In the second half of life, we can't avoid these three truths.
In the second half of life, we can't avoid these three truths.
Smile and wave goodbye in order to meet the vast sky.

you talk about the Biography of Su Dongpo

an uncle

people will encounter all kinds of problems all their lives, such as

friends who used to talk about everything end up drifting away;

persistent dreams are consumed in the trivialities of life;

the pressure from all sides caught me by surprise.

in fact, Su Shi also encountered these problems more than a thousand years ago.

want to know how he dealt with it?

Today, I read a book column every week. What my uncle wants to introduce to you is Lin Yutang's

Biography of Su Dongpo

, let's walk into Su Shi's legendary life and feel his extreme openness and optimism.


there is no satisfactory life, only an open life

"Don't listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest"

on March 7, there was rain in Shahu Road.

the rain gear went first, and all the colleagues were embarrassed. I was unaware of it, and it was sunny. I pretended to be this word.

Don't listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest, why not sing and walk slowly.

Bamboo stick and awn shoes are better than horses, who is afraid?

A misty rain will last a lifetime.

it is expected that the spring breeze will wake up slightly cold, but the oblique light at the top of the mountain will welcome you.

looking back on the bleak place and going back, there is no wind, rain or sunshine.

those who are always against themselves are doomed to live unhappily.

when people reach a certain age, they should slowly accept the fact that they are ordinary people and understand that there are many things in this world that we cannot control, let alone change.

if you try and try your best, you don't have to worry about it.

if you blatantly criticize yourself for what you want to achieve and force yourself non-stop, you will only make yourself physically and mentally exhausted.

when Su Shi was demoted to Huizhou, he lived in Jiayou Temple.

one day, he plans to go to the Pine Wind Pavilion on the nearby mountain.

because of my old age, I felt very tired after a long journey.

but I still want to wait until I get to the pavilion.

you can look up and see that Songfeng Pavilion is still far away from him, and you can only see a corner of the pavilion from the top of the tree.

he muttered to himself, "

how can we get there after such a long journey? "

after a while, he thought:

"what am I doing?

Why do you have to climb?

Why can't I dust myself and stop here to have a rest? "

after thinking about this, he said he was like a fish off the hook and was immediately relieved.

even if you are in a dilemma, you can handle it calmly.

when you enter the second half of life, you must first learn to accept.

accept loss, accept failure, accept that you are not omnipotent.

even if the acceptance is difficult to swallow, but can not bear the time, choose to let yourself go.

as Lin Qingxuan once said:

No one can get a hundred points in real life.

work will not be 100 points, marriage will not be 100 points, interpersonal relationships will not be 100 points. Imperfection and incompleteness are the normality of life.

and truly mature people will shake hands with the outside world, make peace with themselves, and live every day and every moment with ease.

once in the world, but in a hurry for more than 30,000 days, why always embarrass yourself.


No matter how difficult the days are, you should learn to make yourself happy

"A fasting litchi in Huizhou"

04:00 spring under Luofu Mountain, Lu tangerine and bayberry are the new ones.

eat 300 lychees a day and grow up to be from Lingnan.

the more difficult the day is, the more you should know how to make yourself happy. Only in this way can life make you happy.

Su Shi went up and down and wandered all his life.

it is hard to imagine the sorrow among them. if ordinary people are afraid of feeling sorry for themselves, they will keep crying to everyone.

but Su Shi is very good at entertaining himself in a difficult life.

in his late twenties, Su Shi was demoted to Huizhou, Lingnan.

Huizhou is a place with remote terrain and miasma, and the living environment is very bad.

his friends wrote to comfort him, but he didn't care much and wrote a poem in response:

eat 300 lychees a day and grow up to be from Lingnan.

I am willing to live here as long as I can eat fresh lychees.

in his letter to his younger brother, he also shared his delicious experience with great interest.

Huizhou is poor in materials, and only one sheep is killed on the market every day.

he couldn't afford mutton, so he bought some unwanted lamb spines, cooked them, poured wine, sprinkled with salt, and baked them on the fire.

he was so overjoyed that he had to eat once every three or five days and found it very helpful.

but "if you say yes, all the dogs will be unhappy"-if you roast lamb tenderloin in this way, the dog will not be very happy because the meat has been shaved.

comes, don't forget to tease the dog.

during the conversation, I did not complain that I could not afford to buy meat or how difficult life was. My heart was full of pride in enjoying good food.

it is because of this self-satisfied heart that he is able to live a good life in the wilderness.

I thinkIn this life, who can go smoothly from the beginning to the end.

those who are sleepy and those who are not good, since there is no way to escape, it is better to learn to adjust yourself and make yourself happy first.

just like Wang Zengqi said--

No matter where you go, you have to find yourself some fun, think of something, and always look sad. What are you doing?


the rare thing in the second half of life is to let go

"Farewell to Dong Chuanliu"

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in his career in rough cloth, he is full of poetry and books.

I am tired of cooking bottle-gourd leaves with an old Confucian scholar and stepping on the locust flowers with my son.

if you have nothing in your pocket, you will not be looking for sex horses, but you will choose your son-in-law's car when you walk around.

complacency is still worth boasting about the world, and the new wet words of Zhao Huang are like crows.

We have all had a scarred relationship in our lives.

even if it has been a long time, it is still difficult to get out completely.

but holding on to the pain of the past will only make you live like a trash picker.

over time, the accumulation of more and more things in the heart, people will become more and more unhappy.

and letting go is not an escape, not helplessness, but the courage to ignore.