New function of Wechat: "I know you deleted me."
New function of Wechat: "I know you deleted me."
Deleting friends unilaterally is like leaving without a return date.

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some time ago, someone found in an enterprise search that Tencent had disclosed a patent related to one-way friend detection.

with this feature, you no longer have to guess whether you have been deleted by someone. You can query it at a glance.

some people say that they are looking forward to the detection function coming online soon, so that they no longer have to carefully guess the other person's mind, and it is really a relief to use all kinds of complicated "local methods" to test whether they are still on each other's friend list.

as the saying goes--

it's good that you're finally gone. You don't have to worry about when you'll leave again.

what is the experience of deleting friends from a single sheet

being deleted unilaterally?

Xiaowen has a friend who has known for many years and is a best friend who said everything when she was a student.

it was my friend's birthday a few days ago. Xiaowen prepared a red packet and wanted to give her a surprise.

who would have thought, just sent a blessing on Wechat, but received a system prompt:

"the other party has turned on friend verification, and you are not his or her friend yet."

the red exclamation mark seemed to pour cold water on Xiaowen. She didn't understand how she had known her friends for several years and broke up.

it turns out that half a year ago, Xiaowen's friend changed jobs and went to an insurance company. In order to boost her performance, she once asked Xiaowen to help buy an insurance.

at that time, Xiaowen had already bought enough commercial insurance, so she politely declined the other party on the grounds that she did not need it.

then Xiaowen apologized and her friend understood. She thought it was over, but she didn't want to have such an ending.

looking up, the chat records of the two people always stay on the friend's "it doesn't matter".

for a moment, Xiaowen had mixed feelings, including suspicion, self-remorse and anger--

"is adult friendship so fragile?"

it's not that our friendship is too fragile, but that most of the time, we overestimate a relationship.

I like a conversation in "yearning for Life" very much.

when referring to friends who were drifting away from childhood, he Jiong said:

"although I also have a lot of friends, I also care about the people around me, but I never expect to keep anyone for the rest of my life. Some people, he just came to accompany you for a while. "

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then, Huang Lei added:

"there is a very good saying in Mu Xin that he will become more and more cold day by day among the hundred turns of tender intestines. He cherishes and cherishes everyone in front of him, (but) never asks, the other party is loyal to this paragraph. "

Yes, not all relationships can go to the end. For many people, it is enough to have a trip of company, and then it is normal to go their separate ways or go their separate ways.

after all, the stages of life are different, and each stage naturally has its own "like-minded" spirit.

never overestimate a relationship or expect too much from anyone. Friends are acquainted with each other, worthy of the heart, not confused in love, it is enough.

has been deleted, so forget it

my friend Xiao Qin has a boy who has been fond of for a long time.

two people met at a music festival and added friends because they liked the same band.

although there is not much overlap in life, we all see her love for each other.

Xiao Qin will look through every circle of friends of the boy and know his hobbies and habits like the back of his hand.

he keeps cats, so Xiao Qin also begins to pay attention to topics related to cats.

he likes suspense films, so Xiao Qin will forward new video messages to him when he sees them.

although every time the boy replied politely and alienated, Xiao Qin could not help but want to establish more contact with him.

then one day, the boy posted a circle of friends, saying that he had too many Wechat friends and needed to clean up his address book regularly.

Xiao Qin didn't care, until once, he received the materials for the postgraduate entrance examination sent by a friend, because he knew that the boy was also preparing for the exam, so he wanted to forward it to him.

who knows, after the message was sent, I found that my friend had been deleted.

it turns out that Xiaoqin's obsession is nothing in the eyes of the other party.

Xiao Qin is not reconciled to it. If she wants to add it back to her, at least ask him clearly.

but all her friends are persuading her: forget it.

Yes, Xiao Qin's love for boys is clear and clear, and the other party must know about it. Since the other person knows but doesn't appreciate it, forget it.

it is said that feelings are two-way. To delete friends unilaterally is to clearly inform your attitude--

"I don't like you, I don't want to keep your trace, and I don't want to have the slightest possibility with you."

if that's the case, why ask?

in the feelings of adults, there are not only helping each other, but also yin and yang mistakes, unexpected encounters, and dying without illness.

it is lucky to be together, but there are often regrets.

having regret but accepting it calmly is the decency that should be in the relationship.

in the adult world, impermanence is the norm

many friends around me also have the habit of cleaning up their address books regularly.

sometimes, when I look at the profile pictures of my friends on Wechat, I can't remember who the other person is. Even if I look through the moments, I can't remember the reasons and occasions for adding friends at that time.

sometimesWhen I saw my colleagues and friends who used to get along well, I clicked on the moments, but it was empty, leaving only a horizontal line.

but if you think about it, everyone's energy is limited, and there is naturally an upper limit for interpersonal relationships. At different stages of life, when someone comes, someone will leave. In this way, impermanence is the norm.

with regard to friends and social interaction, British anthropologist Robin Dunbar once put forward an idea. He thought:

the upper limit of stable social relationships that most people can have is 148, and stable social relationships only refer to friends who contact more than once a year.

that is to say, in every journey of life, there must be someone who is important, and there must be someone who does not matter. It is only normal that we will meet new friends and lose old friends.

No matter affection, friendship, love, or passers-by who meet by chance, no one can guarantee that you will stay with you for the rest of your life. To think clearly about this, it is better to look down on intimacy and let go of your obsession.

for those who leave, just bless;

for those who stay, cherish it.

unilaterally deleting friends is like leaving without a return date.

did not say goodbye, sometimes because I didn't want to say it, sometimes because it was unnecessary.

if one day, Wechat's "one-way friend detection" function is officially online, and you see a profile picture you used to be familiar with, don't be too sad, too sad, and let him go.

"if you have free hands, you can welcome the flowers."