It turns out that this is called "the Law of Conservation of Life" (depth good article)
It turns out that this is called "the Law of Conservation of Life" (depth good article)
The script of life has long been buried in your words and deeds.


there is such a law of conservation of energy in physics:

Energy is neither generated nor disappeared out of thin air, it is only transformed from one form to another.

in fact, life is also a process of conservation.

A person's happiness, achievement, luck, etc., also have internal cause and effect.

the following five "conservation laws" reveal all kinds of truths in life, which are inexhaustible to understand.

gain and loss conservation:

how much you can get depends on how much you can give up

in life, many people blindly pursue fame and wealth, want everything and are reluctant to lose anything.

in the end, I have more and more things on my back, which makes me more and more tired.

in fact, most of the time, only when you are willing to have space, you are free to let go.

I have seen such a fable.

when a fisherman was fishing, a bird of prey flew down and took a fish.

this scene was seen by a group of crows, who also wanted the fish, so they followed the birds in hot pursuit.

the bird is so tired that it is almost desperate for fear of being caught up and pecked to death.

in horror, the fish fell out of its mouth, and the crows all continued to chase where the fish had fallen.

the bird was relieved and thought, "carrying this fish always scares me, but now that I've lost this fish, I've got sense of security."

this is also the case in life, where everyone carries a heavy load with the invisible fish on his back.

only when you learn to give up something, can you get some extra happiness.

give up staying up late in order to have better energy and healthier body; reduce unnecessary socializing and spend more time with your family.

Jia Pingwa once said, "if you don't want to give up, a small house is small and a big one is big."

the world is a balance. Every time you have something, you have to pay the price for it.

every time you lose something, you will gain again because of your loss.

many times, don't be afraid to lose, please work patiently, surprises always appear when you least expect them to.

Conservation of suffering:

whatever makes you miserable will help you in the end

M á rquez said in A hundred years of Solitude:

We tend to walk in the ancient journey of life, running in the ups and downs, Nirvana in the setbacks, sorrow wrapped around the body, pain floating all over the place.

in this world, there is no kind of life that is only sweet without bitterness, and no one's life is only bitter without sweetness.

most of the time, the pain is actually here to ferry you.

have seen such a short film:

A Hua, a rural girl, has been ridiculed and bullied by her peers because she is fat.

she also feels inferior because of this, but she can't change it all the time.

her mother-in-law could not bear to see her despair, so she said to her, "there is a dry well in the mountain. It is said that whoever fills the dry well with water, the Jade Emperor will appear and help her realize a wish."

after listening to her mother-in-law, Ah Hua picked up the bucket and went to irrigate it.

in the process of carrying water, she encountered numerous troubles. She was teased, fell, and even scratched her hands and bled.

she was so miserable that she wanted to give up, but she chose to grit her teeth when she saw the bloated reflection in the bucket.

day after day, non-stop. Until one day, the dry well was filled with water.

she shouted expectantly to the sky: Jade Emperor, where are you?

there is no response in the sky.

A Hua bowed her head sadly, but at the moment, she saw the beautiful face and slim figure reflected by the well water.

Harvard high achiever Zhan Qingyun said:

"what makes the Tang monk a Tang monk is not the classics, but the way to learn them."

everyone goes through painful times, but once you get through it and look back, you will find that it was those days that made you who you are today.

you might as well be hard on yourself and accept what makes you miserable.

those who have suffered and tired will become the brightest stars in the night sky and guide you to become a better person.

Conservation of freedom:

the more you can hit yourself, the freer you will be.

in the troubled world, everyone faces all kinds of temptations.

if you lack self-control and do not know how to restrain yourself, you will easily fall into the quagmire of desire and make your life completely out of control.

such a story is recorded in Krylov's Fables.

A jockey trained a good horse and he thought it superfluous to put reins on such a horse.

the horse galloped across the field, and when it knew it was free from any bondage, it became bolder and faster.

