Hangzhou 25-year-old online celebrity committed suicide by throwing himself into the sea. You only see 5000 words of suicide note, but you don't know his last transfer record.
Hangzhou 25-year-old online celebrity committed suicide by throwing himself into the sea. You only see 5000 words of suicide note, but you don't know his last transfer record.
May you and I not be stingy with our own kindness and strive to be the light that supports others out of the darkness.

these days, the name "Deer Dawson" touches everyone's mind.

he is a photographer, formerly known as Zhou Peng, 25 years old, living in Hangzhou.

November 28th, the 24 month of the lunar calendar, is also Lu Dawson's birthday.

when his mother sent a birthday red envelope to transfer money, he did not receive it, but only said "Thank you, Mom".

the red packet he refused to accept, like warmth he no longer needed, put an end to himself, but no one noticed his abnormality.

, a suicide note with the phrase "No need to set up a monument for him, just wish the roses bloom for him year after year" suddenly appeared on his Weibo.

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after reading word by word, countless people are worried about it, and he himself has lost contact.

his friend immediately posted a missing person notice, hoping that he would not do anything stupid.

but the disturbing news came.

A day later, Lu Dawson's gray trench coat and white cell phone were found on the beach.

# find Deer Dawson #


on the first day of December, the missing photographer, Lu Dawson, was found.

fishermen who went out to sea found the body of Lu Dawson in the sea near Zhoushan.

without further luck, he left and left this world forever.

some people didn't know him until after he disappeared, and some people knew him after his accident, but his departure still made us fall into endless sadness.

but there must be a reason for tragedies.

in the prime of his age, he is duty-bound to die, which makes people ponder.


all the answers were written in his suicide note.

at the beginning of the suicide note, he listed multiple tags on his body, including left-behind children, mountain children, and school bullies. Each of these words looks particularly dazzling.

when he was a child, the absence of his parents made him a left-behind child, lodging with relatives.

although his relatives are good to him, he always has a feeling of having nothing to rely on and worrying about gain and loss.

"wandering" is his definition of his childhood.

it was not easy to wait for his family to come home, and finally he did not have to live a life of dependency, but he was greeted by deeper despair.

the return of his parents brought him not warmth and concern, but endless quarrels and accusations.

the relationship between husband and wife is obviously on the verge of collapse, but they refuse to divorce for the sake of their children.

but under the heavy pressure of life, family conflicts break out very frequently.

so much so that when he looked back years later, he could not remember a happy moment. All he could think of was the dark wounds and pain buried under his skin.

Family is not a warm harbor for him, but a battlefield full of verbal violence.

when he entered the campus, he was clever and polite.

but his gentle character did not bring him a friendship. On the contrary, he was bullied by his classmates because he was quiet and introverted.

the experience of being excluded, bullied, abused and forced to kneel has become the deepest memory of his long campus life.

when he gets home, his parents always compare him with other people's children.

when I was a child, it was better than studying, growing up than working, and getting married after work.

the endless comparison makes him physically and mentally exhausted.

facing a chicken-feathered family, he just wants to escape.

he can't give him the love he wants at home, so he can only rely on the outside world.

but sadly, life is not gentle with him.

his battered career, unreachable dreams, and the heavy punches of life knocked him to the ground again and again.

occasionally his parents called and asked him if he had made any money this month. He never cared whether he was tired or not.

he said that it was not a single straw that overwhelmed him, but countless grains of sand.

under all kinds of unhappiness in reality, his body is getting fatter and fatter, his hair is losing more and more, and his emotions continue to accumulate. finally, he can no longer hold up and choose to leave the world that does not belong to him on the day he was born.

there is a particularly moving sentence in this suicide note:

"Please love us more. We never lack the spirit and motivation to strive for a better life. We are never afraid of difficulties and obstacles, but have no love."

looking back on his 25 years, he seems to have been longing for love, but always, but not.

if parents' concern is not lacking;

if the friendship of the students arrives as scheduled;

if a pair of strange hands give him a hand when he is desperate;

won't there be another ending to Lu Dawson's story?

I don't know.

suddenly remembered the classic dialogue in "Strange Theory":

Berbonne asked, "people who have a lot of bitterness in their hearts have to be filled with sweetness."

Ma Dong said: "you are wrong. There are many bitter people in your heart who can be filled with a trace of sweetness."

I have seen such a video before:

A man drags his luggage alone on the street of Chengdu at two o'clock in the morning.

A slow-moving taxi follows the man slowly.

this is the third time that the car owner has met this man tonight, and his intuition tells him that something difficult may have happened to this man.

he drove up to the man and said to him:

"come on, I'll take you. I see you've been gone all night, free of charge."

after getting on the bus, the man told him that he had come to Chengdu to earn money to pay his daughter's tuition.

it never occurred to me that I didn't find a suitable job, I spent all my money, and the fare for going home was a problem.

after listening to the man's story, the driver wanted to drive the man home.

but considering that the driver wants to make money, the passenger asks the driver to send himself home and drive the man home by himself.

the passengers on the way remembered that the company was recruiting workers, so they introduced the job to the man.

enthusiastic drivers, kind passengers, and their careless actions have solved the man's biggest problem at the moment.

Gong Na, a post-1995 girl in Sichuan, needs to be hospitalized because she is ill and cannot continue to rent a house.

after hearing the news, the landlord not only did not ask her to pay compensation, but also sent her a red packet to give her good treatment.

although she was exhausted by the pain, the landlord's encouragement suddenly gave her the strength to overcome the disease.


@ Rachelsays-cool

once shared his own story:

"after my mother died at the age of 12, I often used my small mobile phone to text or call my mother's number, even though it was empty.

he replied, come on, baby, mom is watching you in the sky. "

in the comment section of NetEase Yun's "I really want to Love this World", there is a comment:

"sometimes I feel sad and dying, but one day, I was inadvertently helped by passers-by, and suddenly I wanted to love the world."

I believe that from Lu Dawson, many people can see their own shadow.

work is not going well, emotional frustration, family pressure. Life can casually force people into a corner where there is no way out.

but at the same time, there will also be some warmth in this world, which will become our weapon against life.

this warmth, perhaps in the pouring rain, suddenly received an umbrella handed over by others.

this warmth may be a greeting from a stranger after work late at night.

this warmth, or maybe just a smile, a blessing.

I have seen such a question on Zhihu: "Why is it that the kindness of strangers is more likely to warm people's hearts?"


@ Tu Jiaxin


"because we have never paid them, the kindness they give is like a sudden gift.

there is no expectation and no disappointment, so when we receive such kindness, we will feel warmer. "

No matter how hard the armor is, there is a lonely and weak soul. No matter how calm the face is, there are countless pains and bitterness hidden.

and kindness and encouragement are undoubtedly the best comfort to people.

believe that everyone is born to change the world.

so please keep the light in your heart, because you never know who will get out of the darkness.

Please keep your kindness, because you never know who will use your kindness to get out of despair.

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# Save Deer Dawson #


although Deer Dawson has left us, more "Deer Dawson" are still struggling in similar difficulties.

they may be your colleagues around me.

they may be you and my children.

, the dead are dead, and the living are like this.

May all parents love their children so that similar tragedies will not happen again.

May you and I not be stingy with our own kindness and strive to be the light that supports others out of the darkness.