to measure other people's world with their own values.

and as the ancients said: if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?

isn't it absurd to ignore your own chaotic life and interfere and talk about other people's lives, which is not only unlikable, but also a waste of time and life?

it is better to calm down and live a full and wonderful life.


gain or lose success or failure, don't bother to "worry"

most of the time, you get nothing, not because you are not favored by fate, but because you always think too much.

worry about the worst outcome before you even start to do it.

so that he was timid and made no progress.

remembering that I had seen a famous fable before, it tells the common fault of many people now.

someone asked the farmer, "have you planted wheat?"

Farmer: "No, I'm afraid it won't rain."

the man asked, "do you grow cotton?"

Farmer: "No, I'm afraid the worm ate cotton."

the man asked again, "what did you plant?"

Farmer: "I have nothing. I want to be safe."

I avoided everything early because I was afraid of failure.

but life is not out of mind, but out of it. If you worry carelessly, you can't solve any problems at all except to add to your troubles.

Masao Yoshida, Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Tokyo, Japan, once did an experiment.

he found 100 volunteers with similar conditions, divided them into two groups and assigned the same task.

NoSimilarly, the first group is required to consider the process, method and significance of the entire task in detail and thoroughly.

the second group did not ask, but only asked them to act directly.

the end result is that the first group not only takes a long time, but also is far inferior to the second group in quality.

for a long time, we have always been particular about "planning and moving later".

is to make a plan before taking action, but the world is complicated and should not be overlooked.

most of the time, we should learn to let our minds "sneak off".

after all, because it is only when we take action that we know what the problem is, where it is, and how to change it. And blindly worrying about it will not only complicate the problem, but also waste a lot of time.

Let go of too much thought, let go of superfluous thoughts, think less and do more, worry less and do more.

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only when the state of mind is calm, can life be full of willows and flowers.

living a life, we have too many moments when we have to be "diligent". We might as well "take a break" when it's time to be lazy.

of course, laziness does not make you lazy, but to develop a more natural and casual attitude towards life. Unimportant non-care, non-intervention that has nothing to do with oneself, non-worry that has never happened.

if you are lazy and carry less burden, your life will be more comfortable.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.