Make happiness a habit for the rest of your life
Make happiness a habit for the rest of your life
Happy people are like the sun, wherever they go.

two days ago, I saw Mai posted an ugly selfie in moments. She, with long black hair, was making faces against a watermelon head.

asked her what was going on, she said that when she was free, she learned to cook at home and accidentally burned a handful of hair when she lit the fire.

she just wants to trim her hair, trim it back and forth, cut it shorter and shorter, and finally make this "watermelon head".

look at the way she laughs and ask her, "are you so happy that your favorite long hair is gone?"

Wheat wondered: "Why am I not happy?" Don't you think I'm much younger! "

cannot be refuted.

whenever I chat with wheat, I will find that no matter what happens, she will accept it with a smile and deal with it happily.

she said that it all seemed to have become a habit, and she could think of no reason to worry.

if you think about it, it is true.

time waits for no man, happiness is a day, and so is worry.

it is better to make happiness a habit and spend every day happily.


Don't ask for it when something happens, but happiness will come

have seen a TED video.

Sam was born with progeria, and the aging process of his body is many times that of normal people. In his teens, he already looks like an old man in his seventies and eighties.

he likes the military drum, but the illness makes it impossible for him to pick up the 18-kilogram drum.

instead of bothering him, he picked up the gadget and made a small toy army drum and beat it every day.

someone asked him, "how do you stay happy?"

he said, "if you don't force something, you can be happy."

I couldn't run, so I chose to read; if I couldn't ride the roller coaster, I went to listen to music.

over time, you will find that although you are seriously ill, there is so much you can do. What else is there to be unhappy about?

as the saying goes, "sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time."

if you insist on everything, your horizons will be narrow, and your heart will not be wide, so you will not be happy.

think about your life as a student.

sometimes, candidates with 98 points are not as happy as those with 60 points. He was obsessed with the mistake of 2 points, annoyed, blamed himself, and worried all day long that he would make the same mistake in the next exam. If you are not careful, your state of mind is out of balance, and your grades will drop a lot.

in this way, there is no happiness to be found.

there is a destiny in life.

when there is more anxiety, there is less comfort; with more sorrow, there is no place for happiness.

Happiness is like sand, filling the beach of life.

persistence is like grabbing sand. The more you grasp, the more you leak; the tighter you grasp, the faster you flow.

it is better to spread out your hands and hold them at will. All are happy.


change the angle, look for happiness

A blogger on Weibo posted a black hole picture and asked, "what do you think it looks like?"

the comments below are varied.

some people say it's like a hole, others say it's like a chocolate doughnut.

that's the difference between happy and unhappy.

I remember hearing such a story when I was a child.

there is an old woman in the town who is unhappy every day.

the youngest daughter's umbrella cannot be sold on a sunny day; on a cloudy day, the eldest daughter's shoes cannot be sold.

the old woman worries about her two daughters day after day.

later, a young man came to town and was very puzzled when he learned about it.

he said to the old woman, "Why worry? On sunny days, the eldest daughter sells more shoes, while on cloudy days, the younger daughter's umbrellas sell well. Isn't that happy? "

when the old woman heard this, she really did so, so she smiled like a smile every day.

most of the unhappiness comes from not thinking about it.

when you feel "desperate", try to turn your head and look at things in a different direction.

the direction has changed, the road has changed, and the new scenery has come.

at that time, you will inadvertently find that life is full of surprises.

A cloudy day is a sign of a rainbow, a cliff is a reflection of the sunrise, and mud is a coat of beauty.

Happiness and unhappiness are really only between one thought.

if you think about it, you will be happy; if you can't, you will be sad.

learn to think from multiple angles in order to gain more happiness. Only when you look back on the past will you find that happiness has already become a habit.

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convey happiness, get happiness

there is a story about a Jewish elder who broke the "must rest" rule and secretly played golf on the Sabbath.

the angel saw the thing, which he thought no one would find out, so the angel asked God to punish him, and God agreed.

the angel followed the elder all the way, and when he saw the elder hit the hole in one shot every time, he went to question God why he had not been punished.

God said, "his superb skill should have made him happy, but he couldn't find anyone to share. Now he must be full of chagrin." So that's it.It was my punishment for him. "

as the saying goes, "if happiness cannot be shared together, then what else can make us happy?"

sometimes, what makes people happy is not the jokes, but the process of telling jokes.

when I was in college, my brothers in the dormitory often got together to tell jokes.

often as soon as the joke begins, the speaker can't help laughing, and the rest laugh one after another.

it was not easy to stop laughing and began to complain to each other: "what are you laughing at?"

and explained to each other: "I see you laugh, I laugh."

at this point, jokes are no longer important, but everyone thinks it is a happy day.

like that popular video on the Internet.

the video is long, but there is no substance, only different people laugh in front of the camera.

different timbre and different range transmit the same sound.

people who watch the video say: "obviously it's boring, but I giggle with my cell phone."

being a happy messenger and passing on laughter and laughter may be the happiest thing.


Happiness is actually very simple

Xiao S asked Big Zhang Wei in a program, "what do you do when you are unhappy?"

Big Zhang Wei said: "when I'm unhappy, I fake a smile and keep it for 15 seconds. It's really happy. It's very simple!"

people often have many reasons to be sad, but ignore that happiness is so simple that there is no reason.

ate a full melon seed, drank a glass of sweet milk, or a friend who had not been in touch for a long time suddenly made a phone call and sprouted his own small potatoes.

these little things make people feel happy.

there is a saying: "Happy people are like the sun. They shine wherever they go."

try to make happiness a habit and fill the whole journey of life with happiness.

in this way, even if the journey is long and tortuous, what is it?