How do koalas climb trees? Like a monkey.
How do koalas climb trees? Like a monkey.
It's just a slow version.

Last week's lovely research video: koalas climbing trees.

this video is from a study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, where three Australian researchers observed and quantified the way koalas moved at the Queensland Zoo. They found that, despite their distant kinship, koalas climb in patterns similar to those of primates, while they move more like other marsupials on the ground (but they are actually reluctant to move on the ground).

when climbing, koalas always make sure that the opposite "hands" and "feet" are in contact with the branches at the same time, while taking longer, slower steps to further ensure that they do not lose their balance. This climbing gait pattern is relatively stable, while it is rare in animals other than primates.

although the climbing movements are similar to those of apes, koalas are not so agile, and their maximum climbing speed is only 0.7 meters per second.

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Video Source: Dean Hale and Joshua Gaschk/New Scientist

Research Source: