If you have a bad state of mind, you are a weak person.
If you have a bad state of mind, you are a weak person.
People live in the world, live is the mood, live is the state of mind.


everything is born from the heart

there is a classic dialogue between Su Shi and monk Buddha Yin.

one day, when the two were traveling together, Su Dongpo said to Foyin, "in the eyes of the master, what am I?"

Buddha Yin said, "in the eyes of a poor monk, the donor is the golden body of my Buddha Tathagata."

Su Shi laughed and said to Foyin, "from my point of view, the master is a pile of cow dung."

Buddha Yin unconsciously suffered a dumb loss, but did not see anger.

Su Shi showed off this matter to Su Xiaomei when he got home.

but Su Xiaomei revealed the secret: "there is Buddha in Buddha's heart, and everything you see is Buddha; there is dung in your heart, and everything you see is cow shit." You are obviously inferior! "

when he saw it, he couldn't help smiling, and Su Shi, a great talent, would jump into the hole he had dug.

as the old saying goes: all things are born of the heart! The heart does not move, everything does not move, the heart does not change, everything remains the same.

We are often entangled and haunted by many mundane things, and we can't get rid of them for a long time.

in fact, what really binds you is your own heart.

there is happiness in the heart, happiness in everything you see; trouble in the heart, trouble in everything you see.

in life, many people, many things, in fact, it is not worth us to struggle.

keep a good state of mind, smile and be immortal.


A good state of mind is a spiritual practice in life

We often say that there is no worry in clear water, all because of spontaneity, no regrets of fallen leaves, and all because of emptiness of heart.

Life is a spiritual practice. If your mind is not calm, you will be confused, and if you are confused, you will be fascinated.

Let go of your obsession, and you will welcome the good day of the night to enjoy the moon and the autumn to face the wind.

Lin Qingxuan suffered from being lovelorn when he was young, he could not sleep and eat comfortably, and the whole person was in poor condition.

the Zen master told him, "people, they need practice."

Lin Qingxuan asked, "how to practice?"

the Zen master replied, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

Lin Ching-Xuan asked, "can eating and sleeping be regarded as practice?"

the Zen master replied, "it is also eating and sleeping. Mortals look left and right when they eat, smack their lips and smack their tongues, and sleep with thousands of thoughts, reversing day and night." Spiritual practitioners eat when they eat, sleep when they sleep, and have nothing else to read. "

"how can you eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy?"

"it is better to ask for others than to ask for yourself, and it is better to ask for your heart than to ask for yourself!" The Zen master said, "if the mind is calm, every day is a good day and every night is a clear night, there is nothing to confuse us."

Lin Qingxuan was suddenly enlightened.

it is hard to say that life is not an arduous journey, but every word, deed and action is actually spiritual practice.

We should not rejoice only for the blooming flowers and bright sun, nor should we mourn for the falling flowers and haze.

the so-called spiritual practice is to practice a heart, a mind that does things calmly and is not sad or happy.

only when your heart is calm, can you keep your mind calm and empty when you have nothing to do.

someone asked the eminent monk if he had the power to move a mountain.

the eminent monk replied, "if the mountain doesn't come, I used to be."

youdao is: things change with the heart, and the state is created by the heart.

there is no wood in this world that cannot be chopped, only an unpleasant axe, nothing impassable, and only a knot that cannot be undone.

the end of the world is too far, and life is too long.

live every day in the world of mortals with a spiritual heart.


your mindset determines your life

some people say:

"people live with a mindset, and if your mindset is adjusted, no matter how big the difficulties are, they won't scare you; if you don't have a good mentality, even the smallest difficulties will become a gap you can't cross."

Destiny will give back to you in the same way what kind of attitude you take towards fate.

have seen such a story:

when the two brothers grew up, they each went out with 1000 yuan distributed by their father.

when he came home for the Spring Festival, his younger brother happily took out a passbook: he earned 10,000 yuan. My brother's account is less than 30 yuan.

it turns out that my younger brother is running around, selling rabbit hair with others and finding the right market, while my brother is working for others and learning farming skills.

When you buy our modest formal dresses, you are on the right way to look cool and trendy. Dive in and enjoy the best shopping experience ever.

another Spring Festival, my brother's passbook is less than 5000 yuan, while the younger brother's figure is seven times that of his elder brother.

Father said, "No matter how much you earn or how little you earn, I think you have made great progress, and I am relieved."

three years later, my brother, relying on his experience of studying abroad in the past few years, went back to his hometown to engage in farming, which had a great influence in the local area.

and my younger brother has been in the market for many years, making money and losing money from time to time, and has been frustrated many times.

when the elder brother invited his younger brother to come to his company as a sales manager, the younger brother agreed.

when they had dinner with their father, they talked about their experiences over the years. The father said, "it seems that farming depends on heaven, and doing business depends on luck."

Brother shakes his head:

"in fact, what is more important is the state of mind. I always rely on accumulation, while my brother always wants to break out. Accumulation for a long time may lead to outbreaks, while outbreaks for a long time may lead to collapse. "

only thick product can make a thin hair, and only a great change in quantity can cause a qualitative leap.

in the meantime, you just need to do what you have to do with an indifferent state of mind, and give the rest to time.

when the famous director Cameron is nearly 30 years old, he still achieves nothing and is still running for food and clothing every day.

when he began to try to adjust his mindset and devote himself to being a director, he achieved his first success, and the Terminator became his masterpiece.

this is the way life is, no matter whether it is good or bad, sad or happy, we must go on with our heart.

use the mood of watching to look at all the gifts of life: a full moon is a poem, a lack of a moon is a painting.

as the English poet Byron said, "A pessimist lives a dead life, but an optimist lives forever."

people have too many things to do in this life. Only by having a good state of mind and living a relaxed life, life will become more and more comfortable.


adjust your mindset and laugh at life

there is a western proverb: "Don't worry, don't get angry, don't use a sphygmomanometer."

there is also an old saying in China: "there are thousands of Guangsha, sleeping no more than seven feet, ten thousand hectares of fertile land, and no more than three meals a day."

everyone's life experience is different, some people cry, some laugh, some people are down, and some people are beautiful.

and mindset plays a vital role in a person.

keep the most optimistic attitude, there will be endless possibilities and hopes in life.

learn to put your troubles behind

A spoonful of salt, poured into a cup of water, is very salty. A spoonful of salt, poured into a lake, very light.

worry is like salt, whether it is salty or light, mainly depends on the size of the heart.

only when you have a broad heart can you gain sincerity, and the road of life will be unimpeded.

less care, life is easier

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

the more you care about life, the more painful it is, and the more you care about it, the less fun you have; if you look down on everything, your heart will be happier.

only those who know how to ignore them can enjoy the freedom and ease of life.

Don't complain, you win

complaining is like bad breath. We notice it when it comes out of someone else's mouth, but we turn a deaf ear to it when it comes from our own mouth.

living in the world, there will always be people who don't like it and things that don't go well. If you complain about addiction, it's hard to be happy.

as the saying goes: those who know their fate do not blame heaven, and those who know themselves do not blame others.

it is better to run in happiness than to walk in complaint.

those who do not complain can see themselves, heaven and earth, and sentient beings.

A good state of mind, everything is fine

in fact, everyone is happy, but your happiness is often in the eyes of others.

the biggest regret in life is not to miss the best, but not to see your wealth.

people live in the world, living is the mood, living is the state of mind.

learn to prune the branches of life, know how to tolerate and let go, the day is smooth, life will naturally be complete.

May you have a good state of mind for the rest of your life. After the vicissitudes of the world, you will still come back with fresh clothes and angry horses.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.


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