It is comfortable to get along, and it is warm without words.
It is comfortable to get along, and it is warm without words.
It is beautiful to be with people who are comfortable with each other and stand without talking.

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Poet Gu Cheng said:

the wind is bearing its leaves, the grass is bearing its seeds,

when we stand silent, we

it's beautiful.

when I get to a certain age, I find that I am not tired of getting along with each other and how rare it is to be with each other for a long time.

this poem shows the best between people: get along comfortably with each other, and keep warm without words.

get along comfortably with the same frequency

there is a saying in the seclusion of the Little window: it is better to meet at first than never to get tired of it.

We will meet a lot of people in our life. at first, we talk to each other very much, but it is too late to meet each other, but in the end, the relationship slowly fades away, and very few people can keep in touch with each other.

all relationships fade, in the final analysis, because of different frequencies.

the Book of changes says: "one voice corresponds to each other, and we ask for it in the same phase."

means: the same sound can resonate, and the same smell will blend with each other. The same kind of things feel each other, people with the same frequency will never get tired of it.

the so-called frequency is the same, but the understanding and understanding between friends; the appreciation and tolerance between husband and wife.

people with the same frequency know how to listen rather than argue.

people with the same frequency understand your implication, understand your mountains and rivers, and respect you differently from mine.

being with such a person is like tasting a good cup of tea. The more you get to the back, the more you feel fragrant lips and teeth, and your physical and mental well-being.

No matter how many years have passed, we will not get tired of each other, and we are still very comfortable with each other.

Richard Yates says in "Eleven kinds of Solitude":

"I think the so-called loneliness is the person you face, whose emotions are not at the same frequency as your own emotions."

getting along with two people is like two FM radios. If you can never tune that frequency, you will never hear my heart.

true bosom friend, the frequency is the same, the three values are the same, not too much words, not too much flattery, have their own leisurely piano sound, deep into each other's hearts.

only when we meet a person with whom our soul can resonate, our lives are finally no longer lonely.

Life is very expensive, please leave time to people who are comfortable with each other.

get along well with each other

many people have this experience:

the closer you have a relationship with someone, the more likely you are to have friction and conflicts with them, but it is not as easy to communicate with people you meet for the first time.

Family members and couples often complain about each other. Why?

This can actually be explained by the hedgehog rule in psychology (also known as psychological distance effect).

in the cold winter, the two hedgehogs have to rely on each other to keep warm. At first, because the distance is too close, their thorns make each other bloody.

later, they adjusted their posture and drew a proper distance from each other, which not only kept each other warm, but also protected each other well.

this is a very old story, the moral of which is to warn us:

people are actually like hedgehogs that keep warm to each other. When you get along with each other, you should learn to keep a distance. Only a proper distance can make people happy.

as the old saying goes, "distance produces beauty".

to maintain a sense of distance, set physical or psychological distance, not emotional distance.

there is no scenery in familiar places.

distance between relatives is respect;

the distance between lovers is beautiful;

distance between friends is love;

the distance between colleagues is friendly;

distance between strangers is politeness.

the highest state of communication:

close to each other, sparse and close; harmonious but different, beauty and beauty share.

get along comfortably, but also warm without words

if the heart knows each other, there is a tacit understanding without words.

the older you get, the more you feel that it is better to chat with people than to stay quietly with a bosom friend.

you have a tacit understanding that you know what each other is thinking with one look, and you don't have to rack your brains to find a topic and think about what to say to make the atmosphere less awkward.

True friends don't belittle what you're proud of, don't stop what you really like, or attack what you were born with.

even the occasional silence is just right, you know what I want to say, I know what you mean.

get along with each other comfortably, but also warm without words.

after the difficult times, I realized that there are too many things in life that are difficult to be humane to the outside world.

understand the importance of listening more than expression.

writer Su Qin once said:

"stay with whoever you are comfortable with, including friends, and stay away when you are tired."

those who can enter my heart will be treated as kings, and those who do not enter my heart will disdain to be perfunctory. "

what is comfort?

is the sympathy between Boya and his "high mountains and flowing waters meet bosom friends";

it is Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya's mutual trust that "parents who give birth to me, Bao Shuya who knows me" trust each other.

what's more, Guan Ning and Hua Xin cut the chaos with the sharp knife of "birds of a feather flock together."

as the saying goes: those who know me say I am worried; those who do not know me say what I want.

it is beautiful to be with people who are comfortable with each other and stand silent.