Never envy other people's lives.
Never envy other people's lives.
Only by yourself can we live with peace of mind without fear of wind and frost!

do you feel this way?

running around every day, want to get this, want to get that, envy what others have, but also look forward to getting the same life.

We always seem to turn a blind eye to the happiness we have, but like to look at other people's lives.

but as Mr. Ji Xianlin said:

"everyone strives for a complete life. However, from ancient times to the present, there has been no 100% perfect life at home and abroad. "

No one's life is perfect.

but as long as we love life, can grasp every moment, live unrestrained and unrestrained, why envy other people's lives.


envy others is an illusion

Mo Yan once said:

"people, when they come to this world, there will always be a lot of unhappiness and unfairness; there will be a lot of loss and a lot of envy.

you envy my freedom, I envy your restraint; you envy my car, I envy your house; you envy my work, I envy that you always have a break every day. "

everyone has their own unique advantages and talents, as well as enviable beauty, talent and life.

you don't have to compare too hard with others, and you don't have to live like others.

once saw a TV play called "always feel happier next door".

in the play, there are four groups of families living in the same place, and they all feel that the life of their neighbors is happier.

Mrs. Miyamoto, as a housewife, washing, cooking and doing housework have always been the main tasks of her life.

but since her stylishly dressed and sociable neighbor moved in, she often unconsciously compares her quiet life.

she can't help thinking, "Why do you want to be a housewife?" Why can others live so unrestrained and unrestrained life, but not themselves? "

so even though her family's financial conditions are poor, in order to satisfy her vanity, she still rents some gorgeous jewelry and uploads exquisite photos to the Internet.

Mrs. Komiyama didn't even know that another couple who had been pregnant for a long time but failed to have a child were also envious of her.

Bi Shumin said:

"Human life is a chain. There will always be children younger than you and old people older than you. Each of us has our own place and a treasure that no one can plunder."

you have to understand that with the size of the world, there will always be people who are better than you, but there must be something beautiful in you that others lack.

for those who are well off, the road is not much easier than ours.

it is far more important to see oneself clearly than to envy others in one's life.

after all, life is your own. The best way to live is to have the sea in your heart and light in your eyes.


Love life is a state of mind

A person's best state is that his eyes are full of stories, but his face does not see the wind and frost, does not envy anyone, does not laugh at anyone, and does not rely on anyone.

I think so.

how good life is depends on how much you love it.

A person who loves life, no matter what life is like, can raise his sail and live as he likes.

the host Ni Ping has also experienced many tests of life arrangement.

she didn't have her first child until she was 40. The son was diagnosed with congenital cataract a few months after he was born.

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in order for her son to continue to receive treatment, she works at home, and her child is being treated abroad, so she has to travel back and forth for ten years.

after her son got better, Ni Ping, 50, decided to do something she liked.

at the age of 52, her "Quotations of Grandma" won the Bing Xin Prose Award, which moved countless people.

then she began to learn to draw again.

whenever she has free time, she stays at home to paint. Her painting "Happy Chinese Knot" once sold for 600000 yuan, and the painting "Rhyme" fetched a high price of 1.18 million yuan.

the famous painter Fan once commented on her: "Ni Ping's paintings are alive."

many people are surprised to learn how to achieve such a great success when they are in their fifties.

this is her answer:

"A person can do a lot of things in his life, and no one stipulates which thing must be done in which year. As long as you like it, you will not say it sooner or later."

Love life requires only one state of mind.

if a person can still take life seriously in a difficult situation, then there must be love in his heart, and life must be shining.

they will not envy other people's glamorous life, let alone slack off and give up because of temporary difficulties.

because they believeAs long as you love something, life will change for the better.


being good about yourself is a kind of happiness

being afraid to be yourself is the biggest fear in many people's lives.

when we are not strong, we always envy the exquisite and beautiful life of others and yearn for the recognition and approval of others.

but as time goes by, you will eventually understand that life has always been your own. The life you envy is not necessarily perfect.

living a good life is a kind of happiness.

in the street where my neighborhood is located, there is a bookstore, which opens at nine in the morning and closes at seven in the evening.

the shopkeeper is a middle-aged couple, and the couple usually like to sit at the table and read, minding their own business.

I like reading there very much. Once there was no one in the store, so I chatted with the shopkeeper.

it turns out that after they graduated from college and worked for a few years, they always felt that this was not the life they wanted, so as soon as the couple discussed it, they thought of opening a bookstore.

although sometimes I am very busy and tired, I can basically guarantee my life from nine to seven. I have time to read books and be able to master my own pace of life.

I asked them the secret of such a happy life between husband and wife.

the shopkeeper said, "my wife and I have never envied other people's glamorous lives these years." Just live yourself well and live every day to the fullest. "

Yes, the secret of happiness is to try to live a good life.

pursue what you are looking for, go your own way, and live your own life. The real happiness lies in every moment.

perhaps this is one's best attitude towards life.

the sun grows in my eyes, and my smile is full of magnanimity.

know how to keep your original heart, willing to believe in beauty, cherish the present, but never envy the lives of others.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.