"marry someone who can talk nonsense."
"marry someone who can talk nonsense."
If you really like it, you will never be too talkative.

some people say that bad love makes people crazy, and good love makes people stupid.

the best love turns people into children.

it is said that you are not tired of getting along, and you never get tired of being with each other for a long time.

the secret is not that someone understands what you mean, but that someone understands what you want to say.

Happiness is probably finding someone who is willing to listen to your nonsense.

people who don't love you feel superfluous in every word you say.

and the people who love you, the nonsense you say, he thinks it's funny.

the best relationship is to have a chatty partner who can never talk too much.

know you are cold and warm, understand your joys and sorrows.

some netizens on Zhihu asked: in a relationship, what are women most afraid of?

highly praised netizens replied:

No response, nothing to say.

this is true.

I don't know if you have found out,

Love is nothing more than talking a lot of nonsense together.

when I was browsing my phone at night, I saw A Jing posted a moments message:

the vigorous feelings are really enviable.

but true happiness lies in finding someone who is willing to listen to your nonsense.

I have a private letter to Ah Jing. Didn't you say last time that you had nothing to say?

Yes, after living with him for a year, we have entered the "old age state" ahead of time.

is extremely familiar with the trajectory of each other's lives, let alone any new topics.

the types of jobs are also different. I really don't know what to talk about.

once in a while, just say what to eat tonight, and he will answer me casually.

then he plays games and I swipe my cell phone.

Last time you asked me, it's only been a year. What do we do when we're not chatting? Isn't it awkward?

I was surprised to realize:

there is still a long way to go. I'm not sure if I can go on like this with him.

I reflected on myself whether I would have a better ending with another person if I ended this relationship.

the answer is no, so I decided to have a deep talk with my boyfriend.

that day, we took a walk without looking at our cell phones.

put each other's cell phones into mute mode and talk from the bottom of their hearts.

it turns out that we haven't learned about each other's lives for a long time.

I heard him talk about the difficulties of the new colleagues, the leaders and the progress of the new project, everything was so interesting.

I told him about the new books I read, the new jokes I read, and the gossip of my friends.

that night, we talked for nearly 6 hours, talked a lot of nonsense, and felt like we were in love with him again.

Yes, loving someone should be:

there is something to say, but never perfunctory.

will treat each other as a part of life, and can't help but share their own details with each other.

some psychologists have found that when a person is unhappy, he is unwilling to talk nonsense.

if a person's nonsense is more than 90%, it means he is happier than most people.

if his nonsense is less than 50%, his sense of happiness is not strong.

and in the process of communication, if one's language is not too purposeful, it is more accessible at this time.

if a person is often willing to talk nonsense to you, it means he is happy to see you.

so, one of the luckiest things in life is:

you can meet a lover who is willing to talk nonsense to you and listen to it.

to really like and care about a person, you start by wanting to share your life with each other.

I saw a beautiful scenery on my way to work and found that the sky in the evening was very beautiful.

watched a moving movie and ate a good restaurant.

all the little feelings can't help but take pictures and send them to each other.

Love is a myriad of seemingly boring behaviors, plus a lot of nonsense in daily life.

if you are not in love with you, who will patiently tell you a lot of nonsense and send you a bunch of photos.

if you are not in love with you, who will not bother to reply to your daily sharing.

the fact that two people talk a lot about love doesn't necessarily mean how good the relationship is. Nonsense is the premise of love.

after all, interesting experiences and touching words are limited.

people who are willing to listen to your nonsense must like you very much.

also as this paragraph says:

the reason why we fall in love and get married is probably because when we are bored, someone will talk nonsense together. If we are tired, we can cure each other.

there is a scene in the movie "one sentence at the top of ten thousand sentences":

No sooner had the marriage registry door opened than men and women lined up eagerly.

the registrar asked one of the couples, why did you divorce?

We can't say.

the registrar then asked the next couple, why did you get married?

We can talk!

Yes, for relationships, find someone you can talk to.It's not hard for people.

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but it's not easy to find someone who listens to you all the time.

in this fast-paced era, how long has it been since you heard complaints from people around you?

TA repeatedly reminds you that you should work properly and don't eat takeout every day, so your body can't stand it.

the eyes that expect you to have a good life are full of love.

if you don't even want to answer the blurted nonsense at this time, what else does the other person want to love you?

the best way to get along is when you are babbling nonsense while he listens with relish.

throughout our lives, we just want to find someone who can talk at any time.

as Wang Zhiwen said:

what do you think of in the middle of the night? you want to share it with her.

she replied to you, what time is it? why don't we talk about it tomorrow?

at that time, you will lose interest at all.

there are some words that can only be said to that special person in a special situation.

after that point, it feels unnecessary.

some people say that waste your time on the one you like and spend your money on the one who likes you.

tell nonsense to the person you like, and then spend the rest of your life with the person you like.

do you think that the people who chat with you every day are so idle?

in fact, the other party is really not that free.

if you don't like you, who will lick your face and risk being annoying and tell you a lot of nonsense that is neither salty nor light?

in the final analysis:

like you, I am willing to talk a lot of nonsense with you.

if you like me, you are willing to listen to every word of nonsense I say.

, really like it, you will never be too talkative.