Infinite candle: the classic play of semi-transparent and semi-reflective ​​​​
Infinite candle: the classic play of semi-transparent and semi-reflective ​​​​
There is no bottom.

yesterday I took out a small piece of semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirror and simply played with this.

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if you are placed between two mirrors that are parallel to each other, you can see a mirror that seems to "extend infinitely", and if you replace one of the mirrors with a semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirror, then the effect of seemingly infinite extension can be seen from the front through the lens. Of course, for semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirrors, if you want to reflect well, you also need to emit brighter light from the objects placed between the mirror, usually with candles or small light bulbs.

the above is a relatively crude version of the demonstration, using the same principle can also make exquisite version of the decoration, looks very bottomless feeling. This kind of thing should also be sold as a finished product, but because it is really useless and is not recommended to buy.

in addition, if you look at the shape of this mirror, you may be able to guess what I took apart, which is the following pyramid-shaped stereoscopic projection device