In a good marriage, you must talk about money.
In a good marriage, you must talk about money.
If a man doesn't even want to spend money for you, you must stay away from him!


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shared the story he had witnessed.

he said that not long ago, a couple came to the department of otolaryngology.

the girl's throat was stuck by a fishbone, so she came to see a doctor with her boyfriend.

it was no big deal, but the boy's performance was amazing.

ever since he entered the hospital, he kept asking, "are you sure there is a fishbone?" Why don't we go back and get it ourselves? "

the girl is just aggrieved: "I don't know if I get stuck with a fishbone?"

the doctor made a laryngoscope for the girl and found that it was a deeply stuck fish bone. It took the boss a lot of effort to take it out.

but when the registration fee was to be charged, the boy was not happy again: "does it cost 100 yuan at this point?" Is it more expensive than our grilled fish? "

, he kept complaining about the girl's behavior. The girl finally couldn't help breaking out:

"if you didn't have to eat barbecued fish at a discount, I would have eaten Japanese food."

the two nearly quarreled in the hospital. From the beginning to the end, the boy didn't even say a word of concern.

this can't help but make people sigh.

We might as well do the math:

this is still before marriage, he is even reluctant to give you 100 yuan for medical treatment. What about when you get married?

you will spend your whole life in this never-ending black hole.

by then, you will lose not only money, but also long-term happiness.

isn't such a marriage like this fishbone stuck in the throat?

the so-called lump in the throat is that you can't swallow it, and you can't spit it out.

Love is priceless, money is priceless.

Love is a more illusory thing, but money is its yardstick.

I dare not say whether the person who is willing to spend money for you really loves you. I only dare to say that the man who is not willing to spend money for you will not love you.

so give up when you meet a man who is not willing to spend money for you.

not only can he not give you love, but he will carve up your bread.


I have seen an issue of "Defense of Marriage" before, in which there is also a stingy man.

how stingy is it?

Women want to introduce men to their girlfriends, thinking that the two of them will treat them and bring them out for dinner.

it was this hundred yuan or so meal money that made the man lose his face. before the meal was finished, he left without even settling the bill.

I have to say: what is the use of such a man when he is married?

No wonder the host Tu Lei complained bluntly:

"in the process of falling in love, men have been calculating the cost and want to use the minimum cost in exchange for the woman's greatest emotion."

this is the least worthy behavior for a woman.

thinking of the hot topic on Weibo a year ago, it was called: "how much would he pay for you before he would consider getting married?"

it seems tacky, but it is very approachable.

before marriage, we can be full of love and water, but after marriage, we poor couples feel even more sad.

there are many such marriages in life:

the man spends a lot of money on his own, but he is reluctant to give small gifts on the anniversary.

once the woman spends a little over budget, she often loses her temper and makes a scene at home.


A marriage without money as a foundation is like a house without a foundation, which will collapse immediately after wind, rain and hail.

although we don't want to, we still have to admit:

A good marriage must talk about money.

I was impressed by Huo Siyan's words.

she said, "du Jiang will never say in front of me that you spend my money. Because he knows that the word'my money'is wrong. "

the marriage between them is sweeter than their first love.

goodbye kiss every time you go out, and always think about each other's situation when you are busy;

when filmed by the media, he is always holding hands and sometimes whispering.

even if Huo Siyan is away, du Jiang always keeps her in mind and never does anything out of line.


in the Romantic Journey of his wife, du Jiang even said emotionally:

"everyone says that she is a little princess, likes to buy clothes and spends money, and Jiao Didi loves to act coquettish. But in fact, she is a very strong and powerful woman. "

are beyond words and are the envy of others.

I have to say that a marriage that only considers money is absurd, and a marriage that does not consider money is stupid.

Love is a journey from romance to firewood, rice, oil and salt, without trivial change and bank account figures.

if a man is willing to use his hard-earned income as expenses for his wife, then he must be really emotional.

and the money he spends for you is not only a material guarantee, but also a sense of security that is difficult for others to give, reminding you that he loves you all the time.


have seen it beforeA Toronto survey is about the relationship between partners and money.

the results are very interesting.

for both men and women, conflicts about money are among the top three reasons for quarrels with their spouses.

money is a double-edged sword. It is handled well, the family is harmonious, it is not handled well, and people turn upside down.

most of the time, marriage begins with love as happiness and ends with life as a broken end.

those couples who live happily in life must be willing to spend money for each other.

remember the classic story Maggie's Gift?

the husband has three generations of ancestral gold watches and the wife has beautiful hair that everyone envies.

although the final gift has lost its original value to them.

but it is this mindset that is willing to spend money for each other that makes the love between them particularly noble.

Zhang ailing once said:

"I am glad to spend his money. Spending his money is not because of women's greed. "

most of the time, women care about money not because they worship money or anything else, but because it is a temptation to love.

find out whether he loves you or not, and how much you weigh in his heart.

and Uncle is here to give you advice:

if a man doesn't even want to spend money for you, stay away from him!


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Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.