If one day, I stop posting on moments.
If one day, I stop posting on moments.
Real life never exists in moments.

before you know it, moments have become the main battlefield of life.

if you don't send it, it's like you haven't done it at all.

but when many people talk about it, a considerable number of people begin to disappear from the moments.


there are more curiosity and less understanding in moments

watching "every Day up" not long ago, Wang Yibo, the host of the program, was asked: do you want to post overtime on moments?

then he said something extremely poignant:

"I used to be a trainee. I often practiced dancing until three or four o'clock in the morning. I would post a circle of friends in the middle of the night to say that I was tired, or chat with people. I gradually found that my behavior at that time was so childish. Who cares whether you are tired or not? "

although these words are heart-piercing, they are reality.

when we were young, whenever something happened, we would send it to our moments all over the world, asking for attention and comfort. Sometimes, even four or five can be sent out a day. But as I get older, I gradually understand:

there are some things that don't need to be told to the world, and some emotions don't have to be cut open for others to see.

living in this world, who doesn't work hard for his own side of the world. The hardship of work, the pressure of life, the frustration of feelings. All kinds of troubles often caught us by surprise.

but except for a few people who love you, how many people will really care about your joys and sorrows.

you send delicious food, and some people say you show off;

you make a trip, and some people say you show off;

you are in trouble, and people say you are moaning without illness.

there is a fire in everyone's heart, but the people at the intersection only see the smoke.

if you place your uneasiness, confusion and loneliness on your moments, hoping that those developments can fill the hole in your heart, then I'm sorry, your life will only go to a mess.

I believe that we have all experienced such a period and look forward to the concern and recognition of others.

but as Mark Bauer Lane said:

one of the signs of maturity is to understand that 99% of what happens to you every day means nothing to others.

instead of wasting time expressing your emotions, it's better to solve the problem in a down-to-earth manner.


Real life, not in moments

I have a friend who posts moments every time is a big project.

because first of all, she has to consider whether this picture is good-looking, whether the legs are thin, whether the filter is too much, and then the sea has to struggle with what special words …...

wait until everything is settled and successfully sent, and then unconsciously turn on your phone frequently to check likes and comments.

over time, I have long forgotten the real life.

moments is like a business card, everyone wants to show their best.

I saw a video earlier, in which there are some ironic clips.

there is a boy who drives 30 kilometers to the hillside in the suburbs every morning in order to take a selfie there and post it on a social platform to show that he is an athlete.

Our long sleeves evening dresses are defined by fine fabric and lasting pulchritude. Here are the absolute best choice to make you shine!

the same office white-collar worker shared photos of his neat and orderly desk.

but how could anyone who saw the picture think that the seemingly beautiful photo was just a corner of her messy desktop.

delicacy is just an illusion.

in fact, we don't have to prove to anyone that we are doing well. Your life is more important than anything else.

but in real life, many people are used to living in moments.

they use fitness, travel and refinement as indicators to show off. At the same time, what they lose is the ability to live seriously.

and those false perfect people are of no use except to deceive themselves.

because real life won't act with you.

after you go to the gym to take a selfie, if you don't run or exercise, you won't have a vest line either.

if you clock in every day and don't take the article seriously into your heart, you still won't make any progress.

Real life never exists in moments.

unpolished life, like flowers in the mirror and the moon in the water, cannot stand the slightest test.


True happiness does not need to show off through moments

there is a saying that I have always liked:

"We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

when one really gets rid of the shackles of friends, it is the beginning of maturity.

some time ago, I was chatting with a good friend.

inadvertently flipped through her moments, and then unexpectedly found that her movements actually stopped half a year ago. You know, she used to wind up in a couple of days.

I was so curious that I couldn't help asking: what have you been doing lately? why don't you post on moments?

after hearing my question, she smiled:

I used to be bored. That's why I posted so much.No, it's not.

recently I fell in love, and then I still have a graduation thesis to write. There are important things to do, there are people around to listen to any distress, feel that there is nothing to send, do not send it.

words are brimming with full and self-sufficient happiness.

many people will think that people who do not post on moments are experiencing a bad life, and there are no wonderful moments to share.

this is not the case.

maybe they have found the focus of their lives and worked hard for it.

so, if one day I stop posting on moments, it's not because I'm having a bad time, but because I don't need to post moments to prove my happiness.

because at that time, my happiness was shared, my pain was shared, and my life was full and bright.

of course, it is everyone's freedom to post on moments.

you can record your life, pour out your feelings, and share the flowers and trees of your life here, but you need to be careful not to give the initiative of happiness to others.

Don't expect to heal the hole in your heart with other people's attention;

Don't be eager to prove your existence with likes and comments;

Don't try to whitewash the real life by using fake photos.

after all, life is your own, not a perfect "exhibit" in the eyes of others.

in the days to come, I hope we can spend more time with ourselves, talk to our hearts, and lead a steaming life.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.