New knowledge this week: crabs also walk the maze.
New knowledge this week: crabs also walk the maze.
The mouse walks after the crab.

in neuroscience laboratories, researchers often let mice walk a maze in order to study spatial learning and memory. In a study published this week, researchers asked crabs to challenge the task of walking a maze.

here's a crab walking a labyrinth in the lab. It arrives at the finish line and gets a food reward:

(video source: Ellie Arthur-Morgan and Emily Rabstein)

the design of the maze is as follows:

this maze is not challenging to humans, but a very important point is that the brains of crustaceans are actually quite simple. One of the data in the paper is to compare the brains of freshwater lobster and honeybees, the former has about 90000 neurons and the latter has about 1 million (there is no data on crabs, maybe no one has done it before? ). But even so, these crabs still have a considerable degree of spatial learning and long-term memory.


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