Li Jian, 47, went on a hot search again, and his wife outside the circle was "exposed": dink 16 years, are they really happy?
Li Jian, 47, went on a hot search again, and his wife outside the circle was "exposed": dink 16 years, are they really happy?
Although it is difficult, it is the goal that we can strive for.


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in the whole entertainment industry, Li Jian is a clean stream!

he is a technical man who graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University, but he is as romantic as a poet at heart.

in the music program "singing all the way", Li Jian went on the hot search with the golden phrase "to refuse Chengdu is to refuse to live".

in the program, he plays Paul McCartney's old songs on the guitar and is known as the Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments.

he seems to have endless treasures waiting to be excavated, each of which is refreshing.

at the age of 47, he does not have the greasy feeling of a middle-aged man, and is always humorous and elegant.

even the poet Yu Xiuhua once said publicly that the best candidate for the man of his dreams was the singer Li Jian.

what kind of charm does Li Jian have to capture the hearts of a large number of women?

people with rich hobbies bring their own sense of pleasure

Zhou Guoping wrote in his book quiet:

A person should have inner richness, have his own true temperament and real interests, and have what he really likes to do.

as long as you have something you like to do, you will feel fulfilled and secure in any situation.

and Li Jian is such a person who is interested and interesting and feels rich at all times.

in 1988, Li Jian, who had just entered junior high school, was influenced by the leading actor in the film and television and musicians from Hong Kong and Taiwan. He thought that playing the guitar was "very handsome and cool", so he had a desire to own a guitar.

in order to satisfy his wish, his mother bought him a red cotton guitar with more than two months' salary.

from then on, the guitar became Li Jian's real musical enlightenment and changed his fate.

in 1993, Li Jian, a senior in high school, attended the literature and art winter camp of Tsinghua University. He was successfully sent to Tsinghua because of a song "speak from the Heart" that added 50 points to the college entrance examination.

because of the troubles of musical talents such as Gao Xiaosong and Song Ke, Tsinghua University at that time became popular in playing the piano and singing girls. Gao Xiaosong even dropped out to form a band.

but in order to reassure his parents, he did not "do his job".

after graduation, Li Jian found a job with an "iron rice bowl".

until Lu Gengxu, an alumnus, came to him and said, "do you still want to sing? do you want to sing together?"

the two people share the same interests and form the campus folk group "Shuimu years".

at that time, they became popular all over the country with only one song, "have you in my Life", and won the best golden song award.

but the good times didn't last long. In 2002, noisy and lively music was popular in the market, but he preferred to make quiet music, so he quit the group.

he has his own principles and insistence: the greatest sin in life is to make ends meet and aggrieved his own interests.

he has done this more than once to stick to his "true temperament and true interest" and not to cater to the uncompromising way of doing things.

someone once asked him the original intention of participating in "I am a singer".

he replied, "I first please myself, and then I can please others in order to satisfy my desire of self-expression."

A reporter once walked into his study and was shocked to see a whole wall of records and books.

ask him why he reads so many books.

he replied:

"the meaning of reading is probably to broaden people's horizons and have a clearer understanding of themselves, rather than arrogance."

the more books a person reads, the more he will be aware of his lack. "

as Zhang Defen said in her book "Love to the extreme is letting go":

"A person who is rich in himself is willing to spend more time and effort to make himself grow.

in the process of constantly enriching themselves, people will produce a kind of energy to enjoy themselves. "

they fully respect their hobbies and can "maximize the enjoyment of everything life gives you". Such people are naturally rich inside.

those who are rich within do not covet the temptations of the outside world

after Li Jian left the "Shuimu years" group, he also had some miserable days.

but he never felt sorry for himself, but calmly recalled: "I have a good life, the standard of living has been lowered, but food and clothing is safe."

if you are spiritually rich, you will be satisfied with food and clothing.

A person's inner belief is tested when it is low, but it is more clear when it is high.

Li Jian, who disappeared for a long time, was not known to the public until Faye Wong sang a song "Legend" at the 2010 Spring Festival Gala.

received so much attention overnight that he was at a loss as to what to do. He still hid in his own world and wrote songs quietly.

what made him popular again was his participation in "I am a singer" in 2015.

after that, all kinds of business performances and other job offers with the temptation of fame and wealth came one after another.

but he refused one by one, and even flew abroad to "stay out of the limelight" in order to write songs at ease.

Don't let fame and wealth deplete your passion for music, immerse yourself in what you like, and be strong and stable inside.

people regard him as an idol, and he reminds everyone: "it's very dangerous to be an idol. I'm not as noble as you think."