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it threw the jockey down and sped forward regardless of speed.

as a result, he accidentally rushed down a deep valley and the horse fell to pieces.

this story tells us that freedom is not about doing whatever you want. It's not about doing whatever you want.

any freedom from constraints is a disaster.

like that runaway Mustang, it seems unrestrained, but does not know that it will face an irreparable abyss.

KangDe once said that true freedom is self-control, and self-discipline is freedom.

only those who are self-disciplined can sort out the details of life and achieve themselves through rules and restrictions.

the more self-disciplined people are, the more able they are to control their own lives and the freedom to choose their lives.

cleverness conservation:

the smarter people are, the more stupid they are.

many people think that smart people are more likely to succeed than ordinary people.

but I don't know that if you are too smart, you will be mistaken by it. If you take advantage of everything, you will only harm yourself in the end.

once read such a cartoon:

there was a group of people, each carrying a heavy cross, walking slowly and hard.

in the middle of the trip, one of them suddenly stopped.

he thought the cross was too heavy, so he got an idea and took out a knife and cut it off.

this really makes it a lot easier.

he walked a little further, and he felt that the cross on his shoulder was still heavy, so he cut off another one.

while others were struggling to carry a heavy load, he hummed a little song easily in front of him.

who would have thought, a deep and wide gully suddenly appeared in front.

the people behind slowly caught up, built a bridge with their own cross and crossed it leisurely.

he wanted to do the same, but his cross was so short that he couldn't build a bridge at all.

so, while everyone else is moving towards the goal, the person can only stop and repent.

remember that a philosopher once said:

"there are too many smart people in this world, and too few people are willing to make stupid efforts, so there are only a few people who are successful."

Life is a spiritual practice, and everyone is carrying a heavy load.

if you want to get, you must give; all opportunistic tricks end up fooling yourself.

the smarter a person is, the more he knows how to work hard and walk a long way.

they know how to dive, work hard and face their lives in a "clumsy" way.

the meal should be eaten one mouthful at a time, and the road should be taken step by step.

only by abandoning cleverness and keeping your feet on the ground can you go further.

Conservation of luck:

how kind you are, how lucky you are

there is a saying in the maxim of Shuimu:

whether it is noble, poor or humble, and being kind-hearted is the foundation of being a human being. if you focus on benefiting others, even if you don't ask for anything in return, the return will come all of a sudden.

the character and kindness you have accumulated will always bring you good luck inadvertently.

A few years ago, Yan Zhidong, a villager in his 50s, was working in the fields when he heard a girl shouting for help.

he immediately dropped his farm tools and ran away in the direction of the sound.

it turned out that three children had fallen into the river. they were fluttering and shouting as they were about to be swallowed by the river.

without saying a word, Yan Zhidong jumped into the river and finally succeeded in saving three children.

A year later, Yan Zhidong's daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.

in order to treat his daughter, he spent all his family savings and borrowed more than 200,000 yuan from relatives and friends.

when Yan Zhidong was worried about this, netizens knew what had happened to him.

his deeds of saving lives were exposed again, and countless people extended a helping hand to him.

finally, with the help of everyone, Yan Zhidong received a love donation of 300000 yuan and saved his daughter's life.

I agree with such a saying: "those who come out of love love to return, and those who come and go are blessed."

it was precisely because of the good cause that Yan Zhidong had planted before saving people that he had the good result of saving his daughter later.

people who are really kind will never lose money.

your good deeds will bring you good luck at some point in the future.

as the saying goes, "from all Buddhas, down to all sentient beings, there is cause and effect."

there are not so many accidents in the world. Everything has its cause and effect, and no one can escape.

Destiny always maintains its balance in its own way.

when we are in good times, we should know how to be grateful, continue to keep our feet on the ground and strive to become a better ourselves.

in times of adversity, we should also accept the tribulations calmly, be kind-hearted, and always keep an original heart for life.

No one's life will always be smooth, and no one will always be at a low ebb.

the script of life has long been laid in your words and deeds.

, may you be free from obstacles, magnanimous and fearless for the rest of your life, and take every step safely on the road of spiritual practice in life.