Life is not simple, try to live as simple as possible (deep good text)
Life is not simple, try to live as simple as possible (deep good text)
You might as well lay down the burden and move on easily.


not disturbed by vulgar things

there is a joke.

the young man asked the Zen master, "how can a master answer questions all day long and pass through sentient beings? how can he not be disturbed by common things and practice meditatively?"

the Zen master smiled and said, "I turn off my phone before I go to bed every night."

I can't help smiling after reading it.

if you think about it, it is true.

the world is changing with each passing day, and many people are anxious about their lives, and it is easy to worry about gains and losses when they encounter problems.

but as Walden says: "most of the goods people pursue, most of the so-called comfort of life, are unnecessary."

but the happiness of life is more than just financial satisfaction.

A man is fishing by the river. every time he catches it, he measures it with a ruler, and as long as it is bigger than the ruler, he puts it back into the river.

when others were puzzled, he said, "the pot in my house is only so long that it is too big for fish."

We often say "put it down". But if you say it easily, you may not be able to do it.

material needs are often endless, while "enough is good" is an open-minded state of mind.

Yan Hui's family is very poor, living in a very dilapidated alley with a cage of rice and a ladle of cold water every day. Most people can't stand this kind of poverty, but Yan Hui can live in poverty and deal with it calmly.

Confucius praised him: "Xian Zai, Hui Ye!"

Yan Hui's happiness comes not from living conditions, but from inner and spiritual prosperity. It is precisely because there are people who are happy enough in Yizhong that they do not know whether the body of the mouth is like a human being.

one table and two chairs are spacious and bright; three meals and four seasons are as simple as usual.

if you can get some good books and a few cups of warm tea, it is like the icing on the cake.

less sundries, less worries; less material pursuits, more spiritual pursuits.

sometimes, too much pursuit is not necessarily suitable for you.

you can't go along with what you want. If you already have it, you'll be happy.

so, learn not to pursue possessions too much, learn to part with each other, and learn to make life simple.

you will find that a happy life is not difficult.


Don't be disturbed by others

there are all kinds of flavors in life and all kinds of things in the world.

in life, there are many people who can't get used to it, and they all encounter bad things.

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but the day is your own, and never let the dissatisfaction of the outside world affect your mood.

an old man often goes to the nearby store to buy a newspaper. The waiters there always look so arrogant that they don't even have basic manners.

the friend said to the old man, the waiter here is not polite at all. Why don't you buy it somewhere else?

the old man replied with a smile:

"in order to be angry with him, I have to go around one more time, waste time and only add trouble. Besides, bad manners are his problem. Why should I change my mood because of him?"

people live, there is no need to look at other people's eyes and act, each into his own eyes, unworthy people, why care too much?

there is only one life, and trying to be yourself is the most important thing.

like the words in a book very much:

live at your age and look at the scenery around you. Whether you are happy or happy, you can experience it by yourself; whether you are confused or anxious, you have to endure it by yourself.

Don't go to other people's lives and tell them what to do, and they won't be easily affected.

in this life, if you are obsessed with other people's eyes and care about other people's opinions, you will only make your life more tied up.

everything is big and small, and no one is perfect, so why care, why care?

Don't be influenced by others, and don't care about anyone's opinion.

think about the bright side of life, the mood will be very happy.


Don't be disturbed by Mo Shu

A blind man, a deaf man and two discerning people came to the head of the iron cable bridge, and the four men grabbed the iron cable one by one and marched through the air.

what's the result?

the blind and deaf crossed the bridge, one with good ears and eyes crossed the bridge, and the other fell into the abyss and lost his life.

is it possible that people with good ears and eyes are not as good as the blind and deaf?

Yes! His weakness stems from his cleverness of ears and eyes.

the blind man said, "I can't see. I don't know the danger of mountains and bridges. I climb calmly."

the deaf said, "I can't hear, I don't hear the roar under my feet, and my fear is relatively reduced."

the man who had crossed the bridge said, "what does dangerous peak have to do with me when I cross my bridge?" What does the torrent have to do with me? Just pay attention to a firm foothold. "

most of the time, what hinders our progress is not the visible danger, but the inexplicable fear.

these fears are like a small stone on the road of life. If you think too much, the stone will gradually become bigger and more.

the road of life is getting narrower and narrower, which is often the result of one's own cocoon.

just like the farmer in the story, growing wheat is worried that it will not rain, and growing cotton is worried about insect pests, and it is precisely because of his worries that he finds that there is no harvest until the autumn harvest.

as the saying goes, "there is nothing in the world."

where do so many things go well in life? Most troubles are made out of nothing.

you should know that life is not an idea, but a "life". Only by doing it can you gain something.

adjust your mindset well, complex problems will become very simple, and troubles will not be dispelled.


Thoreau said:

"when you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; loneliness will not be lonely, poverty will not be poor, nor weakness."

there is nothing in life that cannot be let go: material things will not hold up all of you; friends will not make you never lonely; and the journey of life will not be smooth because of "thinking".

the so-called life is not simple, mostly because worry too much, worry too much, will be disturbed by annoyance.

think of Tao Yuanming who picks wild flowers by the fence and gives up secular troubles before he can "inadvertently see Nanshan".

if you don't worry about life, you will "get back to nature".

in the countryside far away from the hustle and bustle, we can sing "Lefu's destiny to answer ridicule".

one's spirit is limited, and only by making a subtraction to life can one realize the essence of it.

the more you grasp, the easier it is to crush yourself; the tighter you grasp, the easier it is to bind yourself.

it is better to lay down the burden and move on easily.

on the rough road, go on happily.