Marriage can be unfortunate, and women must be rich.
Marriage can be unfortunate, and women must be rich.
Money is the basis for a woman to settle down.


recently, I was deeply touched by a plot in the hit TV series "perfect relationship".

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Stella, played by Chen Shu, is a strong woman whom everyone envies, making money to support her family.

however, behind the splendor, her marriage is not as smooth as her career.

Stella's husband, Cui Junjun, is a veritable soft rice man who relies on her business to maintain his job. Although he is obedient to her on the surface, he hides his mind behind her back:

not only steal her money to drive her car, to raise another woman, but also steal her designer bag and give it to that so-called third party.

instead of being out of her mind, crying and hanging three times, she ended the marriage vigorously in her own way, which can be said to be quite reassuring.

and in addition to relieving qi, we can also think deeply: why did she have the courage to end the marriage?

I have to say that this is inseparable from her strong financial ability.

can make such a decisive decision is because she knows:

she has money, so she can't live on the street;

she has money, so she can't be helpless; she has money, so she may be happier than before when she lives alone.

I often hear people ask, "is it great to have money?" I think her story just proves: "if you have money, you are great."

Marriage can be unfortunate, and women must be rich. Because money is the basis for a woman to settle down.

and this is exactly what many people lack in life.

you must have seen or heard similar stories:

some people, who have been repeatedly subjected to domestic violence, dare not apply for divorce for fear that they will not be able to live on their own.

some people, knowing full well that each other is bad, can't let it go because they can't afford to pay the rent because of divorce.

some people, living on thin ice in marriage, can't help doing what they want to do because they don't have the ability to earn their own money.


I would like to ask: if they had money, Ann would have suffered such misfortune?

I have always agreed with one sentence:

if you don't want to suffer the hardships of making money, you will certainly eat the hardships of life.

this is marriage



maybe I always thought I had enough to drink when I was young, but I didn't know until I grew up that it was not the same thing at all.

the elder sister and brother-in-law of relatives used to be a glued little couple.

the two met in college and had a long time of romance. Because she believed in her brother-in-law's love, after getting married, my sister volunteered to quit her good job and concentrate on her husband and child education at home.

however, everything is not as beautiful as she thought.

because she has to pay off her mortgage and car loan, the family is under unprecedented financial pressure, and her brother-in-law has become more and more irritable, turning a blind eye to all her daily expenses.

once, the two had a big quarrel over a $200 dress, and her brother-in-law scolded her unscrupulously:

"if you can't earn a penny, you'll know how to lose the family all day long!"

my sister felt aggrieved, but she had no way to refute it.

I often hear such a saying in life: a woman, just marry a good husband, so why fight?

but countless gory facts warn us:

relying on other people's money, people are always under the eaves. They have to bow their heads and rely on their own money so that you can build your own Garden of Eden and break out your own world.

I remember watching the "rebellious Middle-aged" speech in the past, and one of the guests was Liu Mintao.

she mentioned a past event:

one year, she and her ex-husband went on a trip to Qingshui Temple in Japan.

because of the rain on the way, they took refuge by the side of the road. By the slippery slate road, there was a small ice cream shop.

she wanted a matcha ice cream very much, but her husband turned her down mercilessly.

later, matcha ice cream became her obsession.

she gave up the marriage and made a lot of money by her own efforts.

many years later, on a trip to Japan, she made a special trip to Qingshui Temple and bought the same matcha ice cream to taste slowly.

to her, it was the smell of freedom.

Why do women still have to work hard to make money when they are so tired?

I think the answer is simple:

relying on the mountains will fall, and everyone can run, only the balance in the bank card really belongs to you.

it can keep your dignity, so that you do not have to rely on people's breath, even in marriage, still have the strength to live happily.

and this is something that nothing else can give you.


the comparison between Luo Zijun and Tang Jing in the first half of my Life was shocking enough.

they also encounter upheaval in their lives:

one, who was suddenly divorced by her husband and lost his life overnight;

one was suddenly chosen by her fiance.Hand, the thought of love only left a ruins.

however, before the crumbling mansion, the two people behave very differently.

Luo Zijun is like being hit by life. Because she has suddenly lost her source of livelihood, as a housewife, she has to start from scratch, and the whole person seems lonely.

what about Tang Jing? Even in the face of equal pain, she still has her own job and money, so she can calmly answer:

"the ring looks good. I can buy it myself."

No wonder Luo Zijun's mother laughed at herself and said, "if Zijun were as capable as you, I wouldn't worry about her divorce ten times."

if you think about it, that's the difference between rich women and poor women.

if you have money, even if the sky falls, you can still use money to support yourself.

if you have no money, even the slightest thing will shake the earth and make you vulnerable.

so why do I persuade women in marriage to make money on their own?

because money, for women, is not only the responsibility to support the family, but also a full sense of security.

with money, you have the courage to speak loudly when husband and wife quarrel;

with money, you have the capital to never admit defeat when your parents are sick.

with money, you have the confidence to move forward when you want to do something.

it is not easy for everyone to live in this world.

I only want you to be a woman who can make money on her own, worthy of her heart and not confused in love!


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