Heaven does not cross people, people need to cross on their own!
Heaven does not cross people, people need to cross on their own!
The whole life, all in the crossing.

in the ancient Greek myth King Oedipus, there is a riddle of the Sphinx.

the Sphinx is a Sphinx monster that sends a riddle to passers-by:

"what walks on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs at night?"

if passers-by guess wrong, they will be eaten. However, Oedipus guessed the answer was "people", and the Sphinx was ashamed to jump off a cliff and die.

this riddle depicts life's childhood, youth, and old age incisively and vividly.

if you think about it, it's true.

people's life is a process of crawling, walking and supporting by themselves.

whether you are at the bottom of your life or have climbed to the top of your life, no one can go through it all for you.

ups and downs in the sea, ups and downs of joys and sorrows, no one's life is immutable, the more you go down, the more you can burst out the determination to climb upward.

instead of waiting for the day to come, it is better to build a raft and be your own "ferryman".



there are four types of people in the world:

the first category is self-interest, the second category is not self-interest, the third category is neither self-interest nor others, and the fourth category is both self-interest and self-interest.

and the highest state of being a man is to benefit others and self-interest, which is what we often call "crossing people".

many people only know not to do things that benefit themselves at the expense of others, but few people understand that doing good deeds has an echo.

the reward may be a little long, but it will show up to you one day.

A child picked up a coin to buy a snack. The clerk took it and found that the money was fake and refused to sell it to him.

the child was so anxious that he burst into tears. Just as a soldier passed by and asked why, he took out a dollar and exchanged it with him.

the child smiled through tears, bought snacks and bounced home, and the soldiers soon went to the front.

A bullet was fired one day, and the soldier felt a shock in his chest, but he was not hurt.

he touched his chest, took the fake coin out of his pocket and found that it was sunken in the middle-it was the fake coin that saved his life.

Zeng Guofan said: "A gentleman can do his best in personnel, regardless of destiny, and destiny is in personnel."

A person can not have the Bodhisattva's heart of "hoping that sentient beings will be free from suffering and not seeking peace for themselves". At least he can think of benefiting others from the point of view of self-interest.

is also a long spoon, some people scoop the food to the person sitting opposite, so everyone can eat the food, while others desperately send food to their mouths, but the spoon is too long for no one to eat.

most of the time, "crossing" is just a tool. When you help others, you are actually helping yourself.

lighting a lamp for the blind seems superfluous, but it is convenient for themselves. If passers-by can see you, they won't bump into you.

Flaunt your unique sense of richness with our white knee length dresses. Nowhere else you will find such a superb choices of collections.

the road of life will never go smoothly. What you want to have, you should pay accordingly.

when you silently ferry for others, you will also meet a person who will ferry you.

the so-called auspicious people have their own appearance, that is, people with a good heart have God's help and protection.



many gains and losses, successes and failures in life are often attributed to one word: fear.

I am afraid that what I have will be lost, that there will be no more, that I will usher in a low ebb after the peak, and that I will not be able to get up if I fall down, so I will hold back all my life in fear.

in fact, the most difficult practice in one's life is to cultivate the mind.

the heart is like a container, which is much happier, and life will have innumerable beauty. On the contrary, if you pretend to be troubled, you can only torture yourself in painful memories.

what can completely save oneself lies in that heart, follow your own heart when you are born, and free your heart when you die.

there is a story that goes like this:

the disciple asked, "Master, you often talk about the heart to us. Where is the heart?"

"in our bodies." The eminent monk said.

"the light of the sun, the light of the moon, the light of the stars, the light of the lamp and the light of fire are all blocked out by our bodies. Isn't the heart in our bodies dark?" The disciple asked.

"Light can come from outside our body or grow in our body."

there are thousands of lights in the world, not as many as one in the heart.

if the heart is in full bloom, the thought of the wind is jittery and the flowers are blooming.

Life is full of adversity, like a lotus meeting with mud, but this is not a bad thing, but the wrath of heaven. The key lies in whether your heart faces it with a smile or a cry.

Life is like a journey, Zhou Sheng bait, some people come and go freely, naturally some people never return.

in fact, the bait is never dangerous, it is there will not take the initiative to hurt you, only can not resist the temptation to swallow the bait, that is dangerous.

the Buddha said: all dharma is to cross all hearts.

the way to cross the heart is not to cling to feelings, to refuse to be greedy for the five desires, not to be tired of the world, and not to be afraid of life and death.

when people reach a certain age, they should keep a normal heart, neither rejoice for having nor cry for loss.

raise your hand to brush off the dust in your heart and letThe days also quieted down.

one day, no matter how sad the story is, you can tell it with a straight face, and then smile and shake your head.


cross yourself

only when a person knows himself clearly and perfects himself, can he cross the people around him and his confused self.

come across such a story:

Zen Master Foyin and Su Dongpo were walking together in the suburbs. On the way, they saw a stone statue of Guanyin. Foyin immediately closed his hands to worship Guanyin.

Su Dongpo is quite puzzled by this situation:

"Quan Yin was originally the object of worship for mortals. Why does he have a rosary on his hands like ours?" Who is Guanyin reading? "

Buddha Yin Zen Master: "recite Guanyin Bodhisattva."

"Why is this?"

"he knows better than we do that it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself."

awakens the dreamer.

Life is your own, no matter how good others are, it is only a benchmark for yourself.

if you live on others, you can't live your true self after all.

whether one can achieve success or not, in addition to the favor of heaven, what is more important is to rely on one's own efforts.

although it rains heavily, it does not moisten the grass without roots; although the Tao is wide, it only travels to those who are predestined.

everyone will encounter all kinds of problems more or less in his life, but it is impossible to count on others to help. Only if you have an umbrella in your hand, will you not be afraid of being caught in the rain.

Wang Xizhi was not talented, but relied on diligence and persistence, and finally became a generation of "book saints".

Ouyang Xiu's family is young and poor, and he still does not give up the opportunity for self-growth, leaving behind many well-known works for later generations.

the mountain is so high that you can never climb it if you don't climb it. What kind of scenery you want to harvest is mainly up to you.

self-ferry people have Tiandu, people do not cross by themselves, and the sky is difficult to protect.

I like what Sanmao said very much:

"what is the heart like? it is like thousands of miles away, and there is no boat to cross. Apart from self-crossing, there is nothing others can do to help. "

Life is a road, there are many hurdles on the road, one step forward is a trap, one step back is a cliff, but God will not have mercy on anyone, you have the courage to save yourself, you have a chance to succeed.

Life is spent all my life.

if the sky does not cross the people, then the people will cross by themselves!

Ferry, is a big belly tolerant open-minded, is a kind of bearing; is from the heart to let go, is to learn to let go, but also to take care of the maturity, is optimistic.

those who cross others win the hearts of the people; those who cross their hearts get peace of mind; those who cross their own lives live in peace.

on the way of life, no one can protect you from the wind and rain. Only yourself is the eave of your shelter from the rain!