Mind your own business is a high level of self-cultivation
Mind your own business is a high level of self-cultivation
The best attitude towards life should be to live a good life and accept others.

as the saying goes, if you don't mind your own business, don't talk hard if you don't speculate.

most of the disturbances in life come from a meddling heart.

nosy, known as "warm-hearted", in fact, it often brings trouble to others.

worry less about other people's minds, take care of your own affairs, others are comfortable and feel at ease, why not do it?

there is a kind of favor, called not helping

in reality, the most ironic situation is not to sweep the snow in front of your own door, but to care about the frost on the tiles of others.

how many people, leaving their lives riddled with holes, are tirelessly concerned about other people's lives, thinking that they have been of great help to others, but they are probably not helping.

there is a fable in Zhuangzi Ying Emperor:

the emperor of the South China Sea is Kui, the emperor of the North Sea is negligent, and the emperor of the central government is chaos. Xiao and suddenly meet in the land of chaos, and chaos treats them very kindly.

and Huanmu wanted to repay the virtue of chaos, saying, "

people all have seven orifices to see and hear to eat, this is the only one, try to chisel it.

"one trick is chiseled by the day, and it dies in chaos for seven days.

means that there are two emperors in the north and south sea, named Kui and Huo, who often go to the central emperor's home and receive warm hospitality.

Huo and Huo were very moved and discussed: everyone has seven holes: eyes, ears, mouth and nose, which are used to see, hear, eat and breathe, but not chaos, so let's help him chisel out the seven holes.

when Jing and suddenly finished drilling seven holes, KAOS unexpectedly died.

originally, KAOS did not have seven orifices to live very comfortably, but he and suddenly insisted on "doing to others what he wanted" and killed KAOS.

the best courtesy between people is to mind their own business.

everyone has their own most comfortable way of life, some people throw away like shoes, others enjoy it, there is no right or wrong, only whether they are willing or not.

all kinds of things that happen to us in life, in the final analysis, there are only three things: God's business, other people's business, our own business.

the only thing we have the qualification and right to take care of is our own business. Don't easily take care of or judge other people's affairs.

there is a kind of stupidity called pretentious

Confucius said, if you are not courteous, do not see, do not listen, do not speak, do not move.

think highly of yourself, it is extremely irresponsible not to know the truth of the matter and to judge others easily.

there is a passage in Lu's Spring and Autumn that Confucius traveled around the world and was trapped between Chen and Cai because of chaos of war.

it was not easy to get some white rice. When the meal was almost cooked, Confucius saw Yan Hui grab some white rice and shove it into his mouth.

Confucius pretended not to see it, got up and said that when he dreamed of his parents, he wanted to sacrifice with clean rice.

Yan Hui listened and said hurriedly: "

can't do it!

this rice is not clean. When I was cooking just now, some firewood ash fell into the pot and soiled the rice. I picked it up and ate it. The rice was no longer clean!


when Confucius heard this, he suddenly realized that he had observed mistakes and felt guilty about his mistrust of Yan Hui.

as the saying goes, seeing is believing, in fact, seeing may not be able to fully grasp the truth. No one has an omnipotent eye.

pretentious people always don't bother to see the truth, so they act omniscient and force themselves into other people's lives.

also talk about right and wrong, point and point, want to give other people's life "final conclusion". It is a small thing to make a fool of yourself, and it is a big thing to bring indelible harm to others.

isn't it ridiculous to run to be the commander of other people's lives even if you don't understand it?

is it not grandstanding that you are blind and ride a blind horse, but are keen to talk about others?

therefore, do not take yourself too seriously, when something happens, have a kind silence, is a person's highest upbringing.

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mind your own business and live your life

Song Dynasty poet Chen Yu "bitter Yin": closed the door regardless of the month before the court, the distribution of plum blossoms advocated.

other people's lives, whether it's bad or good, just stay calm.

there is legal supervision and moral bondage in other people's affairs, so do you need to judge?

it is even more unnecessary to preach morally about other people's affairs. Morality is noble when it is used to restrain oneself, and hypocrisy when it is used to restrain others.

the best attitude towards life should be to live a good life and accept others.

for others, always keep a distance and attention, but do not disturb too much.

even if you are happy to help others, you should learn to think carefully, not to act rashly, not to cross the line, not to cross the line.

rational and principled help is not only a kind of self-protection, but also due respect for others.

therefore, it is better to spend your meddling time to enrich yourself, focus on the road ahead, and live a wonderful life.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan that blessings and blessings lie in few things, but misfortunes do not come from too many hearts.

if you mind your own business and mind your own business, life will be less tiring.

, do not ask for trouble, pay more attention to yourself, in order to live calmly in the noisy world.