How good is it to be with someone who responds to everything?
How good is it to be with someone who responds to everything?
Life is short, meet him, only sweet long.



see a short story on Weibo:

the girl saw an advertisement in the corridor with the slogan: "Solar maintenance".

below someone answered with a pen: "the moon can be changed."

the girl thought this sentence was lovely, so she shared it with the boys around her. Unexpectedly, the boy replied to her soon:

"the stars do not flash and return and exchange".

in this life, people will talk a lot and do a lot of things, but it is not easy to meet someone who responds to everything and has a reason for everything.

such a person, he knows your strange strange, but also willing to accompany you can be lovely and loving.

as the lyrics say:

"he was the only answer on the walkie-talkie that had been silent for years."


she was eating, and so was my father.

while my mother was talking to me, she asked my father to bring her something.

"Soy sauce is on the counter. Hold it for me."

"I'm coming."

"this dish seems a little light."

"put more salt next time."

"Gee, I seem to have forgotten to feed Lao Huang."

"you eat, I'll go."

Lao Huang is our family dog.

my father just got back from the soy sauce and didn't sit down, so he turned to serve rice to Lao Huang again.

across the screen, I looked at the daily interaction between my parents and felt a burst of envy.

maybe this is the best state of a relationship.

respond to every word you say;

there are reasons for every thing you say.

even if you talk about daily chatter and trivialities of life, saying and doing every day 365 days a year, there are two completely different states and feelings between someone responding and no one responding.

when someone responds to you, what you say is not nonsense and what you do is not trivial.

No one responds to you. Whatever you say and do, it's like an one-man show.

what's even more sad is that your hero is right in front of you.

he was supposed to perform with you, but he turned a blind eye to it.


in the movie Beijing meets Seattle, Jiao Ye is with Daniel, and many people are puzzled.

especially Jiao Ye's grandfather, was so angry by her that he was hospitalized.

but she was duty-bound to choose Daniel.

Jiao Ye said, "he may not take me to the yacht for French food, but he can run a few blocks for me every morning to buy my favorite soybean milk Youtiao."

people who really love you know you all the time.

and then quietly bring what you want in front of you.

responding to you in everything is a form of love for you.

in a letter to her daughter, Venus said:

when my daughter grows up, I will tell her that if a man loves you to squeeze the bus, complains that you don't eat on time, always reminds you to drink less and hurt your health, tells you to be safe when you get home from work on cloudy and rainy days, and sends funny text messages to coax you when you are sick. Please ignore him.

then talk to the one who can drive you, accompany you when you get sick, take you to dinner, pick you up after work, and say to you, "stop working and come home with me." The people are together.

We are all too old to listen to love.

everyone will say love words, but it is better to say ten thousand than to do a thousand.

in feelings, the expression of actions is always more practical than the expression of words.

it's a real, visible love.

in the variety show "Happiness Trio", Chen Yihan said something that impressed me very much.

she said, "my husband is the kind of person who gets up at three o'clock in the morning to pour water for me without complaining."

it must be someone who instinctively loves you to respond to your needs at three o'clock in the morning.

in today's world, everyone is very busy.

We are so busy with life and work that we even want to make a quick decision in love.

only those who really love you will be willing to take time out of their busy schedule to respond to you.

the person who really loves you, no matter how busy he is, he will always be free for you.

the time he takes out is not only companionship, but also the love that takes you to the top of his heart.


when he sees your Wechat in the middle of the shower, he will hastily wipe his hands and reply to you.

in the middle of speaking, he will tell you where he has gone and come back.

if you say you want to go to the cinema tomorrow, he will buy the movie ticket tonight.

you say you want to eat hot pot next week, so he will book a seat to take you this weekend.

such people are the treasure of the world and the light of life.

in front of such a person, I can put away my disguised strength and feel at ease to be a little girl acting cute and coquettish.

if my daughter asks me in the future, why did she marry her father in the first place?

I will tell her proudly, because my father is very kind to me, only to me.

he explained everything to me, explained everything, and responded to everything.

when I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, he will press me and pour me water himself.

my belly in the middle of the nightWhen Zi was hungry, he said, "what are you eating so late?" then he put on his clothes and ran downstairs to buy me food.

he listened to every word, thought and request I said, kept it in mind, and realized it for me one by one.

Life is short. When you meet him, there is nothing left but sweetness.

for the rest of my life, I hope everyone will meet someone who takes you seriously.

two people in a room, three meals and four seasons.

there are responses to big and small things.



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