If a man can't give you these things, it won't do you any good.
If a man can't give you these things, it won't do you any good.
Life is hard. May you meet the man who gives you a lot of sweetness.

people can not live without the "three people", that is, relatives, friends and lovers, and the most important thing is to find the right lover.

for women, the right person is like spring all the year round, and the wrong person is spring like the four seasons.

just as Zhu Yaoxie said:

"in love, women may be strong or cowardly. She either loves others or accepts the love of others. Once she falls in love, she will willingly obey even if she is ordered to drill into the fire. "

silly girl, you have to remember that if a man can't give you these things, it won't be good for you.



when I was in college, what I remember most was my roommate Lao Qian.

when graduation was approaching, there was something wrong with the old Qian's girlfriend's graduation thesis, and the whole person fell into anxiety.

Old Qian goes to his girlfriend's school to accompany her every day, and when he comes back in the evening, he will speak to his girlfriend and tell her jokes.

after coaxing his girlfriend to sleep, Lao Qian began to revise his thesis and resume.

his roommate asked him why he made himself so tired. My girlfriend didn't ask the old money to accompany her.

Old Qian said, "she's under a lot of pressure. I'm afraid she can't stand it if I don't stay with her." I have a good arrangement now, and I can rest assured. "

in June, Lao Qian and his girlfriend both graduated smoothly, and it wasn't long before we received an invitation to the wedding banquet.

at the wedding, the host asked the girl, when did she decide to marry the old money?

my girlfriend looked at the old Qian affectionately and said, "when he accompanies me to revise my paper every day."

later, although the two were busy at work, they made an appointment to have midnight snacks every day and watch movies together on weekends.

at classmate reunions, Lao Qian always points to his stomach and shows off: "this is not meat, this is happiness."

We nodded and responded: "Yes, it's all raised minute by minute."

it is said on the Internet that the happier the relationship is, the more likely it is to get fat. This is called Happiness Fat.

imagine that you can eat delicious food happily with the person you like, cure all fatigue with delicious food, and be willing to be fat again.

who can refuse such "getting fat"?

in fact, "giving time" does not require the other person to be by his side all the time, but he is always there when he really needs it.

companionship is the most lasting confession, which is more precious than any sweet words and vows.

meet the man who is willing to spend time and effort to accompany you and support you, so marry him.


be frank

there is a hot question on Zhihu: "does love need to be honest?"

one of the netizens replied:

I hope my shortcomings are what I told her, and my strengths are what she found.

instead of me playing the perfect lover, she found her flaws at dinner and shouted, "you liar!"

if love is a mansion with trust as its foundation, honesty is the bottom brick.

I thought so deeply that I couldn't help thinking of the sketch "fighting" I had seen before.

generously quarreled with his wife and quarreled with him.

my friend Da Cong came to fight with his fiancee, but accidentally knocked out the generous hiding of private money.

the generous wife was very angry. Da Cong quickly changed the subject and said, "the most important thing between husband and wife is honesty. You see, I am very honest."

then, Da Cong foolishly told his fiancee three things that he had not told his fiancee before but was now "honest".

although this is only a sketch, it reveals the true meaning of marriage.

if husband and wife cannot be honest with each other, once a trap is missed in front of outsiders, it will really become "lively".

honesty does not mean abandoning privacy, but that you want to give the other person a full sense of security.

the man who really loves you will clearly reveal what's on his mind, and will refuse all the ambiguity around him.

they don't care about such an extremely private thing as looking at their mobile phone.

A girl once left me a message backstage telling me that her husband would record both their fingerprints at the first moment of changing a new mobile phone.

although she doesn't like to flip through her husband's cell phone, she feels a kind of trust and acceptance from it.

in fact, whether a man is honest or not can be known by looking at his attitude towards mobile phones.

some men will throw out their mobile phones and say, "take it."

and some men will put up spikes, grab the phone and hide the moment you touch it.

there is a joke that the best way to wake up a man pretending to sleep is to say, "I see your phone."

A man who is willing to show you his mobile phone is really worth trusting for the rest of his life.

if you encounter it, please cherish it.


rely on

recently, the variety show "how do you look so good" has sparked an upsurge of discussion among netizens.

in one of the programs, the husband wants to ask the "good watch group" to transform his wife.

the husband's distress is that the originally knowledgeable and talkative wife has devoted all her energies to the children since she gave birth, becoming no longer fond of dressing up and unwilling to spend more time with herself.Communicate.

he hopes that through transformation, his wife can become confident and beautiful again, know how to love her children, but also love herself well.

when the good looking Group found his wife, all the members were shocked that the wife was a mother of quadruplets!

my wife complains that she also loves beauty, but with four children, she has no time to dress up, and it has become an extravagant hope to eat and sleep normally every day.

when she was so busy, her husband was unconscious and didn't know how to lend a hand.

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then, the host asked her what she most wanted to hear from her husband, and the wife's answer was a little sad: "I hope so-- let me do it."

that's what many girls hope for marriage, but most husbands don't understand their wives' hearts at all.

wives would rather hear a warm and down-to-earth "leave me here" than flashy "I love you", romantic roses and well-prepared meals.

A truly mature man will never let his wife fall into the pessimism and despair of "nanny wife, widowed parenting, widowed marriage", tired and depressed all day long.

they will appreciate their wife's hard work, share the complicated housework, and put the sentence "I love you" into the trivial details of cooking, washing clothes, taking care of the children and cleaning the housework.

Girls, at any time, you should remember that you deserve to be treated gently by the years and spoiled like a princess.


if you love someone deeply, you will give everything to each other.

as ilem wrote in the lyrics:

"if you are sensitive, I am soft; if you are soft, I am strong." No matter how ordinary I am, I will make you shinier. "

Life is hard. May you meet the man who gives you a lot of sweetness.

May you find the most beautiful moonlight of your own in the three thousand world.

A lifetime is when you take an oath.