Old photos: looking at the earth from space
Old photos: looking at the earth from space
The first image of the earth taken from space in history

Today let's take a look at a space photo, the first image of the earth taken from space, taken on October 24, 1946.

this picture may be more blurred than you think, and the effect is completely incomparable to today's beautiful space pictures. However, this picture is also very historic. It was taken at an altitude of 105 km above the ground, which is a height that people have never reached before. Before this photo, the highest shooting height was only about 22 km, which was achieved by high-altitude balloons.

this space photo was taken by a camera on the VMur2 rocket, which is set to take a picture every one and a half seconds. The VMur2 rocket (actually called a missile) was actually used by Germany as a missile during World War II, and American engineers experimented with these weapons from the enemy after the war. The Vmurl 2 rocket that took this photo was launched from the White Sands Missile Test site in New Mexico.

Source: https://cosmosmagazine.com/space/the-first-photograph-of-earth-taken-from-space


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