Miscellaneous collections: some interesting things this Christmas
Miscellaneous collections: some interesting things this Christmas
Bits and pieces of interesting things

some interesting bits and pieces of things I saw this Christmas season.

first of all, there are two Christmas trees:

small bismuth crystal Christmas tree. I like this idea very much, except for no presents.

Photo Source: F-F (@ difluorine) /Twitter

the iron platform Christmas tree is indispensable for chemists during the festival. the complexity of the following one has won. I even don't know where it was assembled from.

Photo Source: John Baum/Twitter

then comes a fresh obsession study: "what happens when Santa Claus is sick?" His influence on the spread of infectious diseases

this paper solemnly uses mathematical models to calculate what happens to Santa Claus who come into contact with a large number of children on Christmas Eve. And set the variable "Santa Claus factor" that represents different degrees of contact. The authors point out that when Santa Claus gets the flu and spreads effectively through contact with children, it leads to a "slight but statistically significant" increase in the size of the flu season. And if Santa Claus has measles and does not have enough vaccine coverage, that is even worse. _ (: astronaut "∠) _

(screenshot of the paper)

and Christmas on the International Space Station, picture from astronaut Andrew Morgan.

PS: watching the news of Boeing Starliner spacecraft today, it was said that their test flight was supposed to send some Christmas presents to the astronauts during the docking of the International Space Station, but the docking mission failed and failed to deliver _ (: cute "∠) _

dress stores on 20th street in miami is meant to bring out your charm and confidence naturally. Our collection has now made it super cool to get your choice.

finally to the super cute Christmas hat bug. All the pictures on pikaole are super cute. Go and follow → https://twitter.com/pikaole