It is rare to be confused when you are alive
It is rare to be confused when you are alive
If you can afford everything, you can let it go.


be confused in dealing with the world

Grandpa was a famous teacher in the village when he was young.

when relatives in the family encounter problems, they always like to ask Grandpa to take care of the gatekeeper, from the sale of land and the distribution of property to children's marriage and work chores.

the warm-hearted foreign guild carefully helped them sort out their problems and look for solutions.

but as he gets older, Grandpa needs a lot of time to cultivate his body every time he solves a problem.

later, Grandpa had a serious illness, he was not as energetic as he used to be, and he no longer did everything for his relatives, and there were always some mistakes. The grievances of the relatives are growing.

Grandpa blames himself very much and often suffers from insomnia and sighs in the middle of the night.

Grandpa was puzzled: "Why is it all my fault?"

Grandma was angry and distressed and said, "who are you to blame?" How clever you are! "

after the age of 70, Grandpa gradually lost his hearing. The relatives came again to ask Grandpa for help, and Grandpa pointed to his ears and kept waving his hands.

finally, when the relatives came again, they were just visiting.

I put it in my grandfather's ear and asked him, "Why not use a hearing aid?" I can't hear the sound in this way, and I get confused slowly! "

Grandpa said, "good, good!"

Grandma smiled and said to me, "just let him be confused. How tired he is to be smart!"

now Grandpa smiles every day, can eat and sleep, no longer worry about family affairs, and his body is much stronger than before.

being too smart is a burden, so it's better to be a confused person and pretend to be stupid once in a while and live a chic life.


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Friends, confused

as the old saying goes, "when the water is clear, there is no fish, and when people observe, there is no apprentice."

if a man is too shrewd, he will never find friends again.

when he was in college, there was a young man who was so unpopular that his roommates didn't want to communicate with him much.

when asked why, his roommate said, "I don't understand. If you stay with him for a long time, you will understand."

usually eat, drink and play, the rule of our dormitory is to take turns to pay, A students buy wine, B students buy snacks.

when we had a weekend dinner, we checked out after the meal, and the boss paid the bill, and then we did the average calculation and transferred our share to the boss.

the classmate gave a few yuan less and explained that the wine he bought was more expensive than the snacks everyone bought, and the extra money was deducted from the meal money.

with that, we were all stupefied. For a long time, the boss laughed and said, "Sorry, I forgot about snacks and wine."

this is the end of this, and every time after that, although we all shouted at him, we were more or less estranged.

this classmate is very clever and his mind turns faster than anyone else.

every time we get together to chat, when it comes to fun, it is inevitable to say a few "big words", other people listen to laughter, and will not take it seriously.

because of face-saving, it is not good for us to argue with him, but as time goes by, the friendship will naturally fade.

in fact, there is a scale in everyone's heart. If you are somewhat honest, you can gain some sincerity.

when you get along with others, don't be penny-pinching or too shrewd.

when everything is clear, the account is clear, and the hearts of the people are far away.


husband and wife quarrel, confused

on Weibo, you always see some couples posting screenshots of their quarrels.

the girl lost her temper and said, "it's obviously your fault."

the boy disagreed: "Why is it all my fault?" Will you be reasonable? "

the two quarreled so bitterly that no one was willing to bow their heads. As a result, it is conceivable that the relationship went to pieces.

in fact, there is so much truth in love.

the secret of their happiness in marriage is to pretend to be confused.

in an interview, the host asked Huang Lei what if two people quarreled.

Huang Lei said, "just coax her, hug, kiss, and buy what she likes until she smiles."

the host asked, "what if Sun Li is wrong?"

Huang Lei said: "I never care who is right and who is wrong."

Yes, in the life of husband and wife, if you really want to find out who is right and who is wrong, you are likely to win right and wrong and lose your relationship.

A happy family is nothing more than that you love me, I love you, tolerate and tolerate each other, and all problems will be easily solved.

live a "muddle-headed" life, and manage your life into a mellow wine in a small way.


A truly wise man often knows the true meaning of confusion better.

Confucius' Doctrine of the mean is confused; Laozi's inaction is confused; Zhuangzi's carefree is confused; Mozi's non-attack is also confused.

it is a great blessing to live a confused and simple life.

Don't cut corners when things happen, let yourself go and do things with an open-minded and optimistic heart.There will be more good luck.

when communicating with your lover, be confused, rein in your temper and be more tolerant.

when getting along with friends, be confused, be sincere and be more considerate;

when you have conflicts with strangers, be confused and comfort yourself not to take it to heart and be more patient.

stop arguing about firewood, rice, oil and salt, stop haggling over temporary gains and losses, and stop spending time on trivial things, you will surely gain more beauty.

for the rest of your life, may you laugh and say that I am confused when you encounter complicated little things.

May you have muddle-headed wisdom, don't argue, don't argue, don't care, you can afford everything and let it go.

May you become an open-minded and happy person, let everything go with the wind and let your heart be at peace.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.


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