No prize contest: do you know what these people are dancing?
No prize contest: do you know what these people are dancing?
Review the dance of PhD.

how do you explain to others what kind of research you are doing? Some PhD chose to leave ppt and suddenly dance.

this is the theme of the "Dance your PhD" dance competition. The competition, sponsored by Science, requires PhDs to entertain the public with scientific dance while presenting their research projects.

this year's award-winning works have not yet been announced. I recently reviewed all kinds of entries from the PhD Dance Competition a few years ago, and suddenly felt that it was fun to use them as a guess. So below I intercepted some dance clips to guess what the doctors were doing.

I feel that it may be too difficult to guess the specific content, so I can only guess the subject (physics /chemistry /biology). Social science feels more difficult to guess, so I didn't put it in it.

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the answer is published below:

① is biochemistry, so the subject answers of biology and chemistry can be considered correct (

deduces the combination of two subunits of ribosome (60s and 40s, represented by two people respectively), and translates and synthesizes proteins along the messenger RNA molecule (the line on the ground).

Video Source: the ② chemistry (material chemistry)

represents the atoms in an alloy.

Video Source: The University of Sydney

③ Physics

this shows that the researchers want the deuteron (left) to fuse with the tritium (right), but the reaction is not easy to trigger. People dressed in orange represent protons in the nucleus, people in blue represent neutrons, and people dressed in white represent reaction containers.

Video Source: Hans Rinderknecht

④ organisms

this is a scene in which many sperm compete for eggs.

Video Source: Cedric Tan

⑤ Physics

people in floral clothes represent galaxies, black masks represent dark matter and dark energy, and scientists in white coats try to capture dark matter and dark energy.

Video Source: Alex

⑥ Chemistry (still material chemistry, which is actually a cross-discipline)

shows that common plastics are difficult to conduct electricity, and people act as electrons that are difficult to move freely in plastics.

Video source: Shari P. Finner