Jing (good text in depth)
Jing (good text in depth)
Quiet is also a person's best self-cultivation.

an uncle

I have heard such a story:

A carpenter sawed wood with his disciples. Without paying attention, his watch slipped into the pile of shavings on the ground.

when several disciples heard about this, they immediately came with the lights on to find a watch for master.

but because there were too many shavings on the ground, everyone was so tired and panting, but they couldn't find the watch.

the carpenter decided to let everyone have a rest first and wait until dawn.

unexpectedly, after a while, his youngest son found the watch and gave it to his father.

the carpenter was very strange: "We have not found so many adults, how did you find it?"

the child said, "when you are all gone, the yard is very quiet. I heard the sound of tick-tock and tick-tock. I followed the sound and found my watch."

Silence is a silent and powerful force.

Life in the world is like being in the middle of thorns, the heart does not move, people do not move rashly, do not hurt; if the heart moves rashly, it disturbs its body and disturbs its heart, so its eyes seem to be shrouded in fog.

as the saying goes, the more noisy the external environment is, the more pure our hearts will be.

therefore, today, my uncle would like to share this copy of Mr. Yu Qiuyu's "Lending me for a Life" with the book friends.

I hope that after you have read it, you will always have a calm and comfortable heart, not confused, not trapped in love, abandon all interference, and walk a straight road of life.


calm down to get rid of the mud of life

there is a saying: "Happiness does not fall from the sky, but grows from your heart."

towering trees do not grow up overnight, green grass, the cycle of the four seasons, endless life, the existence of every life needs to be gradual in order to get better and better.

however, there are too many people who are always filled with impatience and uneasiness.

do not realize that the more impatient they are, the more likely they are to lose themselves and eventually trap themselves in the mud of life.

in the TV series "We all want to be good", the heroine seeks to resign to become a full-time housewife after getting married.

but in her monotonous life day after day, she became more and more anxious. Even through phone calls, text messages and other ways to "brush the sense of existence" in front of the husband, trying to use these ways to confirm that he still loves himself.

in the eyes of the people around her, she is impatient and unreasonable.

but in fact, the root of these performances is that her heart is not "quiet".

when the husband asked for a divorce, he was suffering from depression because of anxiety.

"I know she thinks of me as the world, but now I don't want to be her world. I'm too tired."

after calming down, she accepted the reality and determined to get back on her feet.

it can be said that calm people can live a good life only by keeping their state of mind clear.

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A person's life is like climbing a mountain.

the lowest point of the valley is the starting point of the mountain, and the reason why many people who enter the valley can not get out is that they stop their feet and squat in the valley to worry and cry.

everything open up, see through, learn to use a peace of life, to enjoy a quiet heart, naturally can get rid of the mud of life.


calm down before you can find your true self

in life, we are often troubled by the environment.

in fact, many things are originally very simple, but we are so restless that we think about it so complicated that we are physically and mentally exhausted.

only when you calm down can you think rationally and find your true self.

there is a father who has two twin sons.

after graduating from college, the two sons came out to work and were not satisfied with their jobs.

so they found their father, hoping to get some help.

they asked, "Father, we feel squeezed, uncomfortable and unhappy in the office." What to do! "

the father was silent for a moment and said this to his two sons:

"I have never forced you to be what kind of person you have to be. Only when you calm down and think clearly about your goals can you make the right choice."

when he returned to the company, the eldest son handed in his resignation and returned to his hometown to work silently.

the youngest son, he calmed down, worked hard, and there were no more complaints.

years passed in the twinkling of an eye, and the eldest son became an agricultural expert and established a local agricultural market.

while the youngest son who stayed in the company settled down to study hard, he was gradually respected and promoted to manager.

both of them found their own goals and became the people they wanted to be.

when the father and son got together again, the father listened carefully to the two sons talking about their lives and work.

after a long time, he said with a smile:

"one can only learn to give life."Only by doing subtraction and returning peace of mind can you see through a lot of things. This is what I told you to calm down. "

the reason why many people always spend in anxiety, worry and panic is that they are subjected to too much interference and temptation from the outside world.

when you are confused, you might as well slow down and calm down and have a good mood.

when you are in the hustle and bustle, you are willing to be alone and no longer be confused by the voices of the outside world, you can hear your inner voice and find your true self.


calm down, you can have a rich life

there is such a sentence:

"the best state of life is silence, but silence is not for enjoyment, but for reaping the richness of life."

only if you have a quiet spirit that does not compete with the world, and can regard gains and losses as common as flowers blossom and fall, can you grasp the rhythm of your life.

Mr. Yu Qiuyu is such a calm, knowledgeable and wise person.

No matter how wandering life is and how disturbing the world is, there is always peace in Mr. Yu Qiuyu's heart.

he is not sociable and often stays in his room reading and writing when he is alone.

in the face of fame and wealth and the temptation of the outside world, he was afraid that once the time and space of life were squeezed, it would be difficult for him to calm down.

after resigning, he started from the northwest plateau and systematically inspected important cultural sites.

during this man's journey, he quietly put aside the troubles of worldly fame and wealth and wrote works such as "Cultural Journey", "Mountain Notes" and so on.

to him, words are like flowers in a deep courtyard, elegant and beautiful.

from the silence, find the joy in the depths of life, in the place of freedom, you can realize the true abundance of the soul.

as my husband said in the book:

"the vast desert, the surging water, is nothing strange in the world. Only when there is such a bay in the desert, such a stillness in the wind and sand, such a scene in the desolation, and such a fall after the high slope, can we get the rhythm of heaven and earth, the dexterity of nature, and make people intoxicated.


quiet is not only the most elegant posture of a person in the world, but also the best self-cultivation.

only in a quiet world can one have real joy in life and feel the vast world behind the hustle and bustle.

to the depths of stillness, you can overlook the life of fireworks.

when we can regard this calmness as the normal state of life, do not be arrogant or impatient, and calmly look at the gains and losses of honor and disgrace.

Life will become rich in the tranquillity of the day after day.

encourage each other!

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