No blame in case of trouble is the best feng shui for a family
No blame in case of trouble is the best feng shui for a family
With less blame and more consideration for others, life will be full of surprises.

there is a Western proverb: "Don't cry over spilled milk."

it is about a student who complains and blames himself all day long because of his mistakes, which lead to poor grades.

in order to relieve the students' melancholy, the teacher spilled the milk on the table and rebuked angrily: don't cry for the spilled milk, because the milk is gone.

the same is true in life, things have happened, no matter how much blame, can not be reversed,

Don't do it for the mistakes you've already made

it is better to blame too much by mistake than to be cold

calm down and think about the solution and look for the next turning point.


No blame, husband and wife are closer

people often ask: what is the way of husband and wife?

as a matter of fact, there is no correct reason for husband and wife to get along with each other. The secret of a long marriage is not to blame easily when something happens.

there was such an old couple in the village who lived in poverty, so they decided to take the family's only valuable horse to the market in exchange for something good.

the old woman said to the Don, "Today is a gathering day in town. Ride it to the city and sell this horse for some money or exchange for something good. What you do can't be wrong. Go to the market quickly."

the Don went on his way with the old woman's orders. First he traded a horse for a cow, then a cow for a sheep, a goose for a goose, a goose for a chicken, and finally a bag of rotten apples for the chicken.

when he came home contentedly with a bag of rotten apples, he met two travelers. He triumphantly told the traveler about his experience. The traveler laughed and said, "when you go home, you will be scolded by the old woman!"

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the Don said, "No, I will get a compliment from her and a kiss."

so the two travelers bet on the old man with a bag of silver.

to the surprise of the two travelers, after listening to the old man's experience, the old woman said happily:

"I have to give you a kiss, you know?

after you left today, I was thinking about making you something delicious, so I thought the best thing would be eggs and parsley. I have eggs, but I don't have any parsley, so I'm going to borrow it from my neighbor Lao Zhang.

but Lao Zhang's wife is a stingy woman. I asked her to lend me some, but she said, 'nothing grows in my garden, not even a rotten apple.'

but now, you see, I can lend her a bag of rotten apples, which is really funny. "

finally, the two travelers gave the old man a bag of silver as promised.

the old man in the story is not a smart man, but often makes mistakes, but the old woman never blames him and always believes him unconditionally.

A lot of failed marriages are often attributed to small details of life, because a reproach and a complaint will rift this relationship and take root in the bottom of your heart.

A good relationship between husband and wife should be less blame and more consideration for others, so that life will be full of surprises.

the so-called Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), grow old together, is just an understanding, a magnanimous, one does not complain, one does not blame.


No blame, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are more harmonious

some people say that happy families are similar, and unhappy families are unhappy in their own way, but in fact, there is a way to be happy, and there are reasons for misfortune.

most unfortunate families must not escape the accusation of gossip and be picky anytime and anywhere.

A friend is young, sweet, gentle and stable in her job. She is free to fall in love with her husband and get married smoothly, which is the most enviable couple in the circle of friends.

but the good times did not last long. In only a year, the couple, whom everyone admired, had already divorced.

at first I wondered, how could two people be separated if they didn't have a good relationship?

asked the reason to know that the original relationship between the couple is good, but after Mu Mu married in the past, has been living with parents-in-law, for a long time, there are various contradictions.

before marriage, Mu feels that her husband is good to him and his job is stable, and his future life will be smooth and smooth.

I didn't expect that I could not escape my mother-in-law after all.

Mu's mother-in-law has a broken mouth and always says in front of people: "I can't work; I sleep until noon every day when I'm not at work; when I finish eating, I throw away the bowls and chopsticks, and I don't know how to clean up."... "

usually work under great pressure, but also to hear some gossip at home, the good life has not yet been experienced, bathing will feel the chicken feathers of life.

I originally wanted to ease the relationship with my mother-in-law. I chose a dress for my mother-in-law as a gift on Mother's Day, but my mother-in-law said to her face, "Oh, how come you have such a bad taste? this color doesn't suit me at first sight."

some time ago, Douyin's "most beautiful mother-in-law" became popular, with netizens commenting on what kind of fairy mother-in-law this is!

the most beautiful mother-in-law is not how beautiful she looks, but the way she gets along with her daughter-in-law.


"Mom, it pisses me off. People call me ugly."


"Why didn't I see that you were ugly? No matter how ugly you are, you are my treasure.

Mom takes you shopping in the afternoon. You are the prettiest girl in the street. "

from the many videos of the blogger, it can be seen that the mother-in-law never refutes or criticizes her daughter-in-law.

in her daily life, she will respect her daughter-in-law's opinions and understand the living conditions of young people. Even if she loves and cares for her children again, she will maintain a sense of moderation and a proper sense of distance.

Life is too trivial, but people's energy is limited, no one is perfect, what can satisfy you but yourself, there is no one else, so be more tolerant and more understanding.

maintaining the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a difficult problem for many people, and respecting each other is the best choice.


without blame, parents are healthier

there is an old Chinese saying: "all good and filial piety comes first."

now many young people have such a phenomenon. They miss their parents very much when they are away from home. They are impatient and eager to go to work and start school just a few days after the holiday.

investigate the reasons, but they all say that parents are nagging and bored every day; they don't have a common topic and don't want to talk.

occasionally parents come and ask: how to do this thing? Why can't this phone play video?

always receives all kinds of impatient answers:

Why can't you do anything?

how many times have I said it?

are you tired of.

more and more accusations and complaints make them look at your face carefully for fear of causing you trouble or making you unhappy.

in fact, when you blame and complain about your parents, have you ever thought about understanding and understanding your parents?

Xu Zheng's character Xu Yiwan in the movie "embarrassing Mom" blames each other loudly because he disagrees with his mother's point of view.

"Don't send me this 60-second Wechat voice square again.

haven't you noticed after all these years? I am not the son you think I am! "

you are getting more and more impatient with your parents, but you don't know how much patience your parents paid to you when you were a child.

they have seen you young and frivolous, witnessed your recalcitrant, and grew up with you slowly.

when you grow up, you should take good care of them.

might as well:

be more patient with them;

blame them less;

understand them more;

be less bored with them.

the world is always looking for a place of fengshui to bless the health of the family, the harmony of husband and wife, and the full house of children and grandchildren.

in fact, the best feng shui for a family is not where you live or how rich you are, but that everyone in the family can live in harmony and is not easily blamed.


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