Gao Xiaosong once commented: "this group of people around us are not what they used to be. Only Li Jian is still the same Li Jian at his side."It's still Meng Xiaobei. "

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Yes, he is affectionate and single-minded in both career and love.

looking back at us, many of the most criticized bad habits of men are alcoholism, gambling, infidelity, and even other more serious crimes.

therefore, those who are lack of thought and barren inside can easily attract people and things that destroy their life energy.

in this way, he will always be chased by an inner sense of emptiness and will not stop.

but if a person is full of positive and happy thoughts, then good people and things will resonate with him and be attracted to him.

this is a cycle of constant attraction, and when you put the source of happiness into your heart, you are free and complete.

people with rich hearts can perceive the feelings of others

in a relationship, women expect feeling, while men think about purpose.

they are not good at showing their feelings. They feel that they will reduce their sense of strength and feel that they will be manipulated and domesticated.

but in fact, a man who can really open his heart, he is powerful.

he will softly open himself to welcome his partner.

although Li Jian and his wife Meng Xiaobei have no children, they "spend their whole lives on their honeymoon."

the way the two get along can be seen in Meng Xiaobei's Weibo.

Li Jian will say to his wife, "the days with you are called time, otherwise they are just meaningless blanks."

Li Jian leaned on the door to watch his wife tidy up the teahouse and asked her, "are we in this state to play an idiom?"

he replied, "stand idly by."

the address in the words, every question and answer, conceals the interest between husband and wife, but also full of affection.

she likes a poetic life, and he shares the same interests with her.

at the same time, Li Jian does not shy away from his deep feelings for others, but has an open attitude.

poet Yu Xiuhua has written four love poems to Li Jian, including "I like you, Li Jian", "you from afar", "Why do we love this ridiculous world", "I want to fall in love with you on crutches".

outsiders think she is wishful thinking, and it is also a kind of disturbance to Li Jian.

Yu Xiuhua only thinks that he likes it on his own.

but she received the video recorded for her by Li Jian on the Night talk program.

Li Jian said:

"in my opinion, Yu Xiuhua is here for poetry. I hope she will always keep writing poems in the clouds and living in the mud, which is now a word of self-encouragement.

I like her poems very much, and I look forward to her future poems, which will always be organic, self-consciously growing from the land and full of vitality. "

A paragraph is full of kindness and respect, making Yu Xiuhua feel seen, warm and not out of line. Very commendable!

in our lives, many marriages go wrong because men are relatively rational and lack the ability to be empathetic and considerate.

do you remember Su Min, the 56-year-old self-driving aunt who became popular before?

she went through decades of suffocating marriage before she decided to start a self-driving trip.

her husband is selfish. When he first got married, he would give his wife living expenses, but later, except for raising children at his own expense, he suspected that all the others were AA, and even worked as a shopkeeper in housework.

Su Min is not only restricted financially, but also mentally picky by her husband.

whether the meal is not delicious or the child is not well taken care of, she will be scolded as if she is not even breathing correctly.

later, Su Min became popular on the Internet, and her husband only thought she was hypocritical about her online complaints.

you spend all your own money on raising children, so why don't you do your duty as a husband?

We used to think that men would be good husbands as long as they could support their families and had no bad habits.

but now, more men are expected to see that women now pay more attention to their partners' spiritual nourishment.

what people need in an intimate relationship is not only money, but also physical, emotional and spiritual levels, which all need to be echoed and synchronized.

how to become an intrinsically rich person?

you are lucky to meet someone who can provide you with material and spiritual nourishment, but it is more important to become such a person first.

Zhang Defen said: "if you are a person who constantly practices himself and is introverted and introverted, you are also gradually expanding your inner space and have more room to accommodate the other person and give him the soul nourishment he needs."

how to become an inner rich person?

develop interests and hobbies and enrich your spiritual world

people who have no hobbies and specialties are easy to put their emotional needs on others and ask them to comfort you and please you all the time.

but everyone can have some long-term and positive hobbies in which you can get real enjoyment and enjoy yourself at any time.

when Aunt Su Min walked north and south, saw a lot of scenery, made a lot of friends, and her life changed dramatically, how her husband became less important to her.

when the relationship is in pain, learn to be self-fulfilling

there are too many situations in life that can make people feel painful, such as lack of money,Lovelorn, divorce, etc.

what you need to learn is the ability to feel happy no matter what the circumstances.

when you feel that having no money will make you miserable, you learn to let your mind be happy when you have no money.

this transition is really not easy, and you need the help of many healing methods to allow you to create the starting price of your own life.

but the advantage of this is that the true happiness and freedom within you will never be taken away by anyone or anything.

although it is difficult, it is a goal that we can strive for.