If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.
If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.
May you walk with people who are motivated and full of positive energy for the rest of your life.


there is a saying: "if nothing happens, we don't know who is near and who is far away; if a person is not good, I don't know who is strong and who is weak."

the heart is separated by the belly, and time is the best answer. If you don't go through one thing, you don't know anyone.

time will see the hearts of the people, but time will see the character

there is a sentence in Keigo Higano's White Night Walk: "there are two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at, one is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

some people seem to be friendly and sincere, but when they are in the most difficult time, they find that the other person is just hypocritical.

if you give everything for your friend, you may not get any sincerity.

my friend Jingjing wants to buy a car recently, but she still needs 20,000 yuan, so she wants to borrow money from her friend.

she thought of her good friend Xiaoqing. They have known each other since college and are still in touch.

once she lent tens of thousands of yuan to Xiaoqing to help her tide over the difficulties of starting a business, but now Xiaoqing's company has developed steadily and has a considerable income, so Jingjing thinks that borrowing money from her will be a success.

so she called Xiaoqing. At first, she talked about everyday things. Later, when she mentioned borrowing money, Xiaoqing strangely changed her tone:

"my company needs a lot of money these days, and I can't bring it up all of a sudden. Why don't you borrow it from someone else. "

at this time, Jingjing feels like a hot face and a cold ass, and her heart is cold.

time will see the hearts of the people, but time will see the character.

Don't overestimate yourself or expect too much of anyone.

you may attach great importance to a relationship and give your heart to the other person, but the other person may just regard you as an ordinary friend.

you may think he will help you at some point, but the other person may find it troublesome.

on the road of wind and rain, not everyone is willing to be in the same boat with you.

some people, just to be with you for a while, then turn around and leave.

stay away from those who consume you

there is a respondent on Zhihu who tells the story of his past meeting a friend who likes to take advantage of petty gains.

this friend of hers always likes to put money in her underwear, but there was no mobile payment function at that time.

every time friends get together for dinner, when it comes to checkout, the friend will say to them:

"my money is in my bra. It's hard to take it out. Please pay for it for me first."

but every time a friend kindly pays for her, there is nothing to follow, and she will not return the money to her friend.

this girl has done this thing of taking advantage of others no less than 10 times.

once, when everyone went to drink milk tea together, this friend used the same routine and asked someone else to pay for her.

but this time the respondent couldn't stand it any longer and said, "I only have enough money to pay for myself."

and the friend said directly, "then I won't eat."

but the people in the milk tea shop said silently, "it's already been done. You didn't say it earlier!"

there are always some people who like to take advantage of their friends in life and consume their sincerity.

after a long time, people around her become more or less influenced by her and become negative.

I remember that Su Qin once said: you don't have to invite everyone into your life.

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Life is short, and it's wise to stay away from those who consume you.

it's really important to choose fellow travelers

Sanmao once wrote:

"the most beautiful relationship between friends is the icing on the cake.

is the most valuable, sending charcoal in the snow;

the best of friends, such as good tea, light but not astringent, fragrance but not to the nostrils, slowly floating, like a long stream. "

what kind of friend you choose is what kind of life and what kind of life you choose.

A female doctor from Tsinghua University, who is also a self-media blogger, tells the story of her past friends in a video.

she used to have a group of very close friends, but her grades were very poor at that time and she liked to play with these friends every day.

during the entrance examination, she began to be nervous about her studies, so she studied hard.

and her grades made obvious progress during that period, and the teacher often praised her.

but at this time, her friends stopped playing with her, and at the same time, they abetted the girls in the class to isolate her.

she was so worried and afraid that she decisively chose friendship between her friendship and her studies. She joined the team of skipping classes and continued to play with these friends.

in the video, she said she regretted it because she no longer had any contact with her friends.

and she later counterattacked into high achiever and was admitted to Tsinghua University. In addition to her own efforts, she also had something to do with her best friend at that time.

because the other party is a very diligent and kind-hearted girl, but this girl's face was burned by an accident, at the beginning, she was also afraid and felt that the girl's face was a little scary.

but with the deepening of the relationship, they became best friends. They studied together, went to make up lessons, and had a goal together, and finally she counterattacked and became the first in the whole school.

at the end of the video, the blogger lamented: this girl has a great influence on her life.

she said, "Friends that are really worth making will not let you choose between friendship and study, because learningKarma is your common future, and it can be a goal for both of you, or even a group of people, rather than hindering each other. "

it's really important to choose fellow travelers. When you are with hard-working people, you will naturally fall in love with hard work; with positive and optimistic people, you will imperceptibly become positive.

A bad relationship consumes you, while a good one nourishes you.

choosing to be with the person who nourishes you is to make yourself beautiful, excellent, and grow up on the sunny side rather than the dark side.

, for the rest of your life, may you walk with people who are motivated and full of positive energy, go through the ways of the world, go through the ups and downs of the years, and keep your original intention and bright smile!